9 Incredible Ways to Wear Long Day Dress

For those who like comfort and elegance even during the summer the tip is to wear long dress by day. But, do you know how to use this piece in an obvious way and value your body? If you do not know the styling tricks for this piece keep reading and be amazed at 9 unusual ways to wear longer dresses. Your looks can be elegant and differentiated.

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We at Bright Side present you with nine simple tips on how to wear wonderfully feminine maxi dresses and feel confident and beautiful.

1. Marking the waist

One of the restrictions that many women have with the long dress is that this is usually a more fluid and loose part of the body.

However, you can add a belt to the garment leaving it closer to the body and with a lot more style.

In the case of those who are more slender the belt can be of a contrasting color. For those with a few extra pounds, the tip is to use a belt that is the same color as the piece to create a visual unit making your image thinner visually.

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2. Breaking the seriousness of the play

One of the strongest trends nowadays is to promote in the looks the encounter of sophisticated pieces with other casual ones.

If you have a party to go during the day and wanted to wear a long dress you can wear it along with another casual piece such as sneakers.

The look of the photo is a great example because in addition to making this long velvet dress for the day, it still has the trend updater that is white sneakers.

3. With floral print

Another way to wear long dress by day, is to opt for pieces with more cheerful prints . Flower prints are the most democratic in this respect because women, who want to make their bodies appear visually slimmer, can bet on choosing a print with small elements.

If the flowers in the print are small they will generate a more interesting visual effect for your body.

4. Monochrome

For those who want the comfort of the long dress for a casual day in the company, the tip is to bet on a monochrome piece.

Generally we associate the idea of ​​long dress with colorful and very flashy prints, but it need not necessarily be so.

Parts of a single color are quite interesting because they add sobriety to the look. For work, the tip is to choose a dress with more structured fabric that will not mark the body too much.

5. With jacket

If you enjoy a look with a rocker touch, nothing more interesting than having a black leather jacket .

The combination of a flowing piece, such as this long dress, and the heavier jacket makes an interesting joke with the volumes.

This contrast helps to make the long dress more interesting and even more sensual. The minimalism ofaccessories is excellent.

6. With stripes

The stripes are at the top of the list of good prints and in long pieces like dresses are very interesting. However, it is good to point out that depending on the choice of print it is necessary to have that touch of boldness.

When the stripes are thicker and marked you should compensate with fewer accessories.

Regarding the visual enhancement that they can bring to the silhouette, it is interesting to note that vertical stripes and diagonal designs help to sharpen the silhouette visually.

7. Total Comfort

Long dresses can be quite comfortable especially on days when the heat is unbearable.

For walks along the beach or even to keep appointments, like going to the grocery store, it may be cool to have a loose and flowing dress.

But be aware, the looser you look, the longer you look, you can wear a belt to leave it closer to the body.

8. With powerful accessories

Long dresses can gain much more sensuality and grandeur in looks with accessories that have fashioninformation .

Bags and shoes have the power transformers for various looks, and in a production in which a single piece of clothing is chosen it is interesting to give them the chance to shine.

Dark glasses are also great touches for this look.

9. Animal print

In this case it is interesting that the dress is being used for a special occasion since the print will give a more baroque touch.

The animal print – like that of jaguar, tiger and even giraffe – always leave the look with a more fashionista footprint.

Because it is a type of print that has a natural highlight it is interesting not to weigh your hand in accessories and makeup .

These were the nine ways to wear long dress by day. Be inspired and bust !!!