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Hotel PBX
Page Views: 4164
Date Added: 10/10/2009
Last Updated: 10/10/2009
Expiry Date: 10/05/2028

Hotel PBX
Page Views: 4164
Date Added: 10/10/2009
Last Updated: 10/10/2009
Expiry Date: 10/05/2028
Product/Service Details
The Telecom Gateway for Professional Hotels

Prompt and efficient service is the key area of Hospitality Business. It is the Quality of Service that builds the reputation of Hotels and will create a loyal customer base. Amongst various services offered, communication is of prime importance and is the life line of Hospitality Industry. An effective communication system reflects the professional competence of the Hotel.

The Hospitality business today has evolved to a stage where they are expected to offer host of services that to 24X7. It is must to have efficient Hotel Staff to provide efficient customer service.

Presenting Matrix Eternity, The Hospitality Management PBX that not just plays a role of a communication system, but also actively contributes in the functioning of the Hotel thereby increase the productivity of its staff. With features that facilitate you to serve your guest more efficiently without any human error, Matrix Eternity truly is a boon to hoteliers.

With integrated Hotel installation wizard, web based front desk management, and call detail report feature of Matrix Eternity offers convenience and leads to saving on additional PMS/CAS software cost.

With such value added, utilitarian feature, Matrix Eternity is a ideal for all modern, customer focused hotels. Because only when you attend the rings of the guests efficiently, will the cash register rings!

Key Features ^ TOP
Wake-up Call and Status
Wake-up calls for any room can be set by the front desk or by the guests from their room phones as per requirement. It can be personalized or automated, once or daily. At a time, Eternity can register as many as 960 requests set by guests and the Operator. At the set time, guest will receive a call and on lifting the handset can get a pre-recorded message like “Good Morning, This is a wake-up call”. An option of 'snooze' is also available. If the Guest does not answer the calls after multiple attempts then the operator phone displays the number of the room phone with the message “No Reply” so that necessary action can be taken. An operator can find out status of pending Wake-up calls with single click. A very user friendly and convenience enhancing feature for hospitality industry.

Built-in Flexible Call Cost Calculation
The structure of the call charges for the calls made by the guests in the hotel can be decided. Options of fixed service charge, unit wise service charge, percentage wise service charge etc. are available. Special charges can be defined for special days like New Year, holidays etc. Moreover, Call rates depending on the time zone can also be defined.

Call Detail Report (Outgoing, Incoming and Internal)
The Advanced Search Module allows detailed reports for each outgoing, incoming and internal calls, can be generated and printed for better analysis. Filters for selecting what calls to be stored and filters for different types of analysis are available in Matrix Eternity. A buffer capacity of 12,000 calls is available for outgoing, incoming and internal calls in total.

Pre-paid Call Limit
Specified budget for calls can be allocated to the room when guest checks in. This helps in monitoring and keeping the guest informed about the total amount he has spent on telephone calls. Once this budget is exhausted, if programmed, the dialing facility gets blocked automatically. Now the guest can be informed about this and if required money can be collected and dialing facility can be activated. A useful feature to avoid those embarrassing moments for the guests who over spend on telephone calls.

Check-in/Check-Out with Unique Guest Number
On giving the Check-In command, a new guest account is opened and dialing facility is enabled for the room along with other related status changes. At the same time a unique guest number is generated. Now when the check-out command is given, call details of the room is printed, dialing facility is locked along with other related status changes. The guest number generated is unique which cannot be destroyed. A feature that ensures the hotel staff cannot manipulate for their personal use.

Call Privilege
It facilitates Hotels to set the calling perivileges i.e. allow or restrict long-distance national, international, and local calls on a guest-by-guest basis. With this feature, the operator can set Calling permission for each phone.

Call Block
For Hotels who wants to provide complete privacy to guests, Matrix Eternity offers the call block feature with which hotels can block room to room calls completely or block room to room calls during certain hours in a day e.g. during night time. However, internal calls from guest room to administration phones and to the guest rooms with the same guest group are allowed.

Emergency Call Detection and Reporting
Any emergency number like 100, 101, 911 etc. can be dialed from any extension even without accessing the trunk line or having dialing facility. This critical information about which extension has dialed the emergency number is immediately given to the operator with continuous ring. The operator with DKP can have display of the user name, number and the emergency number dialed. In such cases appropriate action can be taken by the hotel management.

Background Music
It allows you to connect an external music source like CD Player, FM radio etc. to play music or jingle while a person is kept on hold. Moreover, the guest can use the DKP or normal speaker phone as a device to play soft background music. Hence, it will save on cost incurred for putting up speakers and make wiring in each room. In case incoming call received while a user listening to the music, it changes it to ring back tone.

Fire/Smoke Sensor Port with Security Dialer
It allows you to connect any type of sensor like glass break sensor, fire/smoke detector etc. to the digital input port. In case of sensor getting activated, immediately emergency calls can be made to three different numbers say fire station, police station and mobile number of the hotel owner. An appropriate pre-recorded voice message can be given to these called parties. Moreover, a hooter can be activated in such emergencies.

Floor Service Destination(s)
In a multi-storey hotel, each floor will have separate service sections. But still as required by hotels a common access code for these service sections is possible. Say room service access code is 7. If guest on the first floor dials 7, he gets connected to room service on the first floor. Similarly if the guest on the third floor dials 7, he gets connected to the room service on the third floor.

Matrix Eternity Offers this feature to monitor the presence of guests for the purpose of prompt non-intrusive yet efficient guest service. For instance, whenever guests leave their rooms or the hotel for some time, the operator can inform housekeeping to clean the room, replace consumables, replenish the mini-bar and so forth. With the Guest-out command from the operator will restrict calling permission to internal calls only. This helps to avoid misuse of Telephone from the room by service personnel.

Room Clean Status/House Keepin
The room clean status options offered by the system are
I. Dirty: On every guest check-out, the system automatically changes the clean status of the room to “Dirty”. The Operator sends the Maid to tidy the room.
II. Maid in Room: Maid enters in the room and either calls to operator or Dial a code to inform Operator to change the status of the room to “Maid in Room”.
III. To be inspected: Hotel has the practice of having rooms inspected before certifying them as clean. Maid cleans the room then either calls to operator or dial a code to inform Operator to change the status of the room to “To be inspected” and leaves the room
IV. Clean: The Supervisory Staff inspect the room and either calls to operator or Dial a code to inform Operator to change the status of the room to “Clean”
V. Out of Service: The Maid has found that an appliance or fixture in the room is not working or needs repair then she either calls to operator or dial a code to inform Operator to change the status of the room to “Out of Service”

ISDN Switching Platform
Matrix Eternity uses an ISDN switching platform. Optional cards are offered for ISDN BRI (S/T – 2B+D) interface and PRI (23B+D or 30B+D) interface. Even SLT (Analog phone) user can make and receive calls on ISDN lines.

Front Desk Wizard
The functions of independent Property Management and Call Accounting software can be performed by Matrix Eternity with the help of Front Desk Wizard and numerous call management features. These feature normally warrant either additional investment or not available in most other brands. With integrated Web-based Front Desk Management Matrix Eternity is a complete solution for any hotel. Simply a Comprehensive solution!

Front Desk Management
Matrix Eternity supports web based Front Desk Management with which the following guest management functions can be performed
Check-In/Check-Out the guest
Set/Cancel Wake-Up calls for the guest
Set/Cancel Call Block to restrict/allow room-to-room calls
Set/Cancel Call forward for the guest
Set/Cancel Do Not Disturb(DND) for the guest
Set/Cancel Message Wait for the guest
Guest-In/Guest-Out - Change Guest Presence
Print Hotel Reports (Reports of Wake-Up Calls, Reminders, Room Occupancy and Clean Status)
Print Hotel-Motel Activity Logs like Date and Time when Alarm is Set/Served/Cancelled, Guest Check-in, Guest Check-Out etc.
Reprint Check-Out Reports
Shift Guests from one room to another
Reserve rooms for the guests
Hotel Installation Wizard
An integrated wizard to speed up the installation process of Eternity in Hotel Profile. It helps in quick configuration of Hotel Name, Number of Rooms, Type of Rooms, Hotel Access Codes and many more.

Hotel Installation Wizard
An integrated wizard to speed up the installation process of Eternity in Hotel Profile. It helps in quick configuration of Hotel Name, Number of Rooms, Type of Rooms, Hotel Access Codes and many more.

Least Cost Routing
This unique feature, designed using structured programming, selects the most cost effective trunk from the allotted trunks to make outgoing calls depending upon the time of call and the destination number, resulting in major savings.

PMS Interface
In case a hotel is to use a third party Property Management System (PMS) to manage other functions such as accounting, guest status, room status, billing etc. Matrix Eternity also offers PMS interface which supports full duplex communication over RS232C Port. Matrix Eternity accepts commands such as Check-in/Check-out, Guest-in/Guest-out, Remote Alarms, Guest Name, Do Not Disturb, Message Wait, Alarm Status, Room Shift etc. from the PMS software. Matrix Eternity can send command such as SMDR for Outgoing calls, Mini Bar etc. to the PMS. This integration helps in smooth functioning of the PMS with PBX.

CAS Interface
Matrix Eternity offers interface for most types of Call Accounting System protocol available world-wide. This facilitates easy integration of the third party Call Accounting Software with Matrix Eternity.

Public Address System Port
It allows any station user to make announcements on external speakers.

Remote Programming
Matrix Eternity incorporates the built-in web server functionality, which in turn allows the user to access Eternity and program it through the web browser. Matrix Eternity can be programmed remotely through internet, phone and even from mobile.

Room Shift
Many a times it happens that guest has to be checked in some other room till the actual room booked for the guest gets ready. In such cases when the room is shifted, all the call details, Alarms/Reminders of the earlier room are shifted to the new room just by a single command. This helps in presenting the guest a consolidated statement of all calls instead of two different statements, one for each room.

Room Status Display
A single click from the front desk can give status of total occupied rooms, rooms vacant but not ready, rooms vacant and ready. A very useful feature for the front desk of the hotel.

Suite Services
There are multiple extensions. However, using this feature of Matrix Eternity, a consolidated statement of calls can be generated at the time of check-out.

Mini Bar
The consumption by the checked in guest from the mini bar can be keyed in by the service personnel from the room phone at the time of replenishing the mini bar or guest check-out. This information will be passed on to the PMS which will help in generating statement without any manual calculation.

Flexible Numbering
The room phone numbers are always expected to match the room numbers for natural association. The Matrix Eternity offers completely flexible numbering plan. It can be possible to mix 2,3 and 4 digits numbers thus offering complete numbering flexibility.

Remote Maintenance
On-site maintenance can be performed easily via the LAN or the systems serial interface. Remote software upgrades, programming changes or even system diagnostic can be performed quickly and reliably.

GSM, VoIP and T1/E1 Connectivity
GSM SIM, VoIP and T1/E1 lines can be connected to Matrix Eternity through optional card.

Hotline Phones
These phones can be placed in areas such as the lobby or car parking. Guests or Visitors can access the operator, taxi services or any information by simply lifting the handset.

Voice Mail Gateway
Matrix Eternity offers a specialized gateway such that it can be easily integrated with voice mail system of any other brand. However, the handshake is possible only if the voice mail system also supports the gateway operation. Please check for exact details regarding handshake with the supplier of the voice mail system.

Voice Guidance on Tones
Matrix Eternity offers this unique feature for guiding the guests at various tones. Voice Message can be recorded for various tones like dial tone, engaged tone, error tone and ring back tone. Say a guest is trying to room service and that extension is busy. In such case a message “The extension you are trying is busy. Please press 2 for speaking to the extension as soon as it is free”, can be played to the guest. A feature that provides service at each step.

Features List ^ TOP
Hotel Features
Alarms (Time, Daily, Future Date & Time, Remote)
Alarm – Multiple
Alarm – Snooze
Alarm Status Display and Printing
Listen in (Baby Listening)
Background Music
Call budgeting
Call chaining
External Music Port
CLI Display on SLT
Customer Name Display
DID with Voice Message
Emergency Call Detection and Reporting
Flexible Numbering (1,2,3,4 digits and combination)
Guest Groups
Guest Number
Guest room number display on service extension
Hotel Name
House Keeping
Room clean status report and printing
In-skin Voice Mail System (Optional)
ISDN Interface (BRI/PRI)
Least Cost Routing
(Time, Number & Service Provider to Service Provider)
Paging Port
Do Not Disturb
Room Shift
Security Dialer
SMDR with built-in Flexible Call Cost Calculation
Single digit access of Service extensions
Voice Message for Tones
Selective Deletion of Call Detail Reports
Reprint of Call Detail Report
Serial Port for PMS and other computer applications
Suite Services
Hotel Installation Wizard
Front Desk Wizard
Front Desk Management
Mini Bar
Remote programming from PC/Phone/Mobile
SMDR Buffer of total 12,000 Calls
In-skin Voice Mail System (Optional)
In-skin VoIP Card (Optional)
Printer Port (Eternity ME)
CLI detection on FXS, FXO, ISDN, GSM and VoIP Trunks

Accessories ^ TOP
Matrix Eternity supports Voice Mail System (VMS) through an optional VMS card. An efficient Voice Mail System can work wonders for your organisation’s productivity. The one that can provide efficient call management and accurate messaging, saves precious time of your employees, yet allowing a non-interfering work environment.

Message Wait Indication
Indication can be provided to the extension (both DKP and SLT) user regarding any new message in the mailbox. There are three ways to indicate a new message. (1) Change in dial tone (stuttered dial tone), (2) LED indication on the telephone (both DKP and SLT with message wait LED) and (3) Voice message before dial tone on lifting the handset.

Call Taping
The system utilizes a Customized Information Exchange Protocol wherein, it allows users to record conversations without any indication. Calls made to or received from selected external numbers, can be recorded. This feature is possible both on DKP and SLT. A very helpful feature to record important voice conversations. This feature should be used in accordance with the local laws.

Conversation Recording
The user can ask the VMS to record his conversation in his mailbox. This helps the user to keep record of the points discussed and agreed upon with the opposite party. This feature can be activated both for DKP and SLT extensions. A boon for businesses that work on verbal commitments. This feature should be used in accordance with the local laws.

Live Call Screening
The Customised Information Exchange Protocol allows DKP users to listen to an incoming voice mail message for the first few moments. This feature lets the user determine whether it requires his attention or not, giving him the option to either talk to the caller or store the message in the mailbox.

Voice Mail Features List Auto Attendant
Broadcast Message
Call Taping
Call Transfer Types
Conversation Recording
Customised Mailbox Size
Dial By Name
Distribution Lists
Flexible Graph
General Mailbox
Individual Mailboxes
Information Node

Live Call Screening
Message Forward
Message Nodes
Message Notification
Message Verification
Message Wait Indication
Multiple Mailboxes on a Single Extension
Personalized Greetings
Redirecting Messages
Remote Access
Transfer Nodes
Voice Greetings

‘EON’, the Digital Key Phone, is a versatile, feature-rich, easy to use station. It supports a host of additional features providing the user fast access to the functions of Matrix Eternity at a single touch of a button. Matrix Digital Key Phone (DKP) is available in three models - EON48P, EON48S and EON42S. All models are available in two colour variants - Black and White.

EON48P with DSS16x4
DSS16x4 is an attachment to Eon48S and Eon48P.
It offers 64 Direct Station Selection Keys
EON42S with DSS72
DSS72 is an attachment to Eon42S.
It offers 72 Direct Station Selection Keys
Eon48 Key Features
Full-Duplex Speaker Phone
2x24 and 6x24 LCD with Swivel, Backlite and Contrast Control
Message Wait Lamp
Ringer Lamp
16 Direct Station Keys
17 Touch-Sense Keys for Features
More Direct Station Keys on Optional Attachment (DSS16x4)
Upright and Horizontal Angles
Desk-Top and Wall Mounting

Key Features

DSS Keys
The EON offers soft keys (24 in EON42S and 16 in EON48) that can be programmed for each user, to access trunk line, SLT, DKP and even features, at a single touch of the key.

Executive and Operator Functionality
The EON provides user functionality of Operator or Executive by means of dedicated keys to perform specific task by single touch of buttons.

Last Dialed Calls
Last dialed 16 calls can be stored.

Message Paging
User of the EON can page different pre-defined messages, like Meet Me, Congratulations, Meeting Today, etc., to other DKP users. These messages can be programmed by the system engineer.

Missed Calls
Details of last 20 missed calls can be viewed on the LCD of the EON. A useful feature for the user to find details of calls missed.

Tri Colour LEDs for Port Status
Status of other extensions (DKP and SLT) and trunk lines can be displayed on the Digital Key Phone. The status of the user's extension as well as that of other extensions or trunks can be known through the LEDs

PC based Digital Key Phone with two numbers of PC based DSS64

An innovation from Matrix, the EonSoft offers integration of your PC with your PBX. A feature of great utility to those techno-savvy people who have a computer on their desks and do not wish to keep a separate telephone.

Forced Answer
When a called party (on Eon42 and Eon48 or EonSoft) does not respond to continuous ringing, the caller can use this feature to make the destination station’s speaker go Off-Hook, forcing the called party to answer the call.

Help Menu
The EonSoft offers a user-friendly help menu for ease of operation.

Integration with Microsoft Address Book
The EonSoft is integrated with Microsoft address book. This helps the users to directly call the numbers stored in the address book at a mouse click.

Keyboard and Mouse Operation
The EonSoft can be operated both, through keyboard and with mouse.

Shortcut Keys
Shortcut keys can be defined for different functions for their easy usage.

Tool Tips on Mouse Over
Tool tips are displayed on mouse over. These tips can be programmed to help the user to know details about each key. It is also useful in intuitive operation of the EonSoft.

Features available in EonSoft

Automatic Sensing of PC Status
Automatic Sensing of Software Status
Operator Mode (with 148 Keys)
Handset Connectivity
Help Menu

Integration with Microsoft Address Book
Keyboard Macros
Keyboard and Mouse Operation
Programmable Tool Tips
Shortcut Keys
Standard Windows User InterfaceTool Tips on Mouse Over

Hospitality PBX - Product Range ^ TOP
ETERNITY GE3S PBX for Hotels with Built-in Hotel/Motel Features and PMS Integration Protocol expandable up to 60 Ports
ETERNITY GE6S PBX for Hotels with Built-in Hotel/Motel Features and PMS Integration Protocol expandable up to 120 Ports
ETERNITY GE12S PBX for Hotels with Built-in Hotel/Motel Features and PMS Integration Protocol expandable up to 240 Ports
ETERNITY ME10S PBX for Hotels with Built-in Hotel/Motel Features and PMS Integration Protocol expandable up to 324 Ports
ETERNITY ME16S PBX for Hotels with Built-in Hotel/Motel Features and PMS Integration Protocol expandable up to 516 Ports

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Company Profile:
Introduction An ISO 9001 Company, Matrix is a leader in the customer premises telecom equipment market. As an innovative, technology driven and customer focused organization, the company is committed to keeping pace with revolutions in the telecom industry. This has resulted in bringing forth of cutting edge products like Digital PBXs, Digital and ISDN Key Phone Systems, GSM FCTs, GSM Gateways, VoIP Products, Voice Messaging Products, Intercom Security Products and PLCC EPAXs. With over 150,000 line units installed and growing by over 1500 line units per day, the installed base of Matrix connects over 15,000,000 calls everyday. Thus, Matrix has gained the trust and admiration of users representing the entire spectrum of industries. No wonder, Matrix has won awards for the Best PBX and Key Phone System Company. R&D All Matrix products are indigenously designed. With around 30% of the total manpower dedicated to development of new products, Matrix R&D is the foundation of its growth and sustenance. Matrix R&D is located at its corporate office and is spread over an area of 15,000 sq. ft. The R&D team designs products conforming to the relevant international standards. Matrix makes considerable investment in R&D tools and equipment to stay abreast of the latest technological advancements. Manufacturing Based at Waghodia, Vadodara in India, the Matrix manufacturing unit is operated by a well qualified and dedicated team of engineers. Spread over an area of 25,000 sq. ft., the structure houses departments like Assembly, Testing, Quality Control, Purchase, Stores, Despatch and Accounts. Matrix has a production capacity of about 10,00,000 ports per annum. The factory also houses a full-fledged technical support center spread over an area of 10,000 sq. ft., manned by well-trained and efficient engineers. The center provides immediate technical assistance to Matrix channel partners and customers in installation, operation and maintenance of the products. Marketing The marketing team at Matrix firmly believes in value-based marketing and strong networking. Matrix markets its products through its distribution network of channel partners. Over 500 channel partners spread across Indian market, sell and support Matrix products. Matrix exports its products to Europe, Middle-East, Africa, South America, North America and Australia. The Matrix marketing team works closely with these channel partners to ensure that the products serve the communication needs of customers faster and longer. A special customer care cell provides prompt assistance to the customers.. >> More

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