How to Wear a Floral Dress

The floral print is very feminine, especially when it is in a dress. Although it is very much associated with spring, you can wear a floral patterned piece all year round, such as a beautiful flower dress. 

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According to, many women are hesitant to wear a floral dress also at more formal events, and in today’s article we ask the help of style consultant Priscilla Citera, who created the online course “Wearing Self-Esteem: Everything for you to be your own style consultant ” To explain if you can wear floral dress for wedding or at parties, as well as give some inspirations and tips on how to use this piece.

Short Floral Dress

The short dress is a piece that is present in the wardrobes of most women, and as a style consultant, Priscila tries to present new ways to use the pieces, to be worn by women of different styles, and to pass different messages through it woman.

So, her proposal is to try wearing your short floral dress with a white sneaker, or with a heavier boot, like a coturno, to make the look less obvious.

But it’s good to warn that she does not think it’s ugly or wrong to wear with a high heel or a more delicate sneaker, but it’s worth thinking about other possibilities, and you might be surprised to try!

Long Floral Dress

The long floral dress has the face of a summer day, a stroll along the beach promenade drinking coconut water, but it is not exclusive to this type of event.

You can wear a long floral dress in a more informal situation like this, or in a marriage, as we’ll talk about later with Priscilla’s help, and even to work.

Priscila’s tip when using a long floral dress to work is to opt for less colorful colors, to be less informal and less delicate, since the professional image should be more firm: “Since we live in a still very sexist world, everything which refers to the feminine is still seen as fragile, and a floral dress at work can convey a wrong message, “says Priscilla.

In this situation, to balance the messages, she explains that the ideal is to wear a long floral dress in neutral colors, such as black and white, or the background darker, to get stronger and pass a delicate, but not fragile image.

Straighter models that do not mark women’s waist and curves so much can also help make the look less sensitive to the work environment.

Can I wear floral wedding dress?

In her online course “Wearing Self-Esteem: Everything for you to be your own style consultant” , style consultant Priscila Citera talks about dress code and explains that the only situations you really need to worry about is what to wear in the situations you have a defined dress code, such as in companies and weddings, for example.

While most women opt for plain wedding dresses, you can rather wear a printed dress (both short and long) at a more formal party, provided the fabric is more noble, such as satin, silk crepe and organza, for example.

You can also wear floral dress for wedding during the day, either on the beach or on a site, with the difference in accessories and shoes, which can be without a heel, like a little shop with stones or pearls, or a sneaker of more noble material, or metallized.

At Priscilla’s website she talks about each type of dress code for marriage and gives other tips, and you can read her text about how to dress in weddings here .

Can I use it at parties?

Yes. Priscilla’s tips on wearing floral wedding gowns are also good for parties, even if it’s a black tie party, which is the most formal of all.

Oscar parties are always a good inspiration to choose a party dress, and know that each person can wear a dress of different length, color, pattern and style, according to their personal style.

Floral dress in winter

Many women abandon their dresses in the wardrobe during colder days, especially in winter, even if it is not a very harsh winter, as is common here in Brazil.

To get out of the comfort zone and wear a floral dress in the winter instead of opting for long pants, it is worth investing in a thicker pantyhose, and a jacket, blazer or jacket over.

For the more creative, it’s a good chance to make a mix of prints. If you like and do not know how to do it, the online course “Wearing Self Esteem: Everything for you to be your own style consultant”  has a special bonus e = book on print mix!