Outdoor Camera Housings

Covers for cameras outside. Today almost all of the installed cameras are dome or the tubular type, but with IP protection features that make them suitable for use outdoors without any casing. Even so, there is still a huge market of old cameras outside with covers that have already lost their qualities of waterproofing and staked. And even though less, is still demanding camera bodies + Optics (fixed/varifocal) that meets certain extra requirements on image quality or optics that are not suitable for outdoor use and require housing.

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Well, for both circumstances, we have a new high range of housings with professional design and powerful protection against dust and rain, equipped as well as heater and fan which allows a perfect thermal insulation. They are made of an aluminum alloy , fully watertight external intrusions. Due to size, they allow the installation of any kind of camera type box using multiple anchors available.

The camera never exceeds a temperature of security, it has as we say fan and heater resistance. With connection to AC220V, activated automatically when they reach a specific range of temperature – 5 ° C for heater and + 45 ° c for fan.

Its size is a deterrent for the foreign friends. There are various brackets for different cases of installation such as:

  • foot for cornices installation support.
  • roofing Underlayment.
  • support for wall in front location.
  • support for wall, lateral location.

If you have a security camera traditional body camera and optics screw to the body, this may be a good option to convert it to outdoor camera. Our covers for outdoor cameras allow you to depending on model even have infrared for night viewing leds. You won’t have to give up any benefit. Contact here.