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304SS Direct Wire Wrapped Johnson Screens with Screen
304SS Direct Wire Wrapped Johnson Screens Factory Oasis Oil Tools Co.,LTD, located in the industrial park of high-tech enterprises in Fengquan District, Xinxiang City. After many years efforts, now OASIS has developed into a professional and famous .. >>


Tsieina 04/23/18 10 Offline Contact Now

Electric fan motor
Electric fan motor >>

Supplier: Jinchang Co., Ltd.

Taiwan 04/23/18 13 Offline Contact Now

Stator Core,Aluminum Cast Rotor,Lamination
Lamination Our company supply IE2, IE3, IE4 series high efficiency motor stator and rotor lamination,we can also supply special tailor-made according to customers` requirments . Core Our company supply IE2, IE3, IE4 series high efficiency motor sta.. >>

Supplier: Henan Yongrong Power Technology Co.,Ltd

Tsieina 04/19/18 65 Offline Contact Now

Pneuflex Pneumatic Manufacturing: Pneuflex manufacturing specializes in composite push to connect fittings, brass push to connect fittings, stainless steel push to connect fititngs, plastic & sintered silencers, brass fittings, flow control valves, q.. >>


Tsieina 04/18/18 426 Offline Contact Now

Manufacturers supply automatic aluminum foil container / lunch box packaging pro
Automatic feeder + automatic 63Ton press + cavity mold + automatic stacker + waste tablet press. Applicable to all common specifications of aluminum foil container production. Large capacity can cover a wide range of products. Requires lower power th.. >>

Supplier: SilverEngineer

Tsieina 04/13/18 417 Offline Contact Now

FGB Spherical Plain Bearing Co.,Lts
China Brand FGB ! Spherical Plain Bearing GE4E Knuckle Joint Bearing NO.1 Spherical Plain Bearing GE4E Description: 1). Bearing Series: GE..E; 2). Bearing Size: 4x12x5mm; 3). Sliding Contact Surfaces: Steel on Steel; 4). Relubrication Needed: Witho.. >>

Supplier: Linqing FGB Bearing Co.,Ltd

Tsieina 04/10/18 274 Offline Contact Now

Universal Industrial Pressure Transmitter Sensor
FST Pressure sensor can be used in the pressure testing in Pneumatic System, hydraulic system Meet the needs of the aerospace, defense, engineering machinery, automobile industry, air conditioning, refrigeration and other industrial facilities. It .. >>

Supplier: Hunan Firstrate Sensor Co.,Ltd

Tsieina 04/08/18 132 Offline Contact Now

Red Roo Solutions
At Red Roo Solutions, we are in the business of supplying after-market tracks that are of the highest quality; we do Larry Lugs that can be used to replace lost or damaged track drive lugs, we do hubs and axles that are heavy duty and upgraded. We al.. >>

Supplier: Red Roo Solutions

Awstralia 04/08/18 312 Offline Contact Now

vibrating screen
This kinds vibrating screen is mainly used in steel plant, sorting Pellets & Sponge iron & lump ore & Briquette. It is widly accepted by coking plant and sinter plant and blast furance plant. >>

Supplier: Henan Winner Vbrating Equipment Co.,Ltd

Iran 04/06/18 467 Offline Contact Now

TANJA A58 spring loaded lockable draw latch / rotary toggle latch locks
Product Description: product name: toggle latch ,draw latch ,latch type toggle clamps Material:steel stainless steel surfacetreatment: galvanized ,nickel plated ,polish >>

Supplier: Laizhou Tianjia Hardware Co.,Ltd

Tsieina 03/16/18 377 Offline Contact Now

naut stainless steel belt for granulator machine for processing systems
Material : stainless steel(SUS304,SUS316,SUS316L) or carbon steel Belt grades:ASS1200 ASS1000 MSS1650 CS1100 Belt types: flat steel belts /perforated belts /longitudinally welded belts Typical thickness:0.4mm/0.6mm/ 0.8mm /1.0mm/ 1.2mm Applicat.. >>

Supplier: shanghai naut steel belt systems company

Tsieina 03/15/18 381 Offline Contact Now

cookies,cake,candy,chocolate machines and food machines
We are specializing in food machines for 20 years.We produce cookies,cake,candy,rotary oven and chocolate machines.Our products are in good quality and low price. >>

Supplier: Shanghai Huanxuan food machinery co,.ltd

Tsieina 03/13/18 511 Offline Contact Now

Corn peeling, grits and flour machine set
1. Used in corn peeling, corn grits and flour milling, wheat peeling and flour milling, paddy peeling and sorghum peeling and flour milling. 2. Suitable for small size of food processing factories in corn, wheat and sorghum peeling, grits and flour .. >>

Supplier: Lushan Win Tone Engineering Technology Co., Ltd

Tsieina 03/12/18 258 Offline Contact Now

popcorn making machine popcorn prodction plant
The line adopts the newest puffed technology to puff US corn kernels directly. The technology is an effective combination of temperature with hot air circulation. A complete automatic and low-cost line to produce various flavors popcorn ,such as regu.. >>

Supplier: jinan dg machinery c.,ltd

Tsieina 03/10/18 653 Offline Contact Now

puff snacks machinery puff cereal processing line
Breakfast cereal corn flakes production line is a fully automatic processing line which is designed and developed from DG company combining with European advanced technology. The production line uses corn flour, wheat flour, oat etc as its raw materi.. >>

Supplier: jinan dg machinery c.,ltd

Tsieina 03/10/18 292 Offline Contact Now

High quality pressed wood pallet machine from ThoYu
Pressed wood pallet machine can produce raw materials into presswood pallet. Pressed wood pallet machine also is known as pallet making machine, wood pallet making machine, presswood pallet machine. The market demand for pressed wood pallet machine i.. >>

Supplier: Zhengzhou Thoyu Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd.

Tsieina 03/07/18 432 Offline Contact Now

Automatic Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine
Equipment features 1. Welding seam is horizontal and the gun travels longitudinally. 2. The machine has high-voltage and slow wire feeding arc performance , which guarantees reliable arc igniting; as well as low-voltage and small-current arc ending.. >>

Supplier: Jinan Haoyu Cnc Machinery Co Ltd

Tsieina 03/02/18 310 Offline Contact Now

School & Coach Bus Repair
US FLEET SERVICES is the leading commercial vehicle repair company in North America, creating superior value for its customers and setting the benchmark on quality, technology, and value. As the leader in fleet maintenance we are committed to providi.. >>

Supplier: School & Coach Bus Repair

Unol Daleithiau 02/17/18 251 Offline Contact Now

pallet dispenser
Pallet dispenser 1. pallet will automatic separation by the pallet dispenser; 2. Put all pallets in card slot, one by one transportation according to the packaging line system, equipped with automatic clamping device will stack the top of the pall.. >>

Supplier: MQSPAC intelligent equipment (Shenzhen) Co. ,Ltd

Tsieina 04/21/17 404 Offline Contact Now

pres & falfiau Efydd, dr mesurydd, blwch mesurydd wanter, o gofio
Mae yn arbenigol mewn gweithgynhyrchu pres & falfiau Efydd, mesuryddion dr, blwch mesurydd wanter, ffitiadau, o gofio... >>


Tsieina 04/18/17 606 Offline Contact Now

Peiriant lladd gwair lawnt ACE & Gwelodd
Mae ace Gwelodd & peiriant lladd gwair y lawnt yn Corona, California, specializes mewn peiriant lladd gwair lawnt, llif gadwyn, offeryn per a gwerthu offer injan fach, cynnal a chadw ac atgyweirio. Ers 1993, wedi gwasanaethu degau o filoedd o cleien.. >>

Supplier: Ace Lawn Mower & Saw

Unol Daleithiau 04/17/17 631 Offline Contact Now

PVC/addysg gorfforol/PP bibell Belling peiriannau, Bendi edau peiriannau torri, peiriannau slotio i,
Peiriannau Belling bibell PVC/addysg gorfforol/PP, peiriannau torri llinyn, slotio i beiriannau, peiriannau plygu, peiriant marcio Laser, ac ati. >>

Supplier: Changzhou Desheng Plastic Machinery Co. Ltd.

Tsieina 04/14/17 366 Offline Contact Now

Roedd L360MO PSL2 5 L manyleb API sibrydion Carbon dur bibell
Roedd L360MO PSL2 5 L manyleb API Tsieina sibrydion Carbon Mae'r bibell dur ffatri Derbo cynnig manyleb API 5 L PSL2 L360MO/X52MO Roedd sibrydion Carbon bibell dur, LSAW, peintio. >>

Supplier: Derbo Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.

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O gofio 7518 1L
Beryn 7518 1L berynnau OEM da ar gyfer CAT llwythwr ymlusgo L 977. Sibyl1124@126.com peiriannau rhannau SYL CO., LTD >>


Tsieina 04/12/17 510 Offline Contact Now

Cummin gosod generadur nwy 100KVA TCM100G
Ein genset nwy fel a ganlyn: MWM: 400KW-4300KW Doosan: 100-300KW Tsieina Cummins: 20-500KW Perkins: Liebherr 300KW 1000KW: 132-500KW >>

Supplier: Tide Power System Co.,Ltd

Tsieina 04/12/17 410 Offline Contact Now

O gofio'r reiddiol Spherical plaen GE gyfres o ansawdd da
Roedd Linqing Bil cenedlaethau'r dyfodol sy'n dwyn Co., ltd. sefydlwyd yn 2004, sef un o fentrau allweddol arbenigol yn cario gwneuthurwr yn Tsieina. Bil cenedlaethau'r dyfodol yw ymchwil a datblygu, cynhyrchu a gwerthu fel un o'r mentrau cynhyrchu S.. >>

Supplier: Linqing FGB Bearing Co.,Ltd.

Tsieina 04/11/17 477 Offline Contact Now

dur carbon bibell di-dor
Fel gwneuthurwr cynhyrchion dur blaenllaw yn Tsieina, mae ein grp yn cynnig Mae cyfres o gynhyrchion dur yn cynnwys dur carbon bibell di-dor, pibell sibrydion dur carbon (weldio trydan ymwrthedd & Bwa'r tanddwr weldio), pibell dur gwrthstaen, gosodi.. >>

Supplier: Hunan Prime Steel Pipe Co., Ltd

Tsieina 04/01/17 465 Offline Contact Now

PCB Cynulliad, argraffwyd byrddau cylched, cydrannau electronig, PCB dylunio
Rydym yn cynnig llinell lawn o biffenylau polyclorinedig o ddwbl ochr aml-haen, l Anghyfartaledd a materia diweddaraf a phrosesau. Mae gennym pwrpasol llinellau sydd wedi'i optimeiddio ar gyfer cost a leadtime. Gall ein llinell prototeipio cyflym dr.. >>

Supplier: Rayming ABCS Solution

Tsieina 03/31/17 473 Offline Contact Now

Haiwang Hydrocyclone, gwrteithiau a peiriant cloddio FX125 cemegol
Hefyd, gelwir Hydrocyclones Revision. Mae'r Hydrocyclones yn cynnwys hydrocyclone desander (10 mewn cn) a hydrocyclone desilter (mewn 4 cn), sy'n defnyddio i wahanu tywod a llaid o hylif drilio. Mae gan hydrocyclone ddwy allanfeydd ar Echel: llai a.. >>


Tsieina 03/27/17 625 Offline Contact Now

Arolygwyr cyfalaf
Cyfalaf arolygwyr rhoi ansawdd adroddiadau drwy'r prosesau arolygu rheoli mewnol, gan ein gwneud yn ddewis premiwm ar gyfer asedau perchennog s araenu, API a weldio arolygu anghenion. Rydym yn arbenigo mewn darparu rheoli araenu, araen methiant dadan.. >>

Supplier: Capital Inspectors

Unol Daleithiau 03/23/17 515 Offline Contact Now

RD Olson MFG, Inc
Rydym yn RD Olson Mfg, a adeiladwyd yn yr Unol Daleithiau, yn credu mewn adeilad ar gyfer ein cwsmeriaid, cryfaf dros Graig wedi'u peiriannu, gorau gwasgu, sgrinio, ailgylchu, cludo darn o offer arian y gallant ei brynu. RD Olson Mfg fu perchennog un.. >>

Supplier: RD Olson MFG, Inc

Unol Daleithiau 03/22/17 664 Offline Contact Now

1. stampio rhannau 2 metel. Rhannau peiriant CNC 3. Marw fwrw rhannau 4. Taflen bodloni
Mulmic Co., Ltd, yn arbenigo mewn metel stampio rhannau, CNC fydd rhannau a chynnull gwasanaeth. >>

Supplier: Mulmic Co., Ltd

Tsieina 03/22/17 800 Offline Contact Now

Cynhyrchu peiriant ffurfio gofrestr ymgyfnewidiol purlin CZ
Rydym yn cyflenwi mathau o beiriannau purlin CZ, eich holl syniadau am CZ purlin realizes yma >>

Supplier: Dahezhongbang(XiaMen)Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd

Tsieina 03/21/17 824 Offline Contact Now

peiriant melino peiriant/mx5112/mx5117a/b gwaith coed CDI cymwysedig
Mx 5112 peiriant melino fertigol Tabl maint: cylchdro sidell 1000 * 630mm: sidell rpm 7500 10000 Mae dia: 35 mm Cyfanswm per: 3kw / maint Tabl peiriant melino 4kw mx5117 fertigol: 1200 * 750 mm sidell cylchdro: 7000-sidell Mae 10000 rpm dia: 35 mm C.. >>

Supplier: CDI Factory and Trading Co Ltd

Tsieina 03/20/17 887 Offline Contact Now

Lefel awtomatig TJXO DS C32
Cynllunnir y lefel awtomatig DS C ar gyfer manylder uchel o arolygu ceisiadau, megis prosiect adeiladu, peiriannydd o 'm hetholwyr, ffyrdd a Phontydd, gosod cyfarpar ar raddfa fawr ac ati. Ymhlith nodweddion DS C: * awyr newydd dampio digolledwr, b.. >>

Supplier: Tianjin Xing Ou Surveying Instrument Manufacture Co.,Ltd

Tsieina 03/17/17 883 Offline Contact Now

peiriant drilio a chodi polyn
Cyflwyniad cryno: Defnyddir peiriant hwn ar gyfer coed plannu a swydd twll palu gweithrediad, dyfnder palu ≤ 6m, diamedr ≤ 1.5 m, derbyn wedi'i haddasu dylunio, gyrru grym yn cyfeirio at 55-85kw(85-110HP). Mae gwaith effeithlonrwydd 45-12.. >>

Supplier: ZY group

Tsieina 03/14/17 858 Offline Contact Now

Gwreiddiol Epson GS6000 Printhead-F188000
EPSON GS6000 printhead-F188000 ei ddefnyddio gyda: EPSON PRO-GS6000 sylwadau: nifer rhan wreiddiol: F188000 >>

Supplier: Micropiezoprinthead

Indonesia 03/07/17 746 Offline Contact Now

Printhead AAA Polaris PQ-512/85 sbectra
Mae Printhead AAA PQ-512/85 Polaris 512 sianeli annibynnol Trefnwyd yn rhesi lluosog bylchiad dotiau fesul modfedd 200 ar gyfer gweithrediad un lliw, neu 100 bylchiad dotiau fesul modfedd ar gyfer dau lliw gweithrediad. Bwriedir y printhead ar gyfe.. >>

Supplier: Micropiezoprinthead

Indonesia 03/07/17 822 Offline Contact Now

Printhead Kyocera KJ4A-AA gwreiddiol
Rhyngwyneb Pennaeth GIS HIB-KY-KJ4A-AA Bwrdd gyda'r nod o ddarparu cyfathrebu rhwng 600dpi Kyocera KJ4A-AA printhead a'r GIS Print rheolwr byrddau Printhead amrywiolion KJ4A-AA 600dpi cilohertz 20 Print moddau deuaidd Greyscale monitro Printhead gwre.. >>

Supplier: Micropiezoprinthead

Indonesia 03/07/17 771 Offline Contact Now

Printhead Kyocera KJ4A-RH gwreiddiol
Bwriedir y Bwrdd rhyngwyneb Pennaeth GIS HIB-KY-KJ4A-RH i ddarparu cyfathrebu rhwng cilohertz 30 600dpi Kyocera KJ44A-RH printhead a Bwrdd rheolwr Print GIS (PMB-C8-3). Printhead amrywiolion KJ4A-RH 600dpi cilohertz 30 Print moddau deuaidd Greyscale.. >>

Supplier: Micropiezoprinthead

Indonesia 03/07/17 826 Offline Contact Now

Mimaki TX400 M010673 Y modur ar gyfer Mimaki TX400-1800B
Mimaki TX400 Y modur--M010673 i'w defnyddio gyda: sylwadau Mimaki TX400-1800B: gwreiddiol >>

Supplier: Micropiezoprinthead

Indonesia 03/07/17 828 Offline Contact Now

Ddefnyddir ar gyfer Phoaeton UD-3266E Printhead Seiko SPT1020/35PL / UD-3266G
Printhead Seiko SPT1020/35PL ei ddefnyddio gyda: Icontek TW-3306FD, Icontek TW-3308FD, Icontek TW-1800F3, Icontek TW-2500F3, Icontek TW-3306FZ, Icontek TW-3308FZ, Icontek M5, Icontek M7, SID XC II, Crstaljet CJ-FB2506UV, Crstaljet S6306SPT1020_35PL, .. >>

Supplier: Micropiezoprinthead

Indonesia 03/07/17 746 Offline Contact Now

Cydnawsedd Epson DX4 dr Printhead gwreiddiol Mimaki JV22 / JV4
EPSON DX4 gwreiddiol, sy'n seiliedig ar ddr print Pennaeth addas ar gyfer argraffwyr Roland, Mutoh a Mimaki seiliedig ar ddr. EPSON DX4 gwreiddiol, sy'n seiliedig ar ddr print Pennaeth addas ar gyfer argraffwyr Roland, Mutoh a Mimaki seiliedig a.. >>

Supplier: Micropiezoprinthead

Indonesia 03/07/17 777 Offline Contact Now

DX7 toddyddion Eco Roland RE640/VS640/RA640 Printhead-6701409010
I'w ddefnyddio gyda: Roland RA-640, Roland ail-640, Roland RF-640, Roland VS-420/VS-640//VS-640i/VS-540i/VS-300i, Roland FH740, Roland BN-20, Roland XR 640, Roland SOLJET PRO4 XF-640 a Roland VersaCAMM VS toriad & Print-540/540I sylwadau: Rhif rhan w.. >>

Supplier: Micropiezoprinthead

Indonesia 03/07/17 732 Offline Contact Now

Printhead RICOH GEN3-E3 (MH1603/1803/1903) ar gyfer peiriannau argraffu DYSS Apollo UV R220
Yn addas ar gyfer peiriannau argraffu DYSS Apollo UV R220 hwn printhead Ricoh GEN3-E3 (MH1603/1803/1903). Mae hyn yn rhan Ricoh gwreiddiol. Maint manylebau cynnyrch: 7.8 x 120 x 35 mm (ac eithrio ceblau) pennaeth deunyddiau: arwyneb plt SST, Pd a ph.. >>

Supplier: Micropiezoprinthead

Indonesia 03/07/17 667 Offline Contact Now

Printhead AAA cau-256/30 Sapphire gwreiddiol
Gweithgynhyrchydd: Dimatix argraffydd cydnawsedd: Inca Onset A40 / Onset S40i, 500R Durst Rho DP rhan Rhif: Mae'r cwestiynau-256/30 AAA Sapphire Performa y PPHDI19011 printhead yn darparu cywirdeb pheiriannau chwistrellu gorau yn y dosbarth ynghyd .. >>

Supplier: Micropiezoprinthead

Indonesia 03/07/17 702 Offline Contact Now

Gwreiddiol StarFire SG1024 / Printhead SA-2C
StarFire SG1024 / SA-2C yn uned cryno, hunangynhwysol a adeiladwyd i wrthsefyll mynnu tecstilau diwydiannol a chymwysiadau eraill. Mae'n defnyddio maes profi deunyddiau i ddarparu allbwn cyson dros fywyd gwasanaeth hir ailgylchredeg inc parhaus a g.. >>

Supplier: Micropiezoprinthead

Indonesia 03/07/17 600 Offline Contact Now

Pwmp slyri
Math o ddata technegol: allgyrchol cais: malu cyfryngau: ar gyfer slyri nodweddion eraill: cyfradd llif llorweddol: y funud: 3.6 m?/h mwyaf.: 5400 m?/f pennaeth: y funud: 4 m mwyaf.: m 118 pympiau gyfres UAH Information cyffredinol yn trwm slyri llor.. >>

Supplier: Utech Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Tsieina 03/06/17 1349 Offline Contact Now

Systemau pwrpasol Hydroleg
Hydroleg Denley peirianwyr hydrolig arbenigol, rydym yn arbenigo mewn pob agwedd ar hydroleg & Electro hydrolig peirianneg. Cysylltwch ni am ragor o fanylion. >>

Supplier: Denley Hydraulics

Y Deyrnas Unedig 03/01/17 896 Offline Contact Now

Switsh ffug falfiau, falf ysgogydd, falf Limited Tsieina
Mae cwmni falf Yaao Tsieina specializes yn cynhyrchu newid meithrin dur gt falf, gwiriad falf, byd falf, Forged bl-falf, niwmatig falf ysgogydd & falf cyfyngedig gyda nodweddion dylunio unigryw, Yaoo Mae falfiau ffug yn cydymffurfio API 602, CE, .. >>

Supplier: China Yaao Forged Valve Co., Ltd

Tsieina 03/01/17 891 Offline Contact Now

Sychwyr drwm Rotari-glaswellt, biomas, mawn, grawn, naddion pren, ALFA
Sychwyr drwm wedi'u hadnewyddu a Rotari warant gwneuthurwr. Gwneir yr holl offer yn Lithiwania. Sychwyr dwylo ar gyfer llwythi mawr o gynhyrchion gwahanol a gwastraff amaethyddol fel glaswellt, alfa-alfa, blawd llif pren, sglodion pren, mawn, grawn a.. >>

Supplier: Agregatas

Lithiwania 02/26/17 964 Offline Contact Now

llong garthu tywod & peiriannau
Torrwr treillong sugno, treillong sugno Jet, bwced ysgol treillong, tywod llong, tywod golchi & sgrinio symudol www.chinadredgers.com peiriannau pwmpio / whatsapp:0086-108363682790 Email:leo@chinadredgers.com >>

Supplier: Qingzhou Yongli Mining And Dredging Machinery Co.,Ltd

Tsieina 02/24/17 1012 Offline Contact Now

PTFE RAM Rod Extruder peiriant ar gyfer gwerthu PFB-80
Extruder teflon PTFE nodweddion peiriant Extruder hwrdd plastig: rheolaeth awtomatig 1, 2, hawdd i'w gweithredu 3, isel defnydd per 4, sefydlogrwydd maint cynnyrch 5, Precise sintering 6, cais yr amgylchedd-gyfeillgar ac arbed ynni: tiwb cynhyrchion.. >>


Tsieina 02/23/17 1048 Offline Contact Now

bag mewn blwch hysbyseb/bib hysbyseb
1.E+H flowmeter electromagnetig a dulliau o pwysoliad ar gyfer eich dewis rhyngwyneb 2. Siemens PLC reolaeth dyn-peiriant monitro gweithrediad, 3. cwblhau'r broses cynhyrchu yn y modd awtomatig gyda nodweddion o raddau uchel awtomatiaeth & cyfleustra.. >>

Supplier: Xi'an Shibo Fluid Technology Co., Ltd

Tsieina 02/22/17 944 Offline Contact Now

Mae peiriannau golchi ceir gweithdy HHO iawn peiriannau peiriant glanhau carbon
Iawn HHO ynni peiriant carbon glanhau'r peiriant yn rhyw fath o ceir peiriant golchi ddefnyddir mewn gweithdy ceir, harddu Ceir siop, awto atgyweirio a gorsaf gwasanaeth parcio symudol. Iawn ynni gwerthu orau ceir gweithdy peiriannau modelau CCS800,.. >>

Supplier: Okay Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd

Tsieina 02/21/17 927 Offline Contact Now

Caledwedd, clipiau, bollt a NUT Cymru
Ein prif gynnyrch yn gwnaeth bolltau, sgriwiau, cnau, tapio hunan sgriwiau, stydiau, wasieri, yr Arolygiaeth Gynllunio, rigin sy'n rhan a llawer o gynhyrchion eraill y caledwedd, dur carbon, pres aloi a dur gwrthstaen, alwminiwm, neu ddefnyddiau arbe.. >>

Supplier: Handan Daoning Fasteners Co.,Ltd.

Tsieina 02/17/17 940 Offline Contact Now

Peiriant marcio Laser Q switsh ffibr bwrdd gwaith
Defnyddir peiriant marcio Laser ffibr Lansen yn vasious geiriau fel: 1. rhan peirianneg trydanol a trydanol ac elfen 2. Symudol (clawr, batri, bysellfwrdd, achos IPhone) 3. Gemwaith (neilltuo, pedeant, breichled), eyeglass, clociau a chrefft 4. Deuny.. >>

Supplier: Jinan Lansen Laser Equipment Co., Ltd

Tsieina 02/15/17 1028 Offline Contact Now

Offer llaw
Rydym yn gwerthu offer llaw, mae'r caledwedd, T oedd, sgriwdreifers, Wrenches, gyrrwr darnau, socedi, offer gardd... ac ati >>

Supplier: Leaderunion

Taiwan 02/13/17 1322 Offline Contact Now

J.V. gweithgynhyrchu, Inc.
Gwnaeth ein brwdfrydedd dros ddarparu diogel, cynnyrch o safon a gwasanaeth rhagorol i gwsmeriaid Cram-gan-lawer un o frandiau mwyaf uchel ei barch yn y diwydiant. Gyda dros 70 cywasgu safonol modelau a modelau byrnwr Safon 30, yr ydym yn sicr yn cyn.. >>

Supplier: J.V. Manufacturing, Inc.

Unol Daleithiau 02/11/17 1526 Offline Contact Now

Erbessd dibynadwyedd offerynnau
phencadlys ym mhen ucha Efrog newydd, offerynnau dibynadwyedd Erbessd yw'r darparwr uwch dirgryniad a chydbwyso'r atebion i'r diwydiant yn fyd-eang. >>

Supplier: Erbessd Reliability Instruments

Unol Daleithiau 02/02/17 999 Offline Contact Now

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