The Best Baits for Fishing

The good news is that freshwater fish can be fished with natural baits and artificial. To make the best choice, consider the climate, the water conditions and the type of fish you want to catch.

Natural baits

– Pasta: great for tilapia and carp, are made of wheat flour.
– Worms: great for tilapia, lambaris, carp and pacus. The Natural and simple.
– Flies: great for trout. Generally used dried.

Mass for the fisheries in general

Mix four mashed bananas, six paçocas peanut, a sweet potato cooked, two tablespoons of honey, four tablespoons of chocolate powder and an egg.

When you get a mix well deeper start adding wheat flour. The dough is similar to bread dough, and is well-smelling. To roll small balls of one inch, grease the hands with oil.

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Batter for fish and pay

Make a puree with two potatoes and a little milk, grind four paçoquinhas, and put a scoop of feed for the fish. Go adding flour until you reach the consistency that allows you roll the dough. Click here for freshwater fishing baits. It is very efficient to fish tilapia and carp.

Needle iscar

In those moments that we need to use crabs, snails, sausages, and similar products, we also need to hook bait. Every fisherman needs to have.

And you can make with steel wire mesh.

So impromptu, can be done with needle for sewing thick fabrics. Making two cuts into the hole of the needle, and with a penknife tune the tip of the needle.

Artificial lures to fish brazilian

Artificial lures has attractive many interesting, since reflexes, formats, and even output sound.

Type – popper: this bait surface is one of the best to fish traíra.
– Type dewlap: with the lip that helps the arrival of bait on the bottom of the water quickly, this bait is used for fishing up to 8 meters.
– Type bouncy: usually made of lead, that the bait reaches up to 100 feet when thrown from boats stopped. Suitable for bass because of the movement that does.
– Type shrimp: another option for the sea, and reaches up to 30 meters.
– Type mackerel: appropriate for the boat in motion, reaches a depth up to 6 meters. Is confused with smaller fish.
– Type spoon: cause reflections in the water, and reaches 10 meters depth. Attracts traíra, tucunaré and gold.
– The kind with the propeller: that makes a sound as it is collected, because your propeller moves.
– Type sashimi: looks like a fish sliced, reaches one meter and is used for fishing of peacock bass.

Type – john-cucumber: makes the movement of the zigzag as it is collected, and also attracts the peacock bass.
– Plug type: great for traíras, these plastic baits are tough, there are the fishing in the swim, to the surface under the water, moving from one side to the other, and made for the surface.
– Type jigs: great for peacock bass, this type of bait serves for fresh or salt water. For fresh water, is good for places with bushes and stones.
– Type spinner: great for gold and traíras. Serves to the hard places, where the lures snag.
– Type spoons: good for peacock bass. This bait when pulled the balance from one side to the other, and this movement attracts the fish.