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Enterprise PBX
Page Views: 4149
Date Added: 10/10/2009
Last Updated: 10/10/2009
Expiry Date: 10/05/2028

Enterprise PBX
Page Views: 4149
Date Added: 10/10/2009
Last Updated: 10/10/2009
Expiry Date: 10/05/2028
Product/Service Details
The Universal Communication Platform

The 3-Dimensional I

Modern businesses require a completely integrated communication solution. One that offers easy scalability and can grow with the growing communication needs of the organisation. Presenting: Matrix Eternity, an Integrated SME Voice Switch. It is a unique convergence of Innovative switching technology and Intelligent software features.

Intelligence that is embedded in the system to offer prompt and professional response coupled with features that help in efficient call management. Innovative technology used in the design of the system helps reduce the overall cost of communication.

Its 100% non-blocking, PCM-TDM design ensures unrestricted communication simultaneously by all the users .

Matrix Eternity offers a platform with universal slots that can take care of all your future communication requirements. It also offers flexible scalability due to its modular design of the cards.

Get the power of Matrix Eternity behind you because winning is important, not only today but also tomorrow!

Flexible and Scalable Matrix Eternity with its modular design and Universal Slot platform allows you to invest progressively with your organization's growth and its growing communication needs. Matrix Eternity is designed to provide very high level of flexibility and to meet all your future communication needs. Matrix Eternity allows an organization to start with the minimum required configuration and expand the system capability later by adding more cards to its universal slots. Eternity is designed to support both homogeneous and Hybrid (Mix) Port cards on its universal slots. The Eternity hybrid cards are designed to offer all possible communication interface options to match your exact communication requirement.

Multi-Port GSM Gateway card in Eternity offers interfaces for multiple GSM Ports with distinct SIM card support on each port. Eternity with multi-port GSM gateway dynamically routes the outgoing calls through respective service provider networks effecting cost saving and improved Quality of Service (QoS). Eternity GSM Card also routes incoming GSM calls from different service provider networks to the destined users. Eternity GSM card with Least Cost Routing feature offers the organization the opportunity to take advantage of the competitive tariff schemes offered by different service providers

Multi-Channel VoIP Gateway card in Eternity offers intrinsic benefits of cost and flexibility using the most advanced Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based Internet telephony. Matrix Eternity VoIP Card is designed to support both Peer-to-Peer and Registrar/Proxy supported calls. The Eternity's multi-channel VoIP interface offers advantages of low-tariff Internet telephony for long distance and international calls. The VoIP card can also be configured to establish calls (Peer-to-Peer) between offices using the existing data network infrastructure. Eternity VoIP card supports a range of voice Codecs ensuring Quality of Service (QoS) and efficient utilization of bandwidth.

Video Conferencing and Data Connectivity is offered by Matrix Eternity with ISDN PRI or ISDN BRI card that supports video conferencing solutions (H.320) through the BRI or PRI NT port on the respective cards. Any standard video conference unit or video phone with suitable ISDN interface can be conveniently integrated with Eternity ISDN card. Data connectivity can also be extended to other locations by connecting a suitable router and Ethernet Switch to this ISDN PRI or BRI NT Port.

Voice Mail System (VMS) card in Matrix Eternity is a full fledged Voice Mail System designed to provide a variety of voice applications usually supported by any external Voice Mail System. The VMS card utilizes an external USB memory stick as storage media and hence the storage capacity can be easily enhanced on site. The default 1 GB USB stick supports 18 hours of recording and a higher capacity stick will allow you to record more. The VMS card can be configured to work as 8 ports or 16 ports and supports 512 mailboxes. The VMS card can be inserted in any of the universal slots, offering all voice mail features that can boost productivity of any organization.

Key features like Multi-Party Conference, Auto Attendant, Digital Input Port, Digital Output Port, Analog Input Port, Analog Output Port, Remote Programming, SMDR Buffer with a large capacity etc. are built into the system. These features normally warrant additional investments in most other brands. Integrated such that the system is complete in itself. No hidden costs, simply a comprehensive solution for your communication needs.

Intelligent features like Auto Attendant, CLI based Routing and Dial by Name not only ensure efficient call management but also help in giving a prompt and professional response to the callers. Features like Least Cost Routing, CLI based External Call Forwarding, Call Budgeting, etc. are provided to help reduce communication cost and enhance the organisation’s productivity.

Innovative and robust design of Matrix Eternity ensures efficient, reliable and maintenance-free communication. Powered by 32-bit RISC processor and distributed processing architecture, the system ensures immediate response. Built on ISDN switching platform and high density switching, Matrix Eternity is surely a future-proof investment for any organisation.

Matrix Eternity is a unique mix of Integration, Intelligence and Innovation, thus making it the preferred communication partner of large organisations. It is time you switched over to this winning 3-dimensional idea from Matrix; because a winning idea is the key to success!

Key Features ^ TOP
The Intelligent One
An intelligent system, Matrix Eternity gives you a vital edge in your business with increased productivity and a distinct cost advantage.

Account Codes
Eternity allows you to record and maintain a unique account for all the calls made on behalf of each client, irrespective of the user. Eternity also provides a comprehensive list of all the calls made on behalf of a particular client and can maintain up to 999 such client accounts. As an option, the system can be programmed to force the user to dial the client account code before making an outgoing call to any of the clients.

The system supports multiple types of alarms on all extensions. These alarms can be set for each day of the week or for a particular date and time, and activated from a remote location. If the alarm is not acknowledged by the user, the operator receives the return alarm ring. Multiple alarms of the same type can be activated from each extension. Alarm-snooze feature, very similar to that available in mobile handsets, is also supported.

Allowed and Denied Lists
This feature can be used to restrict the long distance and international calls made by the users while allowing them to dial a few numbers of the same category from the allowed list. It uses number specific criteria for allowing or denying the call. The system supports 32 such lists in both allowed and denied types. Each list supports a maximum of 256 numbers of 16 digits each.

Auto Redial
The Eternity can be instructed by the user in a very simple way to dial a busy number repeatedly till it gets connected without any user intervention. The system can be set for auto-redial priority as low or high, wherein the redial intervals and the number of redial attempts vary depending on the priority.

Automatic Call Distribution
A smart feature, it automatically distributes incoming calls among a group of users in a pre-defined algorithm. A must-have feature for offices with very high voice-traffic like call centers.

Automatic Call Disconnection
Eternity can detect the “Call Disconnection Tone” available from the PSTN network through the TWT trunk and immediately releases the TWT line.

Boss Ring
The system can be programmed to provide different ring cadences to the user depending on the call origination. Eight types of ringing cadences can be set for different call types like internal calls, calls from boss, alarms, auto redial, etc., to alert the users about the type of call they are receiving.

Call Accounting System Interface
Matrix Eternity offers interface for most types of Call Accounting System protocols available world-wide. This facilitates easy integration of the third party call accounting software with Matrix Eternity.

Call Budgeting
Eternity allows you to set monthly call budget for individual users in order to control the usage. Users with DKP can use the Call Cost Display feature to find allocated and consumed budget values after every call they make. The station is locked by the system if the user exceeds the call budget value.

Call Duration Control
An effective cost control feature that allows you to have user-specific call duration control with multiple options for each type of call. This feature includes: disconnection of incoming, outgoing, intercom calls, selective long distance or international calls after a pre-defined duration; only giving indication after a pre-defined duration to keep track of time, etc.

Call Progress Tones and Rings
Eternity provides Call Progress Tones like Dial Tone, Ring Back Tone and Busy Tone, etc. Country-specific tones can be selected to match the tones of the country where it is being installed. Similarly, ring cadences can also be selected.

Central Ringer
The Eternity can activate a central ringer using the special buzzer provided with master card in case the incoming call is not attended by any user. You can also program to activate a special alarm through Digital Output Port (DOP) to get notice of the un-attended incoming call. Once the central ringer is activated, any extension can answer the incoming call by dialing a specific code. A great utility feature in special circumstances like unplanned holiday in the office, noisy work environments, etc.

CLI Based Routing
The dedicated code detector circuits identify the Caller Line (trunk call) and route the incoming call directly to the respective users (DKP or SLT), if the incoming number matches with CLI table entries. As many as 400 such external numbers can be programmed in Matrix Eternity. Users with DKP can have display of caller name, if programmed accordingly.

Conference Dial-in
This unique feature allows participants of a conference to dial into a live conference at a scheduled time just by dialing a code. Certainly, a great time-saving feature!

Department Call
This feature allows the caller to make a department call by dialing the department code and get response from one of the department group members. The Eternity allows 16 department groups to be formed and each department is assigned an access code called department code.

Emergency Call Detection and Reporting
Eternity allows you to program the emergency number that can be dialed by any user, irrespective of the trunk access rights assigned to the user. Once the user dials an emergency number. For example “911”, the operator is immediately informed with a continuous ring. The operator with DKP can have the user name, number and the emergency number dialed on the DKP display. This helps the operator to take necessary action.

Field Programmable (Onsite Upgradation)
The hardware and software configuration can be changed on site to adapt to the dynamic field requirement. Capacity port configuration and programming can be managed at the installation site. Programming of the Eternity is possible using a normal phone, a key-phone or a PC, also from a remote location, to save time and cost of providing essential technical support.

Flexible Clock Synchronisation
This feature allows the user to synchronies the system clock of Matrix Eternity with the desired network clock. It is programmable for PRI/E1/T1 port.

Hot Outward Dial
This function is of great use for those stations which make more trunk calls than internal calls. As soon as the station user picks up the receiver, he/she gets access to the desired trunk line, saving time and effort. This function also offers a variant whereby a specified telephone number may be dialed either immediately as the handset is picked up or after a pre-defined delay.

Least Cost Routing
This unique function, designed using structured programming, selects the most cost effective trunk from the allotted trunks to make outgoing calls depending upon the time of call and the destination number, resulting in major savings.
The five options for least cost routing are based on:
1. Time
2. Number
3. Combination of Time and Number
4. Carrier Pre-Selection
5. Service Provider to Service Provider
Even combinations of the above parameters can be defined for least cost routing. For example, you can program the system to select only a particular trunk line for making STD calls and another trunk to make all local calls during day-time, but a different trunk for making local calls during night-time. All this happens automatically! You can even program the system such that for calling any CDMA number across any location in India (local and long distance), only a particular trunk line is used. With Matrix Eternity, you can rest assured that every call being made outside your organisation is always at the least cost!

Matrix Eternity with universal interface options allows you to build a multi-location voice network using single or combination of connectivity media available like VoIP, ISDN, E1, T1 and E&M. Eternity allows you to choose the media for connectivity depending on the location requirement. For example, in a multi-location network some locations can be connected using ISDN, some can be connected using E&M, and some through VoIP (data network) from a central node.

Messages can be announced to a larger number of people just by lifting the phone and dialing a specific code. Mass the communication at its best!

It allows certain calls like call from CEO, call from special or private trunk line, calls on hotline, etc. a higher priority of access over others, such that calls from the senior executives get priority over others while waiting to get connected to a station.

Room Monitor
This feature allows the station user to listen to the sounds in another room where the DKP is installed without letting the people in that room know about it. You can even monitor the room from your mobile. A very powerful security feature!

The Eternity allows you to fix a route for all incoming calls so that they always land on a particular station first; and if they are not answered till a specified number of rings, the call is routed to another station and yet another, until the call is answered. Eternity ensures that all calls get answered.

Security Dialer
Matrix Eternity allows you to connect any type of sensor like glass break sensor, magnetic sensor, smoke detector, etc. to the digital input port. In case of any emergency, the system dials 3 different numbers and plays a pre-recorded message. The called person can also be asked to confirm that the message has been heard by him/her. Even a hooter can be activated.

SMDR Reports (Outgoing, Incoming and Internal)
The Advanced Search Module allows detailed report generation and printing for all outgoing, incoming and internal calls with strong filtering capability and separate buffer capacity for each category - 6000 outgoing, 5000 incoming and 1000 internal calls.

Time Tables
Time tables allow the user to program the system to work differently depending upon the time and day of the week. It allows flexible programming for 3 time zones:
Working hours
Lunch hours
Non-working hours
Each day of the week can be programmed with different time zone limits. Thus long distance dialing access may be denied to certain stations after working hours or trunk calls may directly reach the security office after the office closes, or a specific message may be played on a holiday.

Virtual Users
Matrix Eternity offers the feature of virtual users that allows sharing of a common extension by multiple users with a distinct virtual extension number to each one of them. So, whenever the virtual extension number is dialed, it will reach the actual extension to which it is mapped. A maximum of 640 (less the actual number of extensions used) can be defined as virtual users.

Voice Mail Gateway
Matrix Eternity offers a generalised voice mail gateway such that it can be easily integrated with a voice mail system of any other brand. Handshake compatibility should be verified with the supplier of the voice mail system as it has to operate in a gateway mode.
Voice Prompts for Tones
Matrix Eternity offers this unique feature of guiding the users at various tones. Voice prompts can be recorded for various tones like dial tone, engaged tone, error tone and ring back tone. For example, if a user dials an extension and the extension is busy, a message like “The dialed extension is busy, please dial 2 for auto call back” can be played. An extremely user-friendly feature offering a world of convenience.

Web Based Programming ( Jeeves)
A flexible and user-friendly windows based software, Jeeves helps in programming the system features though a web browser like Internet Explorer. Matrix Eternity incorporates the built-in web server functionality, which in turn allows the user to access Eternity and program it through the web browser. This web based programming feature allows the user to configure Eternity remotely from any part of the world, provided Internet connectivity is extended to Eternity.

The Integrated One
Built to perform, Matrix Eternity is the most integrated solution for all your communication needs. A unique convergence of the latest switching technology with intelligent software programming, it offers a reliable communication set-up for your organisation.

Background Music
The system allows you to use the DKP as well as SLT as a device to play soft background music. This does not hamper the switching functions of the DKP, thus saving the cost incurred for putting up speakers and wiring. Four types of music tones are built into the system, besides the option of using an external music source like CD player, FM radio, etc.

Caller Line Identification (CLI)
Matrix Eternity offers CLI features on both DKP and SLT. It offers the facility to detect CLI on normal telephone lines, ISDN lines, GSM lines and VoIP lines. It can detect both, DTMF and FSK signals for CLI. You can get CLI of external number, internal number and also CLI on transfer of calls. If programmed, even the name of the caller can be displayed on the DKP. The CLI feature can be programmed for each extension individually.

Calling Line Identity Restriction (CLIR)
Matrix Eternity offers the facility of calling line identity restriction. Selected users can deny disclosing their extension identity to others.

Compact and Sturdy Design
Matrix Eternity's compact design leads to smaller foot-print. The wall mountable design is easy to maintain and occupies lesser space. Besides, all the parts have been fixed in specified slots. This ‘no moving parts' design leads to higher reliability.

Dedicated DTMF
Matrix Eternity offers dedicated DTMF circuit for each user making it 100% non-blocking, even while dialing. This is a critical parameter for organisations expecting heavy call traffic. This is what makes Matrix Eternity a truly 100% non-blocking system.

Digital Key Phones
Matrix Eternity models offer Digital Key Phone ports through a 2-wire full-duplex Digital Subscriber Network Interface Circuit. Digital Key Phones connected to these ports can work up to a distance of 4 km. Matrix DKP - Eon42, are supported by Eternity through optional DKP cards.

Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
DISA allows a user to access the system’s resources from a remote location, to make calls to and from any of the stations, activate/deactivate features of any station, and even program or administer the system.

Direct Inward Dialing (Voice Guided)
The built-in auto-attendant or Direct Inward Dialing feature performs the task of an operator by greeting the external caller and transferring call to the desired station. Five callers can be handled simultaneously.

External Music Port
The external music port (AIP) allows an external music source to be connected to Matrix Eternity. Desired music or jingle can be played while a person is kept on hold.

Hot Desking
The Object Oriented Programming done for this function allows the extension user to transfer his extension's features and facilities to another extension with just a command. It is like carrying your extension wherever you go. The DKP user can perform Hot Desking to another DKP user only, but not to any SLT user and vice versa. This feature is programmble extension-wise and can be activated by use of a personal password.

Hotel Motel Features
Matrix Eternity offers comprehensive hotel motel features built into the system. The system also offers integration with Property Management Software (PMS) used in hotels. For further details, please refer to Hotel PBX brochure.

Hybrid (Mix) Ports
Matrix Eternity supports hybrid (mix) port cards for TRK, SLT and DKP interfaces. Eternity allows flexibility in selecting the number of Two Wire Trunks (TRK), Single Line Telephones and DKP in the system as per the need.

Multi-party Conference
Matrix Eternity supports a maximum of 15 (Eternity GE) and 21 (Eternity ME) parties in a single conference without affecting the speech levels.15/21 participants in any combination, e.g. 3 conferences of 5/7 participants each.

Public Address System (PAS)
The Public Address System Port (AOP) allows any station user to make announcements on external speakers.

System Activity Log
Matrix Eternity maintains a complete system activity log. You can find out when a particular extension entered in programming mode, when a particular card was removed from the system or even when a particular port was not detected by the software of the system. A great utility feature for the system engineer!

System Error Log
Eternity possesses a functionality of a watch dog, whereby it maintains a log of all faults occurring in the system. Various fault events like Card Absent, RTC Failure, DS1 Signal Loss, BRI Signal Loss, DKP/SLT absent, etc. are registered in the fault log. On such events, Eternity activates the buzzer. A very helpful feature for the system engineer to identify and correct a fault, and to prevent similar faults in the future.

System Administrator (SA) Mode
System Administrator (SA) mode is one of the different programming modes which Eternity provides for security purpose. SA mode is used to program the features like SMDR generation, Setting Report Filters, Class of Service, Hotel-Motel features, etc. SA mode is password protected to prevent unauthorized access to the system.

Voice Message Applications
Matrix Eternity has built-in voice modules. They can be used for various voice applications like Station Greetings, Reminders, Toll Control, Multiple Trunk Auto Attendant, DID Greetings and Guidance, Security Dialer, Message Wait and Music-on-Hold.

The Innovative One
A system built after intensive R&D efforts, the Matrix Eternity is designed with features catering to the needs of modern businesses. With innovative technology it is designed to increase productivity and convenience. A futuristic system, the Matrix Eternity shall serve you for years to come.

Distributed Processing
Matrix Eternity employs distributed processor architecture with DSP Technology, wherein each card has its own dedicated processor. The Master Processor manages the all slaves. This processor is responsible for local processing of events and commands. This technology enhances speed, reliability and performance of the system.

E&M Connectivity
Eternity with E&M card can support routers, VSAT, voice-data multiplexers, etc. E&M card can also be used to expand the configuration of any existing PBX/KTS system. Eternity supports 2-wire / 4-wire E&M connectivity. It also supports Type IV and Type E&M.

All models of Matrix Eternity are expandable that allow you to keep adding extra cards to increase the number of stations as your organisation grows. The greatest advantage is that the same expansion cards can be used for the both models of Eternity.

GPAX Features
Matrix Eternity supports Group PBX applications. Important features like Flexible Numbering, Station-wise SMDR Reports, Background Music on Station (SLT), Reversal on SLT for connecting PCO on SLT, etc. are available.

GSM Connectivity
Matrix Eternity supports Mobile connectivity through an optional GSM card and each card offers 4 channels (ports) with dedicated SIM on each port. The GSM card supports all four GSM bands, and the band is software selectable. The default band is 900+1800 MHz. Important features like Automatic Number Translation, Network Selection and supplementary services like Call Hold, Call Waiting, Call Swap, Conference and Out Dial are built into the system.

GSM Signal Strength
The Eternity can display the GSM signal strength on the Matrix DKP. The signal strength is displayed in dBm.

High Density Switching
Built on PCM/TDM, non-blocking, digital technology, Matrix Eternity uses 1024 x 1024 digital switching matrixes.

ISDN Connectivity
Eternity allows users to connect ISDN BRI (2B+D) as well as ISDN PRI (23B+D or 30B+D) lines to the system using optional cards. ISDN BRI and ISDN PRI lines can be configured as NT or TE as per application requirement.

ISDN Features
Multi Subscriber Numbers (MSN)
Direct Dial In (DDI)
Calling Line Identification and Presentation (CLIP)
Calling Line Identification Restriction (CLIR)
Connected Line Identification Presentation (COLP)
Connected Line Identification Restriction (COLR)
Malicious Caller Identification (MCID)
Call Offering Services
Call Forward
Busy and No Reply
Call Deflection
Explicit Call Transfer
Call Waiting
Call Hold
Call Completion on Busy Subscriber
Advice on Charge at the end of the call
Advice on Charge during the call

ISDN Phone
Video Phone
Video Conferencing Equipment

Magneto Phone Connectivity
Magneto phones can be connected directly to the Eternity. It can detect incoming call ring and route this call to any digital or analog station. The station can just lift the handset and talk to the calling magneto phone. Similarly, a user can “crank” outgoing calls on a magneto line. The Eternity has built-in circuit and logic to generate ringing voltages to alert the magneto phone at the other end of the line. This interface makes the Eternity a truly timeless switch. It is offered only in Matrix Eternity ME.

Remote Programming
Matrix Eternity can be engineered for change in its programming from a remote location also. This does not even require a PC or any other specialized device at the site.

Subscriber Loop Integrated Circuits (SLIC)
Station port hardware uses DSP based advanced Subscriber Loop Integrated Circuits (SLIC). It offers programmable line parameters.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
The Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is the current semiconductor packaging technology that offers reduction in real estate resulting in less heat generation and low power consumption. This in turn improves reliability.

T1/E1 Connectivity
T1/E1 lines can be connected to Matrix Eternity through an optional DS1 card.

Universal Slots
All the expansion slots of Matrix Eternity are universal in nature. Any card can be inserted in any slot and the system will configure it automatically. This scheme eliminates configuration bottle-necks because any slot can be used for SLT, DKP, Analog Trunk, ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI, GSM, VoIP or any other circuit. Thus allowing flexible configuration.

Upgrading Software
The programming of the software can be conveniently upgraded through a CD. What's more, the software can be upgraded even with a file transferred through mail. A boon for system engineers!

VoIP Connectivity
VoIP Network can be connected to Matrix Eternity through an optional VoIP card. Each VoIP card provides 8 Channels, enables users to call on all 8 channels simultaneously. Eternity is designed to support a maximum of 32 SIP accounts of various ITSPs.

QSIG is an ISDN based protocol used for signaling between two PBX in a private network. It allows transparency of features between two or more PBX of different make. QSIG offers its users the convenience of sharing telecom resources. Thus it is more flexible in converging telecom resources and offers a world of convenience.

Accessories ^ TOP
Matrix Eternity supports Voice Mail System (VMS) through an optional VMS card. An efficient Voice Mail System can work wonders for your organisation’s productivity. The one that can provide efficient call management and accurate messaging, saves precious time of your employees, yet allowing a non-interfering work environment.

Message Wait Indication
Indication can be provided to the extension (both DKP and SLT) user regarding any new message in the mailbox. There are three ways to indicate a new message. (1) Change in dial tone (stuttered dial tone), (2) LED indication on the telephone (both DKP and SLT with message wait LED) and (3) Voice message before dial tone on lifting the handset.

Call Taping
The system utilizes a Customized Information Exchange Protocol wherein, it allows users to record conversations without any indication. Calls made to or received from selected external numbers, can be recorded. This feature is possible both on DKP and SLT. A very helpful feature to record important voice conversations. This feature should be used in accordance with the local laws.

Conversation Recording
The user can ask the VMS to record his conversation in his mailbox. This helps the user to keep record of the points discussed and agreed upon with the opposite party. This feature can be activated both for DKP and SLT extensions. A boon for businesses that work on verbal commitments. This feature should be used in accordance with the local laws.

Live Call Screening
The Customised Information Exchange Protocol allows DKP users to listen to an incoming voice mail message for the first few moments. This feature lets the user determine whether it requires his attention or not, giving him the option to either talk to the caller or store the message in the mailbox.

Voice Mail Features List Auto Attendant
Broadcast Message
Call Taping
Call Transfer Types
Conversation Recording
Customised Mailbox Size
Dial By Name
Distribution Lists
Flexible Graph
General Mailbox
Individual Mailboxes
Information Node

Live Call Screening
Message Forward
Message Nodes
Message Notification
Message Verification
Message Wait Indication
Multiple Mailboxes on a Single Extension
Personalized Greetings
Redirecting Messages
Remote Access
Transfer Nodes
Voice Greetings

‘EON’, the Digital Key Phone, is a versatile, feature-rich, easy to use station. It supports a host of additional features providing the user fast access to the functions of Matrix Eternity at a single touch of a button. Matrix Digital Key Phone (DKP) is available in three models - EON48P, EON48S and EON42S. All models are available in two colour variants - Black and White.


EON48P with DSS16x4
DSS16x4 is an attachment to Eon48S and Eon48P.
It offers 64 Direct Station Selection Keys
EON42S with DSS72
DSS72 is an attachment to Eon42S.
It offers 72 Direct Station Selection Keys
Eon48 Key Features
Full-Duplex Speaker Phone
2x24 and 6x24 LCD with Swivel, Backlite and Contrast Control
Message Wait Lamp
Ringer Lamp
16 Direct Station Keys
17 Touch-Sense Keys for Features
More Direct Station Keys on Optional Attachment (DSS16x4)
Upright and Horizontal Angles
Desk-Top and Wall Mounting

Eon42 Key Features

DSS Keys
The EON offers soft keys (24 in EON42S and 16 in EON48) that can be programmed for each user, to access trunk line, SLT, DKP and even features, at a single touch of the key.

Executive and Operator Functionality
The EON provides user functionality of Operator or Executive by means of dedicated keys to perform specific task by single touch of buttons.

Last Dialed Calls
Last dialed 16 calls can be stored.

Message Paging
User of the EON can page different pre-defined messages, like Meet Me, Congratulations, Meeting Today, etc., to other DKP users. These messages can be programmed by the system engineer.

Missed Calls
Details of last 20 missed calls can be viewed on the LCD of the EON. A useful feature for the user to find details of calls missed.

Tri Colour LEDs for Port Status
Status of other extensions (DKP and SLT) and trunk lines can be displayed on the Digital Key Phone. The status of the user's extension as well as that of other extensions or trunks can be known through the LEDs

PC based Digital Key Phone with two numbers of PC based DSS64

An innovation from Matrix, the EonSoft offers integration of your PC with your PBX. A feature of great utility to those techno-savvy people who have a computer on their desks and do not wish to keep a separate telephone.

Forced Answer
When a called party (on Eon42 and Eon48 or EonSoft) does not respond to continuous ringing, the caller can use this feature to make the destination station’s speaker go Off-Hook, forcing the called party to answer the call.

Help Menu
The EonSoft offers a user-friendly help menu for ease of operation.

Integration with Microsoft Address Book
The EonSoft is integrated with Microsoft address book. This helps the users to directly call the numbers stored in the address book at a mouse click.

Keyboard and Mouse Operation
The EonSoft can be operated both, through keyboard and with mouse.

Shortcut Keys
Shortcut keys can be defined for different functions for their easy usage.

Tool Tips on Mouse Over
Tool tips are displayed on mouse over. These tips can be programmed to help the user to know details about each key. It is also useful in intuitive operation of the EonSoft.

Features available in EonSoft

Automatic Sensing of PC Status
Automatic Sensing of Software Status
Operator Mode (with 148 Keys)
Handset Connectivity
Help Menu

Integration with Microsoft Address Book
Keyboard Macros
Keyboard and Mouse Operation
Programmable Tool Tips
Shortcut Keys
Standard Windows User InterfaceTool Tips on Mouse Over

Product Range - Enterprise PBX ^ TOP
ETERNITY GE3S GSM-ISDN-VoIP PBX expandable up to 60 Ports
ETERNITY GE6S GSM-ISDN-VoIP PBX expandable up to 120 Ports
ETERNITY GE12S GSM-ISDN-VoIP PBX expandable up to 240 Ports
ETERNITY ME10S GSM-ISDN-VoIP PBX expandable up to 324 Ports
ETERNITY ME16S GSM-ISDN-VoIP PBX expandable up to 516 Ports

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Introduction An ISO 9001 Company, Matrix is a leader in the customer premises telecom equipment market. As an innovative, technology driven and customer focused organization, the company is committed to keeping pace with revolutions in the telecom industry. This has resulted in bringing forth of cutting edge products like Digital PBXs, Digital and ISDN Key Phone Systems, GSM FCTs, GSM Gateways, VoIP Products, Voice Messaging Products, Intercom Security Products and PLCC EPAXs. With over 150,000 line units installed and growing by over 1500 line units per day, the installed base of Matrix connects over 15,000,000 calls everyday. Thus, Matrix has gained the trust and admiration of users representing the entire spectrum of industries. No wonder, Matrix has won awards for the Best PBX and Key Phone System Company. R&D All Matrix products are indigenously designed. With around 30% of the total manpower dedicated to development of new products, Matrix R&D is the foundation of its growth and sustenance. Matrix R&D is located at its corporate office and is spread over an area of 15,000 sq. ft. The R&D team designs products conforming to the relevant international standards. Matrix makes considerable investment in R&D tools and equipment to stay abreast of the latest technological advancements. Manufacturing Based at Waghodia, Vadodara in India, the Matrix manufacturing unit is operated by a well qualified and dedicated team of engineers. Spread over an area of 25,000 sq. ft., the structure houses departments like Assembly, Testing, Quality Control, Purchase, Stores, Despatch and Accounts. Matrix has a production capacity of about 10,00,000 ports per annum. The factory also houses a full-fledged technical support center spread over an area of 10,000 sq. ft., manned by well-trained and efficient engineers. The center provides immediate technical assistance to Matrix channel partners and customers in installation, operation and maintenance of the products. Marketing The marketing team at Matrix firmly believes in value-based marketing and strong networking. Matrix markets its products through its distribution network of channel partners. Over 500 channel partners spread across Indian market, sell and support Matrix products. Matrix exports its products to Europe, Middle-East, Africa, South America, North America and Australia. The Matrix marketing team works closely with these channel partners to ensure that the products serve the communication needs of customers faster and longer. A special customer care cell provides prompt assistance to the customers.. >> More

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