UTC Remote Control What Is?

UTC remote control

UTC remote control. It is a wiring remote control used to controlar the OSD menu of remote cameras. It has the basic keys left, right, up, down, input/output menu and OK to accept. To make the system operational, camera must be compatible with technology OTC, time from which we will spend to have full control at distance from the camera menu, without necessarily being next to it by pressing your keypad, if it is located at an altitude of difficult access, for example.

Analog Cameras vs. IP Cameras 1 Analog Cameras vs. IP Cameras 2 Analog Cameras vs. IP Cameras 3 Analog Cameras vs. IP Cameras 4 Analog Cameras vs. IP Cameras 5

This is clearly in the comfort of the installer, who will now focus on set all the parameters of the camera from the main monitor.

The remote control operates on a small 3V battery, has male and female BNC connector with a meter to the hose. The maximum distance to the camera is 200 meters.

But to surrender to the evidence, must be noted that all the new systems with technology HDCVI access OSD available to all their cameras with the same technology. I.e., that the same system HDCVI, in addition to passing us by the same cable video + audio, will pass us telemetry for motorized cameras and camera via OSD data access.

To be able to choose, the use of security cameras and recorders HDCVI, involves in addition to a higher quality of image, a range of benefits including access to the menu of the camera in the same way that is done the UTC remote control, without the use of external equipment since it’s a facility that integrates the system series.

We are at your disposal to provide a DEMO of a system online and see which are the parameters of cameras that can be seen via OSD.