Infrared LEDs and White Light

Infrared LEDs and white light. Today realize new foci of LED Raytec Spartan series with certificate ATEX and IECEx, for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and fire hazard. It’s a new approach to use in flammable environments. Where in addition to the high power and savings in maintenance, adds you use in flammable facilities with risk of explosion or fire, such as petrochemical plants, gas and various industries, which require high performance and reliability in extreme working conditions.

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The Spartan range offers an output of 9,000 lumens. In addition, using half of LEDs than a traditional solution requiring only a maximum of 120W. CoolXtrude thermal management system we generate a lot of power making the time an operational life of the focus of more than 10 years.

Spartan bulbs are designed to be reviewed easily and quickly, allowing virtually instant access to key components of the same such as LEDs and power supply (PSU) modules. Your power supply is removable, easy to replace. They comply with certification ATEX and IECEx for zones 1 and 2, protected by a resistant aluminum casing grade marino with reinforced glass window. They are also supported by long-term Raytec LED technology .

Foci of the Spartan series are available in 3 sizes, in versions of white light and infrared light (IR).


  • ATEX and IECEx certification for zones 1 and 2.
  • Ultra long-lasting LED.
  • Low power consumption and low operating costs.
  • Output high luminance LED.
  • Modular design with power supply (PSU) removable for easy installation, maintenance and servicing.
  • Available in emergency release.
  • Extended temperature range.
  • VARIOUS interchangeable lenses for easy modification of lighting angles.
  • RAYTEC Spartan WL48 5-year warranty.


  • Versions of infrared (IR) light and white light.
  • Available in three sizes: 48 LEDs and 24 LED 12 LED.
  • You do lighting elliptical: 60 ° x 25 °, 35 ° x 10 ° and 120 ° x 50 °, 80 ° x 30 °.
  • You do circular lighting: 10 ° x 10 °, 30 ° x 30 °, 50 ° x 50 ° and 120 ° x 120 °.

If you need more information about the infrared leds and white light, call and ask for information.