7 Retro Decorating Tips for Your Home

The retro style came back with everything, not only in fashion, but also in the decoration of environments. In addition to leaving the space with a more cult atmosphere, the retro decor allows you to re-use old family furniture and create an environment full of memories. You can also take inspiration from items from other times and incorporate them into environments. What makes this decoration even more charming is precisely the unusual mix between the old and the modern elements.

Do not know where to start? In today’s post we will give tips and reveal some indispensable key pieces in your retro decor. Check out!

Worn wood

The rustic touch is indispensable in this decoration. If you do not have wood furniture worn at home, sanding the wood can have the same effect and is a great option. Another tip is to put antique drawer pullers in your furniture and cabinets. These details make all the difference in the environment!

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feet Pallet feet were successful in the 50’s and come back with everything, as they give an old touch in more modern decorations. It is worth using them on sofas, coffee tables and armchairs. Curves, rounded design and ornate borders should also be chosen to compose your vintage decor.

Baroque frames

The frames fit for mirrors, frames, photos and even when placed empty on the wall, they retain the charm. They give a classic air to the environment and the effect when mixed with modern figures is amazing! You can also put posters of old movies, reinforcing the effect with the old frames.

Iron and Porcelain Iron

Parts are highly prized in retro decor, especially if they have the rusty tone. It holds for fruit trees, vases, angles, door knobs, and French hands. Porcelain fittings can not be missing either, appearing in antique crockery on shelves, or even dishes hung on the wall.

Iconic parts

Vitrolas, vinyls, typewriters, old books, lamps and old trunks are some examples of parts that look good in any environment. The interesting thing is that objects can be reused for other functions that they once performed. Books and suitcases, for example, can be stacked to form a corner table stand.

Classic prints

There is nothing more vintage than patterns. Be it flowery, abstract, striped or with geometric shapes, all can be used – remembering that color mixing is very important! These prints can appear on walls, curtains, cushions, rugs and even in upholstery.

Color Contrast

Mixing vibrant colors with pastel colors is the secret. Worth considering furniture, walls and fittings. The most successful colors are light pink, turquoise, green, red, yellow and gold (or aged gold). In addition to creating contrast between them, they also match the shades of brown of the woods.

Now you know what to do to leave your home with a retro decor! Currently, if you do not have relics at home, there are already perfect replicas of antiquarian – with the added advantage of being new. In addition, it is worth checking out thrift stores, bazaars, antique shops, fairs and even the home of relatives. In these places you find true gems, and for excellent prices.