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Cliciwch ar y penawdau colofn i drefnu eich canlyniadau gan bod y meini prawf.

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Surgical Resources Group LLC
Surgical Resources Group buys and sell surgical supplies and equipment. We are an independent distributor of Covidien, Ethicon, Bard, Medtronic and more brands. >>

Supplier: Surgical Resources Group LLC

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BMI of Texas
BMI of Texas provides bariatric surgery, gastric bypass, gastric ballon, gastric bypass surgery, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric sleeve, weight loss surgery, obalon surgery, weight loss balloon surgery and gastric bypass surgery in San Antonio. Whether y.. >>

Supplier: BMI of Texas

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SecureMedsrx.co objective is to encourage customers worldwide with genuine, precise, suitable and specialized wellness information and tools to better manage their wellness, provide better care to sufferers, and lead healthier and happier lives. >>

Supplier: securemedsrx

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Bowmanville Eye Centre
Optometrist in Bowmanville Dr. Subadra Arun provides the Bowmanville and Clarington areas with comprehensive eye care for the whole family at Bowmanville Eye Centre. We are conveniently located in the Bowmanville Health Centre on 222 King Street East.. >>

Supplier: Bowmanville Eye Centre

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Advocates for World Health Inc.
A not for profit corporation that distributes medical equipment and supplies to healthcare providers worldwide. Donate medical supplies, donate surgical supplies, donate medical equipment. >>

Supplier: Advocates for World Health Inc.

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Lullaby Sleep Consultant
Lullaby Sleep Consultant is a sleep coaching business that helps babies and toddlers sleep through the night and take blissful naps. However, babies are not born with the capacity to fall asleep on their own, its a skill they must learn. And thats .. >>

Supplier: Lullaby Sleep Consultant

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Supplier: Drugdu Technology Co., Ltd

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Cortisone Injection
Dmitri Petrychenko Interventional Pain Management Clinic in NYC (NY) was established to help patients with various stages and types of complex, acute, and chronic pain, such as failed back syndrome, facet joint arthralgia, complex regional pain syndr.. >>

Supplier: Cortisone Injection

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Surgical & Diabetic Supplies
Welcome to Welcare Surgical & Diabetic Supplies. Where youll find affordable quality solutions for all of your home healthcare needs. With a full range of medical equipment and medical supplies in Bronx , New York, Welcare Surgical & Diabetic Sup.. >>

Supplier: Surgical & Diabetic Supplies

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Motion Health Group NZ - Rothwell Ave
Motion Health is a unique group of physiotherapy and wellness practices fuelled by a passionate vision to bring optimal lifelong physical health to all New Zealanders. Motion Health Group is led by New Zealand physiotherapist Andy Ross. Andy has been.. >>

Supplier: Motion Health Group NZ - Rothwell Ave

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Life Time Athletic Burlington, a new fitness center, recently opened at 186 Middlesex Turnpike ... which has 135 locations in the United States and Canada. Built on the site of a former one-story office building, the Burlington facility offers. >>


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Medical equimpment for vitiligo and skin beauty
manufacture kinds of medical device,UV lamp for vitiligo,colposcope,pdt machine for skin beauty,hair loss treat machine,patient monitor.complete production lines,professional design ,good quality ,competitive price . >>

Supplier: Kernel medical equipemnt Co,ltd

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Back In Motion
We provide leading physiotherapy, clinical Pilates, massage, and exercise and rehab services in 100 locations right across Australia. We have one-on-one and semi-private classes and because our services are delivered by physios, you can claim them on.. >>

Supplier: Back In Motion

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The Willows Senior Living
The Willows, located in Bellingham, Washington is a senior apartments and retirement community providing the finest care and community in the Whatcom County area. Come home to a welcoming retirement living community, a fir-lined setting, and a Bellin.. >>

Supplier: The Willows Senior Living

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Destiny MedSpa
Destiny Med Spa offers total body improvement and an integrative approach to health, beauty, and wellness.Experience a Spa environment, with dependable medical professionals, and Spa treatments. We invite you to look at the website so you can discov.. >>

Supplier: Destiny MedSpa

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Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Echo80 From Meditech
ECHO80 AMBULATORY BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR Echo80 Many studies have now confirmed that blood pressure measured over a 24-hour period is superior to clinic blood pressure in predicting future cardiovascular events and target organ damage. It's mainly f.. >>

Supplier: Meditech Equipment Co .,Ltd (Meditech Group

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Laser & Mohs Dermatology of NYC
As science progresses and medical intervention becomes more specific and targeted, you benefit from less invasive techniques, decreased recovery time and a reduction in aftercare issues. Your Manhattan dermatologist uses EVLA to target the underlying.. >>

Supplier: Laser & Mohs Dermatology of NYC

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Tarot Cards Reading
add 24 hours all credit cards More and more people are calling psychics because they want to know what life has in store for them and they want answers. Call Psychic Now gives you the opportunity to connect with psychics, clairvoyants and mediums to .. >>

Supplier: Tarot Cards Reading

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Family dentistry
Dr. Doktorman delivers quality therapies for a lifetime of strong, healthy smiles. As an experienced general dentist, he understands the importance of proper preventive care to maintain oral health and keep minor problems from creating major damage. .. >>

Supplier: Family dentistry

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Meditech Defibrillator Co
Meditech was founded in 1998, is a group dedicated to provide state-of-the-art Medical Equipment with top-ranking quality and outstanding reputation. As one of the leading medical equipment manufactures, we are involved in R&D, manufacturing and mark.. >>

Supplier: Meditech Defibrillator Co

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Gweithgynhyrchwyr offer ysbyty yn yr India DESCO
Pate gwyddonol Surgico Pvt Ltd a elwir yn Desco India yw gweithgynhyrchu dodrefn meddygol ysbyty o dan frand Desco ers 2005. Rydym yn gwmni gweithgynhyrchu sy'n tyfu gyflymaf yn India. Dechreuodd fel cwmni masnachu bach enw moethus Surgico gwyddonol .. >>

Supplier: Deluxe Scientific Surgico Pvt Ltd

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Llygaid GH
Gofal llygaid a golwg addasu i bob grp oedran o blant i staff uwch. Mae gwasanaethau personol yn cynnwys arholiadau llygaid; lensys cyffwrdd gwasanaethau; eyeglasses; thrin clefydau ar y llygaid ac anhwylderau; ac yn edrych ar bobl sydd chlefydau .. >>

Supplier: GH Eye

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Canolfan Iechyd Integra
Mae Canolfan Iechyd Integra y Toronto s mwyaf modern ' boutique ' clinig iechyd ddarparu gwasanaethau mae mwyaf cynhwysfawr o dan un to. Galw heddiw (416) 777-9355 >>

Supplier: Integra Health Centre

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Brodorol Candida rugosa Lipase
Gelwir candida rugosa lipase i catalyze hydrolysis adweithiau, enwedig cynhyrchu asid ricinoleic. Gwefan: http://www.creative-enzymes.com/product/Native-Candida-Rugosa-Lipase_1715.html >>

Supplier: Creative Enzymes

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X1 deintyddol/Cadeirydd Uned o Cingol
1. DIOGELWCH diogelwch atal argyfwng ddyfais rheoli system cydgloi'n cael ei ddefnyddio Cadeirydd deintyddol brys Cadeirydd sefyllfa trydan dr-aer gyda'r un botwm newid system trydan dr-aer gwahanu strwythur dylunio 2. HUMANIZATION dim ond 9 ail i .. >>

Supplier: Foshan Cingol Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd.

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Sefydliad Paredes ar gyfer delweddu s menywod
Ellen Shaw de Paredes sefydliad y merched s delweddu a neilltuir i ganfod canser yn gynnar. Rydym yn enwog o fenywod s iechyd diagnostig a sefydliad ymyriadol ei lywio gan egwyddorion sefydlol Dr. Shaw Ellen de Paredes, arbenigwr byd enwog yn fron de.. >>

Supplier: The Paredes Institute For Womens Imaging

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tiwb casglu gwaed
tiwb casglu gwaed >>

Supplier: hebei xinle sci&tech co.,ltd

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Mae cludadwy rhwyll Atomizer aelwyd anadlydd Respirator dyfais LFS rhwyll nebulizer A3
Y dyddiau hyn, mae mwy a mwy o bobl yn dioddef o afiechydon anadlol, y nebulization wrth drin yw triniaeth fwy effeithiol o glefydau anadlol. Ond yn yr ysbyty, y nebulization yn trin cymryd amser hir, yn dwyn llawer o anghyfleustra i fywyd pobl. Yn s.. >>

Supplier: ShenZhen LFS Medical Device Co.,Ltd

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laser deuodau CAMPUS ar gyfer therapi
Mae ein systemau laser therapi Saturn a mercwri yn darparu dyfnder dyfnach yn treiddio meinwe a rhoi dos yn y pen draw mae hynny'n arwain at ganlyniadau atgynyrchadwy cadarnhaol, gyda ein handpiece therapi proffesiynol. Laser deuodau GaAIAs math las.. >>

Supplier: Pioon Laser Technology Co.,LTD

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AX31 peiriant anadlu brys
Defnyddir AX31 ar gyfer cymorth cyntaf, ambiwlans, sefyllfa argyfwng ac i gludo cleifion yn yr ysbyty. Gellir ei ddefnyddio ar gyfer plant ac oedolion sy'n gleifion. Nodweddion: Swyddogaethau lluosog, dylunio compact, hawdd i'w gymryd, dylunio ar gyf.. >>

Supplier: AHT INC

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Offerynnau llawfeddygol a deintyddol
ALHAFIZ SURGICARE yn weithiwr proffesiynol (ISO, Swyddfa Mark ardystiedig, FDA cofrestredig) gweithgynhyrchwyr ac allforwyr o ddinas sialkot, yr ydym yn cynhyrchu pob math o offerynnau llawfeddygol, deintyddol, meddygol a harddwch ers blynyddoedd law.. >>

Supplier: Alhafiz Surgicare

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AX31 AHT anadlu brys
Disgrifiad: Defnyddir AX31 ar gyfer cymorth cyntaf, ambiwlans, sefyllfa argyfwng ac i gludo cleifion yn yr ysbyty. Gellir ei ddefnyddio ar gyfer plant ac oedolion sy'n gleifion. Nodweddion: Swyddogaethau lluosog, dylunio compact, hawdd i'w gymryd, dy.. >>

Supplier: AHT INC

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Manyleb AK10 + cleifion Monitor
Cais: Nodweddion ochr gwely: 10.4 cydraniad uchel TFT, lliw, cyffwrdd sgrin modiwlaidd a ffan na dylunio Mae ST ECG arweiniol 12 a Darlifiad isel dadansoddiad SPO2 arhythmia mynegai hyd at 0.005cc tri golau larwm dda gwahaniaethu technegol a larwm ff.. >>

Supplier: AHT INC

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Uned Electrosurgical amledd radio
Model: RFS-4000 o K Radiofrequency technoleg: Radiofrequency uchel o 1.5-4.5 MHz y ddyfais orau a'r dechnoleg fwyaf datblygedig ar gyfer uned electrosurgical amledd uchel. Mae'n offeryn llawfeddygol cyntaf Radiofrequency (1.5 4.5 MHz) yn Tsieina, syd.. >>

Supplier: Beijing Greenland Co., Ltd.

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Bandaits Greenovo
Greenovo biotechnoleg Co., LTD yn fath newydd o ymchwil biomeddygol deunyddiau, datblygu, cynhyrchu a marchnata Menter uwch-dechnoleg. Yn wahanol i ddyfeisiau eraill hemostatic, yn Greenovo cynhyrchion Concrete kaolin, mwynau anorganig, sy'n digwydd .. >>

Supplier: Greenovo Bandage Biotechnology Co.,LTD

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IVF vitrification rod
Vitrification IVF yn rhewi rod 【 Model 】 [U.S.-IVF002] 【 defnydd 】 1. a ddefnyddir ar gyfer embryo 2. Embryo rhewi cadwraeth 3. nitrogen hylifol tymheredd amgylchedd casglu o warchod embryonau a oocyte 【 deunydd .. >>

Supplier: USN IVF medical technology Co., Ltd

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Doppler arnynt ar gyfer babi curiad calon i'w gwerthu
' Doppler ' ar gyfer babi Curiad Calon ar gyfer gwerthu gyda dau arddangos gan gynnwys Rhif arddangos a tonffurf arddangos sgrin fawr gyda golau l gyda llais uchel siaradwr fatri ailwefradwy bwriedir Doppler ffetws i fodloni gofynion archwiliad arfe.. >>

Supplier: Shenzhen Luckcome Technology Inc., ltd

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Peiriant ECG
Mae 12 ar y pryd yn arwain ECG caffael ac mae arddangosfa 3 ar yr un pryd yn arwain ECG argraffu gyda'r 7 modfedd 800 x 480 80mmthermal papur lliw TFT batri lithiwm ailwefradwy parod bysellfwrdd LCD Alphanumeric, argraffu adroddiadau ECG hyd at uchel.. >>

Supplier: Shenzhen ECGMAC Medical Electronics CO.,LTD

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Roedd model LZL-21 yn uwch microsgop gweithrediad sawl swyddogaeth
Model LZL-21 yn amlswyddogaethol microsgop llawfeddygol uwch-dechnoleg o nodweddion mwyaf datblygedig ymysg modelau o'i fath. Gellir ei gymhwyso mewn meysydd amrywiol fel llawdriniaeth E.N.T., niwrolawdriniaeth a llawdriniaethau offthalmig, ac ati; a.. >>

Supplier: Inex groupp

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Uwchsain meddygol gliniadur USG
Manylebau technegol: Monitro maint modfedd 9.7 TFT lliw trosi delwedd LCD (1024 * 768) fyny/i lawr, chwith/dde, B modd arddangos DU/Gwyn, B/B, 4B, B + M, M sganio modd Convex/llinol Mesur cyffredinol Mesur pellter, ongl, ardal, cyfaint, cymhareb a st.. >>

Supplier: Sichuan Canyearn Medical Equipmrnt Co.,Ltd.

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FDT Zeiss Humphrey 710 gliniadur
Zeiss Humphrey 710 FDT gliniadur cyfrifiadur FDT vVew Finder meddalwedd, argraffydd a 30 diwrnod gwarant www.islandmedic.com >>

Supplier: Island Medic

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Nikon Eclipse TE-200 wedi'i wrthdroi Fluorescence & Brightfield microsgop
Mae'r model TE2000 ymgorffori uchel-drachywiredd modur ffocws a symudiad mecanwaith di-dirgryniad optegol llwybr hynny sy'n hwyluso cipio delweddau 3D. Y model TE2000 yw model cyffredinol y daw safonol gyda pedwar allbwn porthladdoedd. www.islandmed.. >>

Supplier: Island Medic

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Gastroscope Pentax ee-2990i
-EE-2990i-HD-PENTAX GASTROSCOPE fideo-diffiniad uchel-cyflwr ardderchog!!! HOLL ANGULATION ANGULATION yn ESMWYTH-yw ANGULATION LLYFN, HARDD yw delwedd-OEM-SGLEINIOG mewnosod TIWB,: I fyny/i lawr: 210/120 gradd, chwith/dde: graddau 120/120-mewnosod TI.. >>

Supplier: Island Medic

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Prosesu Ivobase dannedd gosod
Mae Ivoclar Vivadent yn cyflwyno system cronfa ddata newydd sy'n galw IvoBase prosthesis. Mae system newydd hon yn caniatu technegwyr deintyddol i greu meinwe prosthesis defnyddio gyda chywirdeb uchel, dull cwbl awtomatig o weithio. www.islandmedi.. >>

Supplier: Island Medic

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Uwchsain cludadwy GE Vscan newydd sbon
Tua'r un maint iPhone neu eraill ffonau clyfar, Vscan y GE i gofrestru yw'r system uwchsain poced cyntaf di-wifr. Gallai fod yn ddigon bach i ffitio yn eich poced, ond pwerus ddigon i berfformio'n llawer o'r ceisiadau un fel systemau consol mawr. .. >>

Supplier: Island Medic

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Mae'r VetScan VS2 o'r radd flaenaf cemeg, electrolytau, immunoassay a gwaed nwy analyzer darparu cywirdeb digyfaddawd gyda dim ond dau diferion gwaed cyfan, serwm neu plasma. Y VetScan VS2 yn hynod o syml a greddfol, gyda rhyngwyneb defnyddiwr datbl.. >>

Supplier: Island Medic

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Tebbets dynhau yn gynnyrch llawdriniaeth y fron. >>

Supplier: zeetig internatioanl

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Cwmpas personol / golwg adennill cyfarpar
Golwg adennill cyfarpar personol EX cwmpas manylebau 1) Cylchdaith: system rheolydd foltedd 2) cylch: tua 5 munud 3) batri: AA x 3 4) 5 awdio) maint: prif gorff: 14, 5 cm x 13.2 cm X 4.5 cm prif gorff + clust: 5 cm 14.5cmX16.5cmX 4, 6) pwysau: batri .. >>

Supplier: hansaecorp

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Swyddfa ESWL amlwg (Lithotripter) gyda x-ray(CS-2012A-3)

Supplier: Suzhou XiXin Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd

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