The Blue in Interior Decoration

Blue is a color with a marked soothing properties for the senses. It is a tone very used in interior design in addition to the calm that transmits to the environments, it is a color that is very well suited to almost all the styles and combines with a wide palette of colors.

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In the next article we will see the virtues of blue color, will know what you can offer this color to the interior of our home and learn to combine it with other colors.

Virtues is the blue color? The Blue symbolizes purity and freshness. It is a color that evokes the sea and the sky and that therefore invites you to dream and escape. With the blue, we promote creativity and imagination, transmitting serenity and calm. And if these virtues were not enough, the blue can also help us to enhance the feeling of space in a room. All this is what blue can do for our decor.

We can combine Blue with what colors? Blue is along with the red and the yellow one of the primary colors. We can get so many nuances and so many shades of this color blue can easily be combined with almost any color. With the Green gets along very well, but also with Pinks, whites, Browns, oranges, etc. Let’s see some shades of blue and how we can combine them.

Indigo blue or Indigo is a very intense hue and blends perfectly with white, yellow or soft green. The sky blue on the other hand is much calmer and can be used together with yellow, Brown or orange. A color that will perfectly to this kind of blue is the color Earth.

The turquoise tends more toward the Green and combines very well with warm colors that contrast with the coldness of this shade of blue and purple. The Navy joins perfectly with reds, roses alive and even oranges. The Blue grisaceos in addition to elegant combine well with the Orange, the yellow are off and the light brown.