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Date Added: 10/10/2009
Last Updated: 10/10/2009
Expiry Date: 10/05/2028

Page Views: 3944
Date Added: 10/10/2009
Last Updated: 10/10/2009
Expiry Date: 10/05/2028
Product/Service Details
In addition to the obvious advantage of mobility, the GSM network also offers significant cost advantage to the subscribers. This motivates organizations to switch to mobile networks. They want to use the GSM networks for making and receiving calls even during office hours from their desks using their existing PBX.

Presenting SIMADO GFX11, a compact and intelligent terminal that satisfies all your voice communication needs using the GSM line. The FXS port of the SIMADO GFX11 can be interfaced to the trunk (CO) port of any PBX. This allows all users of the PBX to make and receive calls through the GSM line.

Let Matrix SIMADO GFX11 be the bridge between your PBX and the GSM networks and add a competitive edge to your business by reducing telephony cost!

Matrix SIMADO GFX11 is a gateway to interface GSM and Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) networks. On the GSM side, it supports quad-band operation allowing it to work with any GSM network. On the POTS side, the FXS port can be connected to any existing PBX.

Incoming calls on the GSM port are routed to the FXS port to reach the operator or any extension of the PBX. For outgoing calls, the PBX users continue dialing the numbers as if dialing on the normal trunk (CO) lines. Thus, the existing PBX users can avail the low tariff of GSM networks by connecting SIMADO GFX11 with the PBX without changing their existing infrastructure. In addition, Matrix SIMADO GFX11 can also be used in a stand-alone mode.

Access to long distance and international dialing can be controlled by programming Allowed and Denied Lists. This logic allows flexibility of allowing access to certain numbers while restricting to all others. Number Translation feature automatically adds area code as prefix to a number before dialing it out on the GSM. Moreover, features like Hotline, Signal Strength Indication and Location Information Indication and Network Selection are also supported.

Matrix SIMADO GFX11 finds its applications in corporate offices, factories, call centers, hotels, residences and other such establishments.

Key Features
3G Network Support
Matrix SIMADO GFX11 3G offers accessibility of 3G networks for Voice communication. It supports Quad-band for 2G Network and Tri-band for WCDMA Network. It supports fallback compatibility and hence offers flexibility to access any available network. Users are always assured for connectivity using the alternate network in case the preferred (3G) network signal is weak or unavailable. With 3G power, an organization experiences Noise-free, Stanch and Crystal Clear Voice Quality, Enhanced Security and Utmost Coverage.

Allowed and Denied Lists
SIMADO GFX11 offers 5 programmable numbers of 16 digits each separately in Allowed and Denied Lists. This is a very useful feature to avoid unnecessary long distance and international calls while allowing calls to only required numbers.

Automatic Number Translation
SIMADO GFX11 modifies the dialed number or part thereof so that it matches with the numbering plan of the destination network. For example, GSM Networks require dialing of complete number including the area code. If a caller has dialed just the local number, the SIMADO GFX11 adds area code as appropriate prefix. Translation table of SIMADO GFX11 offers maximum 8 entries.

Disconnect Signaling on FXS Port
SIMADO GFX11 can send call release signal on its FXS port. This signal is then sensed by PBX or other equipment to release the port when a call is terminated by the caller on the GSM side of the network. This prevents port getting stuck and provides accurate billing.

Call Progress Tones and Rings
Programmable Call Progress Tones like Dial Tone, Ring Back Tone and Busy Tone etc. are offered by SIMADO GFX11. This allows SIMADO GFX11 to match the tones of the country standard, where it is getting installed. Similarly, Ring cadences can also be selected.

Emergency Number Dialing
SIMADO GFX11 allows user to dial emergency numbers for services like Police, Fire Brigade or Ambulance without SIM or without network registration. Maximum 4 emergency numbers of 4 digits can be programmed.

A particular phone number required to be dialed frequently, it can be programmed as a hotline number. Whenever a user reaches SIMADO GFX11, it waits for some time for the user to dial a number of his choice. If user does not dial any number, the SIMADO GFX11 dials out the hotline number automatically.

International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) Number
International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number provided on SIMADO GFX11 GSM engine is a unique 15 digit code to identify an individual GSM port. This number can be used to associate and tie the equipment with a particular GSM network.

LED Indications
Status of the Power, SIM card, Network and FXS port are displayed on the LEDs provided on the product.

Location Information Indication
SIMADO GFX11 gives the information of the location where it is installed. This feature is useful for people on the move e.g. transportation and logistic vehicles.

Multi-Stage Dialing
Useful for the applications where series of digits have to dial before dialing the actual number. For Example, to call using ITC Card. A user has to dial a 14-Digit PIN followed by a number before dialing a destination number can be eliminated by programming it in ANT Table, Calling card password table or Calling card service provider table.

Network Selection
SIMADO GFX11 provides flexibility to user to select the network manually or automatically. SIMADO GFX11 can be programmed to work only with selected networks, preventing it from registering with other costly networks. This is useful when the installation is close to a state or national border where local and foreign GSM networks are simultaneously available but registration must happen only with the desired network. Maximum 4 networks can be programmed.

Service Provider Lock
FCT work only with the specific Service Provider only. The Password is different from SE and SA Password. Very useful feature for Service Providers. Avoid churning.

Short Message Services (SMS)
SIMADO GFX11 can receive SMS. The user can read the received messages on the LCD display of the FSK Compatible Phone. The user is notified about the receipt of a new message in the form of ring signal on the phone.

Signal Strength Indication
SIMADO GFX11 gives the indication of signal strength available for communication. Thus the possibility of network availability can be found. The signal strength indication is shown on the LCD of the telephone instrument supporting FSK CLIP.

SIMADO GFX11 allows user to program 4 digits PIN number (Personal Identification Number) which prevents the SIM against unauthorized use. User has to enter PIN for making any operations. User can change the SIM PIN as and when required. SIM gets blocked if PIN is entered wrongly thrice in a row.

PUK (Personal Unlock Key) number provided by service provider can be entered in SIMADO GFX11. It is an 8-digit number which is assigned to the SIM card. The SIM PUK is required to unlock the SIM which gets blocked on entering SIM PIN wrongly thrice in a row.


SIMADO GFX11 in Stand-alone Mode

Important Application Areas

Service Providers
GSM operators can increase their revenue by replacing existing analog lines with SIMADO GFX11 and offer customers to switch to their GSM/3G network.

SIMADO GFX11 helps in reducing company's telecommunication cost up to 30%. By connecting Simado to the existing PBX, all calls made to the mobile phones will be routed through SIMADO GFX11.

Payphones (PCO)
SIMADO GFX11 can be connected to a payphone thus allowing it to be used anywhere within GSM coverage area. It provides Battery Polarity Reversal on its FXS port to activate the payphone metering mechanism.

Emergency Applications
SIMADO GFX11 supports programming of a help-line or emergency number as a Hotline number. Hence, during any emergency situation the caller can dial the emergency number just by lifting the handset. Simado has important usage at places like National Highways, Hospitals, Railways, Airports, etc., which are prone to high-emergency occurrence.

Features List

Software features Hardware Features
3G Network Support
Answer Signaling on FXS Port
Allowed and Denied Lists
Automatic Number Translation
Call Divert
Call Duration Display
Call Progress Tones and Rings
Calling Line Identification and Presentation (CLIP)
Calling Line Identity Restriction (CLIR)
Disconnect Signaling on FXS Port
Emergency Number Dialing
IMEI Number
LED Indications
Location Information Indication
Network Selection
Programming through the FXS port
Signal Strength Indication
SMS (Receive and Delete)
System Password
Compact and Sturdy Design
LED Indications
Quad-band Operation
SMT Technology
Wall and Table-top Mounting

GSM Product Range
Simado GDT11
GSM FCT for Data Applications with 1 GSM Port and 1 RS232C Port

GSM FCT for Voice Applications with 1 GSM Port and 1 FXS Port

GSM FCT for Voice Applications with 1 GSM Port and 1 FXS Port with 3G Support

GSM FCT Router for Voice and Data Applications with 1 GSM Port, 1 FXO Port 1 FXS Port and 1 RS232C Port

GSM-FXS Gateway with 4 GSM Ports and 4 FXS Ports

GSM-FXS Gateway with 4 GSM Ports and 4 FXS Ports with 3G Support

GSM-FXO-FXS Gateway with 8 GSM Ports, 8 FXO Ports and 8 FXS Ports

SIMADO GBR21 GSM-ISDN BRI Gateway with 2 GSM Ports and 1 ISDN BRI Port
SIMADO GBR21 3G GSM-ISDN BRI Gateway with 2 GSM Ports and 1 ISDN BRI Port with 3G Support
SIMADO GBR42 GSM-ISDN BRI Gateway with 4 GSM Ports and 2 ISDN BRI Ports
SIMADO GBR42 3G GSM-ISDN BRI Gateway with 4 GSM Ports and 2 ISDN BRI Ports with 3G Support

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Company Profile:
Introduction An ISO 9001 Company, Matrix is a leader in the customer premises telecom equipment market. As an innovative, technology driven and customer focused organization, the company is committed to keeping pace with revolutions in the telecom industry. This has resulted in bringing forth of cutting edge products like Digital PBXs, Digital and ISDN Key Phone Systems, GSM FCTs, GSM Gateways, VoIP Products, Voice Messaging Products, Intercom Security Products and PLCC EPAXs. With over 150,000 line units installed and growing by over 1500 line units per day, the installed base of Matrix connects over 15,000,000 calls everyday. Thus, Matrix has gained the trust and admiration of users representing the entire spectrum of industries. No wonder, Matrix has won awards for the Best PBX and Key Phone System Company. R&D All Matrix products are indigenously designed. With around 30% of the total manpower dedicated to development of new products, Matrix R&D is the foundation of its growth and sustenance. Matrix R&D is located at its corporate office and is spread over an area of 15,000 sq. ft. The R&D team designs products conforming to the relevant international standards. Matrix makes considerable investment in R&D tools and equipment to stay abreast of the latest technological advancements. Manufacturing Based at Waghodia, Vadodara in India, the Matrix manufacturing unit is operated by a well qualified and dedicated team of engineers. Spread over an area of 25,000 sq. ft., the structure houses departments like Assembly, Testing, Quality Control, Purchase, Stores, Despatch and Accounts. Matrix has a production capacity of about 10,00,000 ports per annum. The factory also houses a full-fledged technical support center spread over an area of 10,000 sq. ft., manned by well-trained and efficient engineers. The center provides immediate technical assistance to Matrix channel partners and customers in installation, operation and maintenance of the products. Marketing The marketing team at Matrix firmly believes in value-based marketing and strong networking. Matrix markets its products through its distribution network of channel partners. Over 500 channel partners spread across Indian market, sell and support Matrix products. Matrix exports its products to Europe, Middle-East, Africa, South America, North America and Australia. The Matrix marketing team works closely with these channel partners to ensure that the products serve the communication needs of customers faster and longer. A special customer care cell provides prompt assistance to the customers.. >> More

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