Brown Color Meanings

Brown is a warm color suitable for all areas of the House. Today we will see a series of tips to learn how to use it in our home and know how and with that the colors match it. This color that evokes nature blends perfectly with colors like purple, red or orange. The different shades of this color will allow us to create very different environments, depending on which you choose.

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The Brown, as all the warm colors, will help us to convert any room into cozy. Although it has a place in the House, it is especially recommended for larger areas of warmth are missing something that usually. As this color is also associated with comfort, is ideal for this purpose.

If you go for this color for the walls, very careful not to overload the piece of Brown, because what you will create will be a very “heavy” atmosphere. It is ideal to use it in strokes or loose walls, but never in all walls or in the ceiling.

Also avoid using it in small rooms, because be “eaten” the space and the room will give the feeling of being smaller than it is.

Let’s detail that shades of Brown are suitable depending on the area of the House that is. For example for the living room, it is advisable to opt for shades. For a dining room we can opt for a reddish-brown, while in the kitchen or bathroom a Brown strong in small strokes can be very well.

In rooms, it is important not to use Brown as a dominant color because we can create a room that convey sadness. But in pincelas can be very combining with other pastel tones or even with vivid colors.

Do With What Colors Associated With Brown?

For an relaxed atmosphere and natural inspiration, ideally combined with tones such as beige or green. If you want to create an retro environment you choose to combine it with bright yellow or orange colours.

If you opt instead for a more modern decor, combining Brown with tones of chocolate, turquoise or Fuchsia, you will get a very dynamic style.

Finally if you want to create an exotic interior, you will have to go to combine Brown with other warm colors like red, Orange, yellow or ochre.