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Organic Dried Mulberries, Apricots, Raisins, Figs
WHITE MULBERRIES Moisture : % 2 - 3 Color : White Taste : Crunchy, sweet Organic & Conventional Bulk : 4 x 2.5 kg semi vacuumed bags in cartons Retail : 283 g / 10 Oz Standup Doypacks : 130 g / 5 Oz Standup Doypac.. >>

Supplier: Yaban Food Ltd.

Turkey 08/26/2016 2775 Offline Contact Now

Cheshire Fish Bar
Cheshire Fish Bar is situated on the High Street in Winsford and delivers fast food directly to your door when ordered online. Cheshire Fish Bar provides you with a selection of Kebabs, Burgers, Southern Fried Chicken, Fish and Chips plus more. This .. >>

Supplier: Cheshire Fish Bar

United Kingdom 06/05/2016 2629 Offline Contact Now

Treeline Catering
For special events, call for the top Ontario firm Treeline Events Catering. Serving for Toronto, Mississauga and all surrounding areas. >>

Supplier: Treeline Catering

Canada 05/20/2016 2466 Offline Contact Now

Extra virgin olive oil, Sunflower oil, Olives
Glass Bottle Metal boxes Plastic boxes Unpacked olive oil in 100 ml 250 ml 500 ml 750 ml 1 lt 100 ml 250 ml 500 ml 750 ml 1 lt 3 lt 5 lt 1 lt 2 lt 3 lt 5 lt 10 lt Inox tanks Flexi tanks containers Ship tankers Pallet tanks of one ton Barrels >>

Supplier: JCW

Greece 03/03/2016 3345 Offline Contact Now

OKC Restaurant Service
Are in need of your restaurant equipment serviced? Is your equipment breaking down at the worst times? Does your current service provider meet all of your service needs or are you having trouble finding an excellent restaurant equipment service compa.. >>

Supplier: OKC Restaurant Service

United States 01/12/2016 2872 Offline Contact Now

naturally sun dried Hippocampus ( seahorse)
naturally sun dried,none sprayed and with now smell dried seahorse ready for sale.we have three species being "Hippocampus reidi (Longsnout seahorse),Hippocampus erectus(Lined seahorse),Hippocampus algiricus (West African seahorse) Our offers are CIT.. >>

Supplier: Mccathy Welbecc

Cameroon 12/18/2012 3401 Offline Contact Now

naturally sun dried fish maw
we have dried fish maw in stock. very for soup and other dishes. Our stock is big and customers are welcome. samples also available. delivery to asia is possible by courier >>

Supplier: Mccathy Welbecc

Cameroon 12/18/2012 3265 Offline Contact Now

Starch hydrocyclone washing machine
Starch hydrocyclone washing machine 1. Features: The cyclones produced by our company are mainly for solid-liquid continuous separation, concentration, and clarify and washing of suspension, with a compact structure, high accuracy separation and goo.. >>

Supplier: Anhui Hausen Food Machinery Co., Ltd

China 12/05/2012 3822 Offline Contact Now

Smiling Pizza
Smiling Pizza serves up delicious Italian food, pasta, and of course, pizza in the heart of Brooklyn's Park Slope! >>

Supplier: Smiling Pizza

United States 11/01/2012 3233 Offline Contact Now

Raisins, Raisin paste
Raisins must be the most sold dried fruit on shelves on retail stores and most used ingredient of bakery. They are the most popular fruit of Fruit cakes, Fruit bread, Breakfeast cereals, Muesli, Fruit bars, Fruit logs, Chocolate coated fruits. Ra.. >>

Supplier: izmir fig packers ltd

Turkey 10/25/2012 3194 Offline Contact Now

Figs for Christmas trade
Dried figs are one of the biggest seller of Chritmas Trade, the world over. About 30.000 tons of Turkish figs will be consumed during Christmas this season. We look forward to your enquiries to offer . As we have been processing and exporting dri.. >>

Supplier: izmir fig packers ltd

Turkey 10/25/2012 3000 Offline Contact Now

Natural snacks (DRIED FIGS, RAISINS)
Dried fruits as “snack” have never been as popular as they are today. People are discovering the health adventages of, specially, DRIED FIGS and RAISINS, as they are zero fat containing among all food eaten as snack, but very much help children fo.. >>

Supplier: izmir fig packers ltd

Turkey 10/25/2012 3599 Offline Contact Now

Health foods (DRIED FIGS, RAISINS)
Dried figs and Raisins are among the most healthy foods to be consumed, by all age groups. Very high calcium content of figs make it essential for children, for healty bone and teeth formation. Calcium is also the main mineral needed to regulate he.. >>

Supplier: izmir fig packers ltd

Turkey 10/25/2012 3769 Offline Contact Now

CUBED FIGS and ofcourse RAISINS, continue to be the largest used cake mixes for almost all types of cakes and pastries. Neither cubed figs, nor raisins need refrigerated storage, neither in storage of the dealer, nor at home. Their shelf life is u.. >>

Supplier: izmir fig packers ltd

Turkey 10/25/2012 2849 Offline Contact Now

Apple Cider Vinegar
Health Benefits of Doctors Apple Cider Vinegar Apple cider vinegar has long been used as a health aid for weight loss and circulatory health. It is a very safe supplement, even for children. There are no known side effects resulting from using it. .. >>

Supplier: Brand Distributors

Pakistan 09/24/2012 2485 Offline Contact Now

Italian Restaurant Chelsea
Zero Otto Nove offers a full menu of Italian options along with a signature selection of pizzas that include a pie with butternut squash puree, smoked mozzarella, pancetta and basil. >>

Supplier: Zero Otto Nove

United States 09/22/2012 2495 Offline Contact Now

Vietnamese food NYC,Pho restaurant NYC,Vietnamese
New York's Vietnamese restaurant,Bao Noodles,is a neighborhood and city favorite.We take pride in cooking exquisite Vietnamese food.Come and sample our Banh Mi,Lollipop Chicken,and S&P Squid. >>

Supplier: Bao Noodles

United States 09/07/2012 2594 Offline Contact Now

MettaMeals.com Plant-Based Diet Meal Planning App
From the owner: “Providing the best service in the area, Drop Off or Pick Up service available so you can go by your daily activities, we take the utmost care to your vehicle, like us on Facebook for specials!” >>

Supplier: MettaMeals.com Plant-Based Diet Meal Planning App

Canada 09/07/2012 2056 Offline Contact Now

Vincenzo's Grill
Upscale Italian & International cuisine. Handcrafted pastas, fresh seafood & steaks. Located inside the St Pete Marriott Clearwater. Perfect for business dining, mixers & events. Daily Happy Hour >>

Supplier: Vincenzo's Grill

United States 08/30/2012 2097 Offline Contact Now

India Cafe
India Cafe is one of the Best Indian Restaurant in Minneapolis, MN. India Cafe was established in 2008 with a passion to serve the original Indian flavor and provide our guests with the real authentic experience. Some of our guests commented “This is.. >>

Supplier: India Cafe

United States 08/26/2012 2305 Offline Contact Now

Cafe Formaggio
For the best Italian restaurants in Long Island, come to Cafe Formaggio. This gourmet Italian restaurant in Carle Place NY offers catering and party venues, as well as a gluten free menu and wine events every Monday and Tuesday night! >>

Supplier: Cafe Formaggio

United States 08/25/2012 2392 Offline Contact Now

Bakery ingredients (DRIED FIGS and RAISINS)
Sir, Due very pleasant taste, very high nutritive value (figs have more calcium than even milk, raisins have the highest iron content among dried fruits) and competitive prices, we have been supplying Bakeries since 1923, with figs and raisins. CUBE.. >>

Supplier: izmir fig packers ltd

Turkey 08/08/2012 3294 Offline Contact Now

fucoxanthin Kelp Extract Fucoxanthin
fucoxanthin Kelp Extract,Fucoxanthin, Kelp P.E. kelp powder kelp extract, kelp extract powder, Type: Herbal Extract Variety: Kelp Extract Fucoxanthin Form: Powder Part: Bark Extraction Type: Liquid-Solid Extraction Packaging: Can, Drum, P.. >>

Supplier: CF Operations

China 08/08/2012 2582 Offline Contact Now

Dietary Fiber kelp
【Plant Source】kelp 【Main Ingredient】Kelp fiber 【Appearance】Light brown powder 【Function】The product can clean cell walls and improve digestion function, can dilute and accelerate the carcinog.. >>

Supplier: CF Operations

China 08/08/2012 2421 Offline Contact Now

Herb 'N Flavors | Organic Restaurant
Herb 'n Flavors specializes in organic and local foods, featuring products from Arizona farmers' markets. >>

Supplier: Herb 'N Flavors | Organic Restaurant

United States 07/30/2012 2464 Offline Contact Now

The Good Egg
We create a delicious Phoenix breakfast and Phoenix lunch using the best ingredients. Choose The Good Egg breakfast restaurants in Phoenix for delicious breakfast in Phoenix AZ or lunch in Phoenix AZ. >>

Supplier: The Good Egg

United States 07/15/2012 2498 Offline Contact Now

Allsvelte Organic Hot Chocolate
Allsvelte Organic Hot Chocolate Australian Certified Organic Professional Slimming hot chocolate powder Allsvelte Pty Ltd. Allsvelte Organic Hot ChocolateAustralian Certified Organic Slimming Hot Chocolate by Allsvelte Pty Ltd Allsvelte Ho.. >>


Australia 07/12/2012 2379 Offline Contact Now

Allsvelte Tea-Certified Organic, fat burner produc
Allsvelte Super Tea, fat burner Original by Allsvelte Pty Ltd Certified Organic Ecocert Allsvelte original Australian Prod Allsvelte Tea-Certified Organic, fat burner product Original by Allsvelte Pty Ltd, Australia 1) Effect: It is formu.. >>


Australia 07/12/2012 2170 Offline Contact Now

Acai Magic Berries, hot selling acai berry product
Acai Magic Berries 270gram Tub, hot selling acai berry product Acai Magic Berries Pure Freize Dried Powder 270gram Tub Acai Magic Berries 270gram Tub, hot selling acai berry product 100% Certified Organic Freize Dried Acai Berry 270gram Tub .. >>


Australia 07/12/2012 2397 Offline Contact Now

Wholesale Acai Berry slimming capsule
Wholesale Acai Berry slimming capsule 100% Original slimming capsule No diet, burning fat 650mg*30capsule SUMABE ACAI BERRY FOR SLIMMERS GELCAPS Acai Berry The under estimated quiet achiever, and recently discovered Acai Berry with its extre.. >>


Australia 07/12/2012 2543 Offline Contact Now

Hot Chocolate for slimmers,slender hot chocolate
Hot Chocolate for slimmers by Sumabe, slender hot chocolate To assist in healthy weight loss Certified Organic No rebound Effecive diet hot chocolate-Certified Organic Hot Chocolate by Sumabe To take as traditional hot chocolate Hot Chocol.. >>


Australia 07/12/2012 2186 Offline Contact Now

Fat loss diet coffee, Sumabe Acai Berry Coffee
Fat loss diet coffee, Sumabe Acai Berry Coffee Certified Organic in Australia Natrual weight loss&beautify Enhance metabolism Fat loss diet coffee, Sumabe Acai Berry Coffee Natural Diet Food, Certified Organic in Australia 1)The perfect re.. >>


Australia 07/12/2012 2347 Offline Contact Now

Health slimming Green Tea, Certified Organic Green
Fat Burning Green Coffee for slimmers, Certified Organic Coffee 30 sachets per box Natural herbal & safe weight loss Fat Burning Green Coffee for slimmers, Certified Organic Coffee By Sumabe in Australia Green Tea for Slimmers - Designed to.. >>


Australia 07/12/2012 2310 Offline Contact Now

Maca Powder Raw - Maca Gelatinizada - Yacon Powder
Maca Powder Raw - Maca Gelatinizada - Yacon Powder Raw - Mesquite Powder Raw - Sacha Inchi Powder - Goldenberries Dried - Camu Camu Powder Raw >>


Peru 06/01/2012 3690 Offline Contact Now

Dried figs, Cubed figs, Fig paste
Turkish DRIED FIGS (whole, cubed, paste) and RAISINS (whole, paste) since 1923, both for retail trade and for industry (ingredients for bakery, biscuit , fruit bars, breakfeast cereal , muesli, chocolate coating, ice cream, meat sauce and tabacco cur.. >>

Supplier: izmir fig packers ltd

Turkey 06/11/2012 2576 Offline Contact Now

Quality Bird’s Nest for sale
We supply high quality bird’s nest from Cameroon Type 1: Whole nest -- $175/50gram (picture 2) Type 2: Broken pieces -- $165/50gram (picture 3) Type 3: Cake -- $155/50gram (picture 4) Minimum order quantity is 50gram. Shipping available worldwide. 5%.. >>

Supplier: Rebeccacookebirdsnest

Cameroon 05/15/2012 2739 Offline Contact Now

Mr. Fed's | Food Truck Catering
Orlando BBQ! Looking for BBQ Catering Menu? Well you found it right here! Mr. Fed's mobile food truck! Many desiring corportate catering, wedding catering, breakfast catering even bbq catering trust Orlando's best food truck catering provider- Mr Fe.. >>

Supplier: Mr. Fed's | Food Truck Catering

United States 05/05/2012 2860 Offline Contact Now

Kitchen Kneads
Kitchen Kneads has been in family-owned business for over 30 years we have plenty of experience in using the items we sell. Not only do we sell the products but we have regular classes demonstrating our product, cooking, baking, and health informatio.. >>

Supplier: Kitchen Kneads

United States 05/03/2012 2248 Offline Contact Now

Chaga Extract powder (Siberian)
Dry water-soluble Siberian Chaga Extract - a natural antioxidant, is effective in the prevention of oncological diseases and diseases gastrointestinal tract >>

Supplier: ECO-SIBERIA, Ltd

Russia 04/09/2012 2536 Offline Contact Now

Fir essential oil (Siberian)
Fir Needle essential oil is steam distilled from the needles of the Siberian Fir trees. >>

Supplier: ECO-SIBERIA, Ltd

Russia 04/09/2012 2386 Offline Contact Now

Sea Buckthorn oil (Siberian)
Fatty oil obtained from fruits and seeds of sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) >>

Supplier: ECO-SIBERIA, Ltd

Russia 04/09/2012 2126 Offline Contact Now

Siberian Pine nut oil
Pine nut oil is obtained from purified pine nut kernel method cold-pressed, which allows you to keep useful properties of all its components. 100% Siberian pine nut oil "ECO-SIBERIA" (cold pressed). Premium quality. >>

Supplier: ECO-SIBERIA, Ltd

Russia 04/09/2012 2584 Offline Contact Now

Harter House
Harter House goal has been to provide customers with the best shopping experience they can have. >>

Supplier: Harter House

United States 02/28/2012 2439 Offline Contact Now

NP Nutra, a leading wholesale manufacturer of dietary supplement and functional foods ingredients, has announced the launch of a brand new product, Nutragrass™. Nutragrass™ is a premium Green product concentrated from the juice of freshly harvested.. >>

Supplier: NP Nutra

United States 02/18/2012 2332 Offline Contact Now

寡醣 冬蟲夏草
生命糧的機能性「寡醣」於自己體內養菌絕對勝於吃外來菌種的「益生&#.. >>


Taiwan 02/13/2012 2534 Offline Contact Now

2-deoxy-d-glucose (2DG)
1. anti cancer - several US companies are undergoing clinical trials with 2DG for treating cancer. 2. weight loss - its unique property makes it an ideal weight loss management product. 3. Anti - aging - Scientific American once had a long article ab.. >>

Supplier: Maysan Industrial Limited

China 01/31/2012 3083 Offline Contact Now

authentic Herbal Jelly( WuZhou)
1)Features The product is a kind of healthy,low-fat food,it is black in appearance,containing many types of protein and rich minerals,without antiseptic,pigment and additive. 2)Brand Name:Double Coins 3)Net weight:250g*24cans per carton >>

Supplier: HeYuan Chan Kee Foods Co.,Ltd

China 12/26/2012 4076 Offline Contact Now

Kaz Sushi Bistro
Kaz Sushi Bistro is one of the most reputed Japanese restaurants in the Washington DC. This restaurant has been considered by most of the food communities due to it's most famous and widely used seasoning techniques. Kaz Sushi Bistro is known for its.. >>

Supplier: Kaz Sushi Bistro

United States 12/16/2011 2331 Offline Contact Now

La Casa Di Lucia
Italian food full service menu, casual dining. >>

Supplier: La Casa Di Lucia

United States 12/09/2011 2317 Offline Contact Now

D' Yogurt
Self serve frozen yogurt shop >>

Supplier: D' Yogurt

United States 12/07/2011 2572 Offline Contact Now

La Cantina Italian Restaurant
Authentic Italian Restaurant serving quality pasta, pizza and delicious sit down entries! Unique Dinning, entertainment with bar and pub. La Cantina Italian Restaurant, 4312 New Holland Road, Knauers,PA,19540,USA, Phone: (610) 777-5646, Fax: (610).. >>

Supplier: La Cantina Italian Restaurant

United States 12/03/2011 2790 Offline Contact Now

Nutrishop Nashville
Locally owned & operated health and wellness store, Nutrishop Nashville provides the top nutrition and dieting products, including vitamins, supplements, and weight loss - customized to fit your personal goals. Hour of Operation are Monday-Friday fro.. >>

Supplier: Nutrishop Nashville

United States 11/29/2011 3530 Offline Contact Now

Cocoa Mix Powder Drinks
We're producing instant powder drink with cocoa flavoured, named AllTime. And we need to find new partners who are interested in expand this product. Alltime is sugar free and we add honey for more healthy in consume. >>

Supplier: Thai Foods Product International Co., Ltd

Thailand 11/25/2011 2591 Offline Contact Now

Dietary Supplement for diabetic person
Now we are manufacturing dietary supplement, Pro-N which contains many natural components (Pineapple, Orange, Carrot, Lime etc.). This product used freezed-drying technology, no cholesterol, no additives but abundant with 100% natural nutrition. And .. >>

Supplier: Thai Foods Product International Co., Ltd

Thailand 11/25/2011 2240 Offline Contact Now

Taste of Philly
Authentic philly cheesteaks, hoagies and grinders. Dine in, take out and delivery available. Main Keyword: sub sandwich,grinder,hoagie,tastycake,philly cheesteak,dine in and delivery,catering,specials,lunch,dinner >>

Supplier: Taste of Philly

United States 11/19/2011 2266 Offline Contact Now

Red bull hats New era 59fifty Stretch Fitted hats
http://www.hats-jerseys.com/ is a online store,Wholesale New Era Hats,Red Bull Hats,Monster Energy Hats,Rockstar Energy Hats,DC Shoes Hats,Tapout Hats,the Hundreds Hats,Gucci New Era Hats,59fifty baseball,NFL hats,NHL Hatsetc. MLB Jerseys,NFL Jerseys.. >>

Supplier: hats-jerseys

China 11/18/2011 2675 Offline Contact Now

Bee Pollen
Mixed Bee Pollen Description Bee pollen is the male part of the plant that must be joined with the female element for reproduction. Every small speck of pollen has all the ingredients to reproduce life. That means it has all the vitamins, minerals, e.. >>

Supplier: Wuhu Deli Foods Co.,Ltd

China 11/02/2011 2623 Offline Contact Now

Royal Jelly Powder
Royal Jelly Powder The royal Jelly is the pharyngeal gland secretion of young worker bee which is the food for the young queen bee. Royal jelly contains high protein,Vitamin B and acetylcholine,ect. Efficacy Improve nutrition The royal jelly c.. >>

Supplier: Wuhu Deli Foods Co.,Ltd

China 11/02/2011 3110 Offline Contact Now

Propolis Powder
poudre de propolis(propolis powder) Description Active content:50%-90% Flavone content:>6% Lead content:5ppm max Propolis is a resinous mixture that honey bees collect from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources. It is used as a seala.. >>

Supplier: Wuhu Deli Foods Co.,Ltd

China 11/02/2011 3756 Offline Contact Now

Propolis Liquid
propolis liquid Description Propolis is a resinous mixture that honey bees collect from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources. It is used as a sealant for unwanted open spaces in the hive. Propolis is a gelatinous substance processed by b.. >>

Supplier: Wuhu Deli Foods Co.,Ltd

China 11/02/2011 3601 Offline Contact Now

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