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Selling Leads: Brunswick Bowling equipment

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Brunswick Bowling equipment
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Date Added: 09/14/2012
Last Updated: 09/14/2012
Expiry Date: 09/12/2022
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Brunswick pinsetting machine
Scoring the most points to stimulate the most flexible type of Framnox scoring system
and prosperity devices to sophisticated electronic components to create a new scoring system that can meet the needs of any race. Lively picture of a wall, with refreshing music, continued to bring joy, make all of the players enjoyable.
Bowling hall management system designed for medium and large arena, is the most sophisticated, powerful management systems, fully automated computerized operation, is the best partner for Framnox scoring system. Desk instructions are designed specifically for medium-sized bowling alley, powerful, and more accorded with benefits. Services management is responsible for the small stadium management and integration logic computing system, a small stadium in line with economic principles.
Continuous operation of the 3000 section, no error, stable than the other machines four times, excellent performance, no doubt. GS-98 pinsetting machine, with little pause, and the design is simple, use a small amount of parts to reduce maintenance costs, its a low-risk high-return investment. The only machine that with the feature for choice for row bottle machine, is the complement of trainers effective tool. Daily use of over 100 game times. GS-98 pre-loading / loading twice as ideas, appropriate to accelerate the pace set bottles, more reliable, quieter, ball Bureau flow more smoothly. Brunswick GS Series is ever the most durable, most reliable pinsetting machine. A number of innovative design, unprecedented.

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Brunswick Bowling equipment
Brunswick Bowling equipment
Brunswick Bowling equipment
Brunswick Bowling equipment
Brunswick Bowling equipment
Brunswick Bowling equipment
Brunswick Bowling equipment

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New Castle Recreation Equipment Co., Ltd. specialized in sales of bowling equipment and entertainment equipment. We have many products, include ten-pin bowling equipment, bowling, bowling ball return device, bowling, bowling shoes, bowling pins, bowling accessories, bowling furniture, etc. Newcastle supplies wholesale original equipment and the new bowling alley, original refurbished bowling equipment, Chinese bowling equipment. We have Brunswick and AMF and Chinese bowling equipment. Original well-known U.S. brands Bowling Equipment Brunswick and AMF, Brunswick GS96, GS98, GS-X and, AMF82 - 90XL, AMF8800, our products has agents in many countries. Bowling equipment annual sales are 200-300 lanes. The projects done by us are around the world. United Bowling New, Used and Reconditioned Bowling Alley Lanes , Bowling Shoes, Bowling Pins, Bowling Shoes, Bowling machines, Bowling scoring system, Bowling return system, Bowling Pinsetter. >> More

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