How to Start Fishing

Fishing is associated to the moments of peace and tranquility. This is why a lot of people want to start a in sport fishing to live the moments as well. What is common is not knowing where to begin in this activity, what to buy, how much to buy, and what to do with everything. These questions are common among beginners.

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Where To Start

Always a fish and pay. Your first concern should be with security, imagine that you are unfamiliar with the first relief, and resolve to venture by the Pantanal wetlands in a small boat, anything can happen in a lonely place, especially dangerous situations.

For this, and many other reasons, in a fish and pay you will have a chance to develop initially, as someone who imitates who knows how to use all the silverware at a dinner party chic, you can mimic the fishermen more experienced than you.

Looking from the outside it seems that every angler throws his rod any way, the fish is hooked, and soon the lunch for the whole family is guaranteed. But unfortunately, or not, that is not so.

If you really want to get into that branch, you will have to search a lot about fishing.

The most important thing is that this time to be fun and relaxing, or would not have because to do so.

A fish and pay very close to your town is the ideal starting point for this.

How to Equip

Rod, reel, line strength, hook, lures, lead and other accessories.

In the fish and pay, certainly, you will be guided to start with a rod with about 2m of length and reel simple. Thus, the accuracy will be much higher in this phase.

Each type of fish asks for a type of bait, you’ll get used to over time, be calm. Fishermen manufacture their own pasta, or use mortadella or sausage, for example.

Or even tarts, milk powder and condensed milk. Or stale bread, who must sleep closed in a plastic bag.

Past the initial period of treno in fishing, you can venture out and equip yourself with a basic kit, which will cost you about two hundred reais.

List of material for beginners:

– Stick: the stick is to the fish as the surfboard is to a surfer, therefore, should be thought of customized shape, size, weight and other details you can check in the store or with a fish the more experienced.

– Support for the rod: it should have a cylindrical shape and made of pvc, aluminum or steel. After all, it is not possible to hold the stick all the time. Bid and stick to do not get bored.

– Windlass: check those that are light and easy to manus
ear, which have good storage capacity of the line and amount of bearings.

– Fishing lines: there is a multitude, ask for help in the store for what you want, so will start to get used with each type.

– Hook: the most used and recommended is the maruseigo, but can vary according to the type of fish.

– Door hook: is used to keep the hooks well-stretched.

– Lead: also known as the sinker, which is responsible for fixing the baits on the hooks.

– Rotators: ties the line to the windlass, avoiding the twisting of the line.

– Belt loops: also known as snaps, attach the line to the swivel and the sinker.

– Rotor: prevents the twist of the line in the recollection of the fish.

– Elastricot: serves to wind the lures and prevent them from falling down in the pitches.

– Scissors: not going to be missing things to cut, believe me.

– Nail clipper: to cut the surplus of nylon.

– Needle nose pliers: to remove the hook from the fish’s mouth.

– Hat and sunscreen: think of the outfit altogether is important, a vest with pockets makes life really easy. But essential to protect yourself from the ultraviolet rays are these items.

Where Is the Fish?

The first detail that must be learned to sit in front of the lake is: the fish swims in a school. Then you should throw your bait in the direction of the group to increase your chances of hooking a fish of those.

To find this school, look to the lake and see where has the fish looking for the top of the water, or where water moves in a different way.

After you launch, sit and wait.