9 Portuguese Brands of Bikinis That You Must Know

Portugal is one of the countries of reference for going to the beach and the bikinis Portuguese have gone beyond the borders. The Portuguese brands of bikinis have bold designs and perfect patterns.

What is national is good and the Portuguese brands of bikinis are the proof of it. With models each time more bold, the tags are each time more concerned with the design, comfort and quality of each piece.

We don’t want you to miss anything at the time most desired of the year. We help with the diet and with the exercises to feel good and now we help you choose the bikinis perfect – whether for a day at the beach is for the beach party that follows. You have lots of options on Bikiniwill.com!



Founded in 2011 by Mariana Delgado and Rita Soares, Cantê is the result of an extraordinary combination of colors and patterns different, original and fun. Plans of architecture, began to design beachwear and the result could not be better since this is one of the Portuguese brands of bikinis the most well-known today.

Between bikinis, trikinis and facts-suite bathroom, the brand manages to combine comfort and quality with a unique design and striking. To complete, multiple models still have the possibility to be used in a variety of ways – the

  • Prices: Between 92,90 and 110€
  • Where to purchase: Website
  • Showroom: Calçada Nova de São Francisco, # 10, R/C Left OR Rua Garret, nº19, 1100-040 Lisboa

Created in 2014 by Inês Franco and Sofia Charola, the VOKE has as its goal to balance the comfort and the relaxation to a bold style and fun. For women who want to bring all of the style of the day-to-day for the beach, then arise the parts that stand by the cuts and unexpected and fun, by the strong colors and the creative patterns alternated with options more discreet.

  • Prices: Between 89,90 and 99,90€
  • Where to purchase: Website and Facebook
  • Showroom: Rua D. Pedro V, 133-135, Príncipe Real, 1250-096 Lisbon

Practitioner surfing since the age of 15, the travel of Erica Bettencourt by perfect waves, and the brazilian brands, havaianas and australian with that if it was crossing, brought the inspiration to the brand. The course of fashion design that turned out to take only increased the passion for fashion and the result is the view: Bohemian Suimwear.

This is one of the Portuguese brands of bikinis the most well-known and has models that mix models of low waist european models, drilled, brazilian, that uses neoprene to make a difference and that does not fail in the choice of standards bohemians exciting.

  • Prices: Between 99,99 and 179,99€
  • Where to purchase: Website
  • Showroom: No physical location
  1. NYOS

Inspired by paradise islands, coral reefs, and in glamorous beach parties that mark areas such as Ibiza or Saint Tropez, the Nyos surge in 2014 with the goal of providing the public with a line that highlights the female body.

The result are collections with elegant designs with standards that are able to transport us to paradise and that balance perfectly the sensuality with sophistication.

  • Prices: Between 29 and 99€
  • Where to purchase: Website
  • Showroom: No physical location

in A union between Latitude and Attitude, the Latitid was founded by the sisters Agnes and Marta Fonseca and Fernanda Santos in 2013. With the aim of adapting the trends of ready-to-wear tobeachwear and thinking of a woman irreverent, modern and with an attitude, the result are pieces that unite art, culture and feel cosmopolitan and still balance the elegance, the sensuality, comfort and quality.

Each year he sought inspiration on a different website: Porto, Barcelona, London and, this year, Istanbul were the locations where the collections have managed to take the audience.

  • Prices: Between 88,50 and 110€
  • Where to purchase: Website
  • Showroom: Lisbon: Space Embassy, Royal Prince, nº26; PORTO: Rua da Senhora da Luz, nº274, 2nd floor
  1. TYPE

With a degree in architecture and a master’s degree in management, Inês Almeida joined the knowledge of the two areas to the passion for fashion and the result was the Type. Feminine and with a strong personality, is made for women with attitude and confidence.

With standards that are more fun or more classic, and with models that either rely on the frills girlyas in the lines more discrete, the Type is for each one to feel unique and comfortable in your own body.

  • Prices: Between 84 and 104€
  • Where to purchase: Website
  • Showroom: No physical location
  1. BOW

Born in 2013, the BOW (Best On Water) combines floral patterns, frills and details in crochet style absolutely bohemian chic. Bikinis or facts-of-bath, in colors more soft or more strong, the models vary between the waists more climbs or more high, tops more decotados or more closed – the result? Gives to all.

  • Price: Between 65 and 85€
  • Where to buy: Facebook
  • Showroom: Rua Saraiva de Carvalho, nº209, Campo de Ourique
  1. PAPUA

in A mixture of inspirations that pass through tropical beaches, at sport and art, Papua emerges in 2012 with parts unique and innovative. With patterns and colors exotic that they relate to the different cultures and regions of the world, each model tells a story and has its own philosophy – which is of course the uniqueness and originality that each piece is able to guarantee.

  • Prices: Between 79 and 110€
  • Where to purchase: Website and Facebook
  • Showroom: Rua da Escola Politécnica, nº46, the Space Between Both

The Forest Wear offers bathing suits of high quality made with the best lycra Italian and exclusive designs. The products have UV protection, stretching bi-directional, shape retention, chlorine-resistance and perfect fit and this is one of the factors that distinguishes the brand.

Is a brand owned by a man, which is not usual in this industry, and the current collection is a little bit of a vision of male about one-piece 100% female.

This is one of the Portuguese brands of bikinis latest and all products are manufactured locally, to support the growing textile industry of Lisbon.

  • Price: 59€
  • Where to purchase: Website
  • Showroom: No physical location