Michael Jackson Had Pictures of Naked Children

A police report released by the site RadarOnline reveals facets shocking of the life of Michael Jackson. The fac simile of the document of 88 pages, assigned to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department, details a raid made on the famous property of Neverland, in California, USA, where he lived.

The report notes that were found in the house of the singer books with pictures, magazines and videos with naked children. The report also stated that the books contained “do not fall within the legal definition of child pornography,” but “can be used to convince” potential victims, “lowering your inhibitions”.

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According to SongAAH, Michael Jackson is the pop of king. The police information is now disclosed shows “a picture is black and scary Jackson,” said police source to site north American. “The documents found show a man manipulator, drug addict and sexual predator, that used blood, guts, explicit images of animal sacrifice and sexual acts perverse adults to subject children to your will,” explained the same source.

Michael Jackson “had pictures shocking and disgusting torture of children, nudity of adults and children, slavery and female sadomasochism”. According to RadarOnline, one of the most impressive is of a child holding a goose mangled and the object of the most disturbing is a book of erotic called Room to Play, which includes the image of a murdered child with a rope to the back of the neck.

The report of the authorities also stated that the singer appreciated the pictures of their own nieces and nephews, and he used them to “excite young boys”. “He had sexual appetites truly perverse, and the photographs show a sadistic side of him that nobody knew about”, explains the same source.

Family denies everything

The representatives of the legacy of Michael Jackson made know in a statement to Digital Spy that they consider “fake” the information contained in the report.

The nephew of Michael Jackson, TJ Jackson — son of Tito Jackson, former member of the Jackson 5 — also denied the validity of the allegations on his Twitter account: “Not only there is absolutely no truth in this story, as I am really sick with these bullshit”.

The Department of the Sheriff of Santa Barbara was contacted by various media in North American and the representative of the same made statements that allude to the authenticity of the documents.

The images recorded in the house of the singer, also made public, are an integral part of police reports of 2003. In the video appear some of the 70 members of the Office of the Prosecutor of the Department of Santa Barbara County Sheriff to discover a cabinet hidden in the back of the room for the singer closed with three locks. In the excerpt, one can see parts of the house of the King of Pop is further revealed as a games room “secret” that led to his room.

Michael Jackson died seven years ago, but even before his death fell upon him suspicions of sexual abuse of minors. He was accused by seven times of child sexual abuse and twice hammered a minor with intent to seduce. Came to face a jail term of 20 years, but was acquitted of all charges in June 2005.

The singer was found dead at home in June 2009. The death of a musician of 50 years was caused by the ingestion of a fatal dose of sleeping pills. Conrad Murray, who was his doctor, was accused of involuntary manslaughter by you have prescribed the anesthetic Propofol. Was found guilty in November of 2011 and served two years worth.