How to Wear Vintage Clothing

Want to incorporate the vintage style to the looks of the day but do not know nor where to start? Take a deep breath. Dressing up with retro clothing and accessories is not synonymous with visual caricature. The solution is to slowly insert vintage fashion elements into the pieces you already have.

Immerse yourself in your mother’s wardrobe and, perhaps, even your grandmother’s. After you dig a lot for the fashion relics of the family, just follow our ideas. In 30 steps, we guarantee that at the end of this story you will be a true expert in vintage fashion.

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1. Mix textures and materials

When it comes to vintage fashion, you have to be able to measure proportions all the time according to If you have that heavy grandma’s jacket, mix it with materials like silk and satin for a modern up. Are you a good 80’s jeans mom ? Make it all sexier with sweater sweaters or powerful heels.

2. Make the contrast of the time with vintage skirts and cropped tops

If you find it difficult to combine a vintage skirt, the request is to invest in a cropped top of the simplest – the color chart, you know, goes from white to black with variations of gray and beige.

3. Innovate with different shoes

Sometimes, everything your look asks for is a baffle shoe. Flatforms and metallized, instead of a classic jump, for example, break the suit’s formality.

4. Choose a decade

Does not the fear of dare touch you at all? So go with it all, but it’s worth choosing a decade to incorporate – at least while you’re still a beginner in vintage mode . For example, to translate the 1950s, you can combine a Peter Pan turtleneck with kitten-type sunglasses, matching production with a charming scarf in the hair. Cohesion is everything!

5. Dress + sneakers

If the throw is a little dress, in the 50’s, or more fluid and long, try urbanizing them with sneakers on your feet. Just know how to play with the compositions.

6. Sweater and high waist

To make the colorful sweater a little more discreet, it is worth choosing a basic piece of high waist. If temperature is mild, combine with tailor shorts.

7. Try the accessories

Investing in retro accessories is the best way to go about understanding the universe of vintage fashionwithout appearing that its production is goofy. Audrey Hepburn Pearls in Luxury Bonequinha, delicate handbags and doll-like shoes are a good start.

8. Modernize with leather jacket

The leather jacket has the power to ensure that urban touch to vintage skirts and shirts. Remember Sandy, the musical Grease? Yeah.

9. Vintage trousers + low-cut sweater

You can soften the glaring tones of those 1970s- style colored pants by combining it with a sweater of one of the colors in the print. Practical example: your floral pants have nuances in red? Make everything almost monochromatic with a blouse in the same shade.

10. Mix male and female

Break the delicate and super gift proposal in vintage style with male mood pieces – boyfriend modeling and heavier shoes, for example.

11. Bet on short

Even if you have sold your pieces in a thrift store, it is well worth a visit to the seamstress. The mini bar length refreshes the look.

12. Folded bars

Same regrinha said above, now for the pants: bought a vintage pants that got the very long bar? Fold. The further up the heel, the more modern it gets.

13. Do not be afraid to merge prints

Courage, reader! A little creativity makes embossed pieces marry very well. Do not forget to observe the proportions.

14. Make a specific color your chosen one

If the moment of blending prints has not yet hit you, choose a print that focuses on a certain hue. The combo 80’s shirt + blue mid skirt can result in a production that looks more like a dress. It all depends on your tactics to coordinate the colors.

15. Throw a cropped in dress

Found a dress in vintage modeling, but still not satisfied with the top of it? Remember that it is always possible to play a large cropped over.

16. Main jacket

It could be a fairly bright kimono, a lace jacket, or an embroidered coat. Do not think that these items only work for nightly events. Guarantee the look making the vintage piece the protagonist of the production. As? It is only to combine with more basic ones.

17. Boots solve any cucumber

It does not matter if your retro dress has 60’s, 70’s or 80’s modeling . A good pair of trendy boots will bring production back to 2016.

18. Invest in the layers with a cropped sweater

Soften more antique dress prints with a wool cropped. Double functional, the piece modernizes and heats at the same time.

19. Give charm to wide silhouette with tight fitting parts

The longest vintage jacket wins excitement with skinny pants or body. Did someone ask for a chic Parisian look ?

20. Explore proportions

Unlike skinny + oversized, you can also bet on parts with the same type of modeling. Dresses in A combined with jackets that follow the same lines get the maximum.

21. Hats and caps to upgrade production

Adding a hat or cap is an alternative that instantly changes the mood of clothing. Want your vintage look to look sporty? Go with a cap. If the proposal is to add sophistication, a Panama hat resolves.

22. Become social casually

No need to wait for the next party gala to use your vintage skirt powerful. Take off a rotten T-shirt and finish the look with Oxford shoes or sneakers.

23. Nothing is too large for a good belt.

Did you get that borrowed piece from your mother’s wardrobe and she did not? Throw a leather belt and we have the solution.

24. Vintage blouses and modern pants: combination of dreams

When you combine something dated with something new, the result is sophisticated. A good way to bring vintage blouses and shirts for today is to combine them with jeans, for example.

25. Pass the scissors – without fear!

If you gave the scissors a chance (and customizations in general), you’d see how much she might be able to transform the look. We explain: a dull dress gets modern when the sleeves are cut. The same goes for eliminating that extra amount of fabric, very present in the skirts and filled with layers.

26. Gradient

Play with several shades of the same color – you can enter a discrete mix of prints, with a touch well sixties. Especially for the fearful, this will make the vintage fashion a little less intimidating.

27. Smells like teen spirit

To bring the parts of the tunnel from time to “now”, it is also valid to transit through the grunge line. It can be with a heavier cowhide, a cropped jeans or a cap on the head.

28. Extra class with a powerful blazer

House with overalls, well 90s, with skirt godê and even with jeans. The blazer is able to guarantee productions with 100% satisfaction in the elegance aspect.

29. Place your bets!

Not sure if one piece fits the other, and yet your little fashion heart wants to see them together? This is the grace of vintage fashion : sometimes it is dubious, but ends up giving very right. When in doubt, do not hesitate to try.

30. Have fun!

And, if trying means mixing different vintage moods in the same production, go deep! You can use whatever you want.