How to Wear Black and White Dresses

I live speaking that in my work as a consultant of style does not have space to my personal taste, and that both the purchases and the looks are made according to the style and the demands of the client, but I am people, right? And my “Achilles’ heel” is a combination of colors that will be super high this winter, which is black and red!

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The summerdressesstore has assembled summer must-haves. As black is a neutral color, we can say that black and red match and I particularly do not find a beautiful color combination. The question goes beyond prejudice because of football, since it reminds me of the colors of Flamengo, which I, like Vascaína, hate! Haha ha

Maaaaaas, returning to the style, the Red will be the color of Winter 2018, so we will see some inspirations that will show that black and red combine and that if you like and have nothing against this color duo, will have another option of color coordination inside your wardrobe!

Black and red at work

Anyone who needs to dress harder to work should avoid color combinations that are too colorful or flashy, so the best way to stick to black and red at work is with the accessories or with printed parts to break a little the strength of these colors!

Wear black and red with white

An option for anyone who wants to risk this combination, but also has some resistance is to use black and red with white, which is one of the most classic color coordinations.

In winter, wear a red coat over a more neutral look in black and white, or use accessories such as a belt, shoe, bag, necklace, earring and scarf, which take up less space in the look and help give a UP in the look more neutral.

Black and red is always sexy?

In the text that I say about the print of a leotard I say that although it is a sexier print than the flower print or stripes, for example, to be sexy a piece or a look needs several information and elements together, and by we have seen several examples of black and red looks here that are not considered sexy (at least not common sense).

Because they are two bold and bold colors, this color coordination can be considered sexy, but look at how other elements such as the type of piece make the most difference:

As my personal coloring card is Autumn Deep, I am one of the lucky ones that has black in the carton, but I do not have this red so open. Even if I had, I would not use it, because even black wine does not please me. And style is it, people. It’s to see that something is fashionable and to know that it does not make our type, that it does not work for us, and it’s okay to stay out of it – even for me, I work with fashion!