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Date Added: 09/06/2015
Last Updated: 09/06/2015
Expiry Date: 09/03/2025

Page Views: 4141
Date Added: 09/06/2015
Last Updated: 09/06/2015
Expiry Date: 09/03/2025
Product/Service Details
KINGWELL provides oil and gas customers with high quality drill pipe for a wide variety of well profiles, and distributes virtually all sizes of drill pipe for all your drilling needs. Our drill pipes are available with outside diameters (ODs) ranging from 2 3/8" - 6 5/8" . We offer E-75 to S-135 grades, in accordance with API Specification 5D and API Specification 7 as well as proprietary grades for more stringent requirements.

Size: 2 3/8" - 6 5/8" in various lengths.
Steel Grade: E-75, X-95, G-105, S-135
Hardbanding: ARNCO 100XT, 200XT, 300XT, BOTN3000
Internal Coating: TK34, TC2000, TC3000
Specification and product level: API SPEC 5DP, API SPEC 7-2, API RP 7G; Tool joint(connection): from NC26 to NC50, 5 1/2FH, 6 5/8FH.
In addition to API/PSL1 and PSL2 drill pipe, KINGWELL offers high standard drill pipe for severe condition drilling service including: API/PSL3, NS-1,DS-1, customers` specifications.

Main Features of Hardbanding:
BoTn is famous for a complete series of high performance anti-wear & friction-reduction hardbanding wires, BoTn1000, Botn3000 and Botn5000. The tests results prove that the materials have perfect performance of anti-wear and friction-reduction under downhole conditions.
BoTn1000: Sufficient hardness (HRC58-62) and good anti-wear property which can triple drill tool joint life. It can be spplied to surfacing welding for new & used tool joint, heavy weight drill pipe and various downhole instruments surface.
BoTn3000: sufficient hardness (HRC58-62) and good anti-wear property which can protect drill pipe to the maximum extent. Perfect friction-reduction properly that can reduce the torque of the drilling string.
BoTn5000: excellent friction-reduction property, which can reduce the casing wear. Tight combination between Botn5000 hardbanding and base metal of tool joint, no spalling, no chipping.

Main Features of Internal Coating:
- TC-2000 is epoxy-phenolic material, which can be used in a wide range of temperatures and PH conditions.
TC-2000SS is epoxy-phenolic coating, for use in high temperature and pressure environment of natural gas wells with high content of H 2S and CO 2.
TC2000P is an epoxy-novolac powder coating, which can be used in gas production environments containing H 2S and CO2 with higher temperature(400 ℉)and higher pressure conditions.

KINGWELL Drill Pipe Technical Data:

Size Nominal OD Wall Thickness Grade Upset Style Tool Joint
in lb/ft in mm in mm
2-3/8 6.65 2.375 60.32 0.28 7.11 E,X,G EU NC26 (2-3/8 IF)
2-7/8 10.4 2.875 73.02 0.362 9.19 E,X,G,S EU NC31 (2-7/8 IF)
3-1/2 13.3 3.5 88.9 0.368 9.35 E,X,G,S EU NC38 (3-1/2 IF)
3-1/2 15.5 3.5 88.9 0.449 11.4 E,X,G EU NC38 (3-1/2 IF)
3-1/2 15.5 3.5 88.9 0.449 11.4 S EU NC40 (4 FH)
4 14 4 101.6 0.33 8.38 E,X,G,S EU NC46 (4 IF)
4 15.7 4 101.6 0.38 9.65 E,X,G,S IEU NC40 NC46
4-1/2 16.6 4.5 114.3 0.337 8.56 E,X,G,S IEU NC46 (4 IF)
4-1/2 20 4.5 114.3 0.43 10.92 E,X,G,S IEU NC46 (4 IF)
5 19.5 5 127 0.362 9.19 E,X,G,S IEU NC50 (4-1/2 IF)
5 19.5 5 127 0.362 9.19 E,X,G,S IEU 5-1/2 FH
5 25.6 5 127 0.5 12.7 E,X,G IEU NC50 (4-1/2 IF)
5 25.6 5 127 0.5 12.7 E,X,G,S IEU 5-1/2 FH
5-1/2 21.9 5.5 139.7 0.36 9.17 E,X,G,S IEU 5-1/2 FH
5-1/2 24.7 5.5 139.7 0.42 10.54 E,X,G,S IEU 5-1/2 FH
6-5/8 25.2 6.625 168.28 0.33 8.38 E,X,G,S IEU 6-5/8 FH
6-5/8 27.7 6.625 168.28 0.362 9.19 E,X,G,S IEU 6-5/8 FH

Other Types of Drill Pipe We Can Do:

KINGWELL Sour Service Drill Pipe
KINGWELL Sour Service Drill Pipe is a type of propriety product with capability of resist to hydrogen sulfide stress corrosion to facilitate the drilling activities in H2S environment.
Size range: Kingwell sour service drill pipe is available for drill pipe ranging in size from 2 3/8 to 6 5/8 inches.

KINGWELL Aluminum Alloy Drill Pipe
KINGWELL Aluminum Alloy Drill Pipe features low specific weight, high flexibility, good corrosion resistance, thus more suitable for extra deep well, horizontal well, high corrosive medium well, directional well and other wells with complicated conditions.

KINGWELL Efficient Cuttings Bed Clean Drill Tool
KINGWELL Efficient Cuttings Bed Clean Drill Tool is proprietary product which designed specifically to improve hole-cleaning performance in horizontal or complex non-conventional wells.

KINGWELL Double-walled Drill Pipe
KINGWELL Double-walled Drill Pipe is composed of two layers drill pipe. It is mainly used in reverse circulation drilling technique. The outside drill pipe is the transmission medium of torque and pressure, the space between outside drill pipe and inside drill pipe is a channel for pumping for circulating medium to well bottom, the inside drill pipe return the circulating medium and rock chips to the outside.
Size Range (OD of external layer pipe): normally 5”, 5 1/2”, 5 7/8”, 6 5/8”, 7 5/8”,8 1/2”, 9 1/2” and 10”.

KINGWELL Non-slip-cut(NSC) Drill Pipe
KINGWELL Non-slip-cut(NSC) Drill Pipe is specially designed for solving problems like the damage to the drill pipe body by the slip cut, the low operation efficiency of double-elevator, and the high labor intensity in the operation of TIH and TOH. This product adds one more shoulder positioned close to the box end than normal API standard drill pipe.
Size range: 4”, 4 1/2”, 5”, 5 1/2”, 5 7/8”, and 6 5/8”

KINGWELL Offshore Casing Landing Pipe
KINGWELL Offshore Casing Landing Pipe is typically used to land heavy casing string in a deep water environment. Designed with sufficient tensile, hoisting and slip-crushing capacity to support the heavy casing string beneath it.
Size range: 5”, 5 1/2”, 5 7/8”, 6 5/8” and 7 5/8”

KINGWELL Arctic Service Drill Pipe
KINGWELL Arctic Service Drill Pipe is a type of propriety drill pipe with capability to perform in extreme cold regions.
Size range: including all API size from 2 3/8 to 6 5/8 inches.

KINGWELL Super High-Strength Drill Pipe
KINGWELL Super High-Strength drill pipes are designed specifically for deep and ultra-deep wells, extended reach drilling (ERD) wells, deep offshore and other critical drilling applications.
Size range: Kingwell high strength drill pipe is available for drill pipe ranging in size from 2 3/8 to 6 5/8 inches.

KINGWELL Slip-protected Drill Pipe
In order to reduce tripping time in the drilling process to improve drilling efficiency, “one elevator one slip” is the general tripping mode. Higher slip crushing capability of the pipe body is required in deep well, extra-deep well and complicated geological conditions. To solve these problems, Kingwell designed and manufactured slip-proof drill pipe, the long thick-walled upset section is designed on the box end.
Size range: 5”, 5 1/2”, 5 7/8”, 6 5/8” and 7 5/8”

KINGWELL Flush-hole Drill Pipe
Kingwell proprietary flush-hole drill pipe is designed to be made-up with the drill pipe body using a special external upset with a large ID. The ID of the tool joint is almost the same as that of the drill pipe body; Decrease annular pressure loss by 20%-50% and improve hydraulic efficiency and drilling speed.
Size range: normally 4 1/2”, 5”, 5 1/2”, 5 7/8”, 6 5/8” and 7 5/8”

KINGWELL designed and manufactured the HDD (horizontal and directional drilling) drill pipe meet the large size need, at the same time the rigidity and the thrust also have improved. Special thread design and a guide section adding in the pin thread to prevent the possibility of galling and improve the fatigue capacity, meet the requirement of pipe line horizontal directional drilling engineering.
Size range: normally 5 7/8”, 6 5/8”

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Xi'an KINGWELL OILFIELD MACHINERY Co., Ltd. (KINGWELL), is a highly reputable manufacturer and supplier for oilfield equipment, also a outstanding service company for complete solutions to Oil & Gas industries. With over 10 years developing, we were developed from the beginning drilling Service Company to factory that can produce Drill Stem Test Tools, mud pump parts, Drilling Tools etc. At the same time, KINGWELL still keep the first-rate drilling service and comprehensive solution in oilfield. And KINGWELL is also one international reputable supplier who can source Solid Control Equipment, OCTG and other tools.. During the long-term development, relying on Xi’an’s abundant industrial and technological foundation, we actively commit ourselves to development and research of products to meet different user’s requirements, thus we have always kept ahead on the technology. Every year we have new products launched into the market, affirming the company’s leading role in the trade.   KINGWELL have experienced team, stronger enough to meet any challenge, we take “the quality first, the customer supreme” as the management idea, we are willing to provide you the first-rate service with our advanced technology and high-qualified staff. Nowadays our products have been exported to in America, the Middle of East, Europe, Australia etc. Mission KINGWELL desires to be one of the most excellent international oilfield manufacturers and suppliers. Our success depends on your success. Let us join together to expect a bright future.

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