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Cold Shrink Tubing
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Date Added: 12/05/2016
Last Updated: 12/05/2016
Expiry Date: 12/03/2026

Cold Shrink Tubing
Page Views: 2294
Date Added: 12/05/2016
Last Updated: 12/05/2016
Expiry Date: 12/03/2026
Product/Service Details
RUNLIN Cold Shrink tubing for GSM/4G/5G communication base station is a series of insulated rubber sleeves which are factory expanded and assembled onto a removable core. The cold shrink tubing are supplied for field installation in this pre-stretched condition. The core is removed after the tube has been positioned for installation over a cable connection, terminal lug, etc., allowing the tube to shrink and form a waterproof seal. It is made of Silicone rubber material, which have excellent weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance. The cold shrink tubing is ideal sealing material for the communication cable, coaxial cable, medium voltage and low voltage power cables.
Compared with heat shrink tubing, it is not hard and brittle even if used for a long time, and it also can be tight seal and no crack in the case of Cold shrinkage and thermal expansion. It can be used in more harsh environments.
RUNLIN Cold Shrink Tubing Advantage:
Good performance for sealing and insulating;
Waterproof, moistureproof, dustproof;
Suit for a wide range of cable size, for indoor and outdoor applications;
Simple and fast installation.
RUNLIN Cold Shrink Tubing Application:
1. Used in 4G communications base station such as cell tower and terminals, connectors, antenna.
2. Used in the protection of medium voltage and low voltage power cables and sealing for communication cable and optical cable.
3. Waterproof and moistureproof for the joint and terminal of cable, optical cable.
4. Insulation of secondary splices, copper or aluminum conductors. Used in indoor and outdoor, overhead and underground, etc.
5. Applied to the tool handle, pipe repair or other types of seals, etc.

Cold shrink tubing Technical data:
Test Item Typical Value
Shore A hardness(Shore A):40
Tensile strength (Mpa): >=7.5
Elongation at break(%): >=750
Tear Strength(KN/m): >=30
Disruptive strength(Kv/mm): 20
Permanent set at break(%):=1.0x10^15

RUNLIN Cold Shrink Tubing Specification:
Product No. Inner Dia* (Min) /mm Inner Dia* after Recovered (Max) /mm Length after Recovered(Nom)/mm Thickness after Recovered (10%)/mm Application Range/mm
RLCST-1 20 8 80 ~ 450 20.2 10 ~ 16
RLCST-2 28 10 80 ~500 2.50.2 12~ 20
RLCST-3 32 12 80 ~490 2.50.2 13.2 ~ 22.4
RLCST-4 32 13 80 ~490 20.2 14 ~ 24
RLCST-5 35 16 80 ~450 20.2 18 ~ 29
RLCST-6 40 18 80 ~450 20.2 20 ~ 34
RLCST-7 47 21 80 ~470 20.2 23 ~ 41
RLCST-8 53 25 80 ~500 20.2 27~ 47
RLCST-9 65 26 80 ~500 30.2 28~ 50
RLCST-10 70 30 80 ~500 30.2 32 ~ 60

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