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STAINLESS STEEL CIRCLE RINGS PLATE CUT PIECES| SS304 | SS304L | SS316 | SS 316L | SS321 Repute Steel & Engineering Co. ISO 9001:2008 Certified Manufacturer, Stock Holder & Exporter of Plates Circles Rings © 2018 by Repute Steel & Engineering Co. .. >>


Arab Saudi 09/05/18 70 Offline Contact Now

Automatic filter press machine, widely used in mining plant filter press machine
Meibang brand filter press is the first in China and exported to Fujian, Zhejiang, Guangxi, Jiangsu, Anhui, Sichuan, Henan and other Southeast Asian, South American, Pakistan and other countries. We have rich experience in pressure filtration and dew.. >>

Supplier: Guangdong Meibang Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd

Cina 09/05/18 47 Offline Contact Now

Buy POTASSIUM CYANIDE KCN 99.98% both powder and * for sale
We manufacture and distribute Potassium Cyanide which is a colorless crystalline compound. Our potassium cyanide is known by jewelry dealers for its extreme and exceptional high quality chemical gilding and buffing properties. Our gold mining, organi.. >>

Supplier: Deltra Solutions Company Ltd

Jerman 08/30/18 804 Offline Contact Now

Lubricant Friction Modifier Molybdenum Di(2-ethylhexyl)Phosphorodithioate Modtp
POUPC1001 Friction modifier Desription: POUPC1001 is a liquid organic Molybdenum compound. It can function as a Friction modifier, EP/Antiwear agent and Antioxidant in engine oils, industrial oils and greases. Chemical name: Molybdenum Di(2-ethylhe.. >>

Supplier: POUPC Petrochemical

Cina 08/28/18 647 Offline Contact Now

we are the manufacturer and supplier of the chemical products, their CAS no. are: 7689-03-4,19685-09-7,86639-52-3,136572-09-3,13811-71-7,87-91-2,17026-42-5,2743-38-6,32634-68-7,32634-66-5,80822-15-7,62708-56-9,71607-32-4,71607-31-3,23364-44-5,23190-1.. >>

Supplier: Sichuan JingYu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Cina 08/27/18 791 Offline Contact Now

DOT Type III Heavy Duty Silt Curtain
Product Description Silt Curtains are specifically designed to contain and control the dispersion of suspended solids in the water column during pile driving, site work, dredging, bank re-profiling, quarrying or marine construction, significantly red.. >>

Supplier: Zhejiang Jianzhong Maritime Engineering Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Cina 08/22/18 777 Offline Contact Now

Tantalum Wire (Ta Wire)
Stanford Advanced Materials is a leading supplier of tantalum products. We provide more than forty types of pure tantalum or tantalum alloy wire, with diameters as small as 0.10mm (0.004"). Other shapes of tantalum metal are also available, including.. >>

Supplier: Stanford Advanced Materials

Amerika Serikat 08/16/18 620 Offline Contact Now

Fertilizante soluble cristalino del nitrato de calcio
Product Name : Nitrato de calcio  tetrahidrato (Calcium  Nitrate  Crystal Soluble fertilizer ) CAS NO. 13477-34-4 Chemical formule : Ca(NO3)2.4(H2O). Formule weight : 236.15 Physicochemical Properties:White crystal INSPECT ITEM Purity 99.0%Min .. >>


Cina 08/13/18 201 Offline Contact Now

polycarboxylate superplasticizer
Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer is a new generation of high performance superplasticizer. With this product, concrete has high slump retention, slumps keep unchanged within 30min and loss little in 1h; It improves the liquidity of concrete greatly w.. >>

Supplier: TCHS Construction Materials Company

Cina 07/31/18 784 Offline Contact Now

urea phosphate
SEPECIFICATION main Content, as CO(NH2)2·H3PO4, 98%min insolubles rates, 0.1% max PH value, 1.6-2.0 heavy metal, as Pb, 50ppm max PROPERTIES appearance is white granular cystal, easily soluble in water, insoluble in organic solvents. The melting poi.. >>

Supplier: Sichuan Shifang Dingli Phosphate Chemical Co., Ltd.

Cina 07/23/18 947 Offline Contact Now

dipotassium phosphate
Item Unit Standard 1/ appearance / white crystal 2/ main Content, as KH2PO4 % ≥ 99.0 3/ phosphoric anhydride content (P2O5) % ≥ 51.8 4/ potassium Oxide content (K2O) % ≥ 34.0 5/ insolubles rates % ≤ 0.1 6/ moisture, as H.. >>

Supplier: Sichuan Shifang Dingli Phosphate Chemical Co., Ltd.

Cina 07/23/18 981 Offline Contact Now

monoammonium phosphate
​ item unit satandard 1/ appearance / white crystal 2/ main content, as (NH4)H2PO4 % ≥ 99.0 3/ phosphoric anhydride content (P2O5) .. >>

Supplier: Sichuan Shifang Dingli Phosphate Chemical Co., Ltd.

Cina 07/23/18 262 Offline Contact Now

Steroid,Hormone,Peptide,Sarms,Local Anesthesia,Nootropics,Antidepres
Steroid including the testosterone series、trenbolone series and so on. Peptide including the cjc-1295 Sarms including the MK-2866 >>

Supplier: Nanjing Bangnuo Biotechnology Co.,Ltd

Cina 07/18/18 651 Offline Contact Now

selling organic pigment and inorganic pigment from china
OOPSCOLOR one of the leading organization engaged in the wide range of chemical raw material for plastic,ink,coating,painting,textile .Start with Pigment. Specialized in supplying the material to plastic factory , With the cooperation and technical s.. >>

Supplier: hangzhou oops color co.,ltd

Cina 07/16/18 796 Offline Contact Now

Premium Aluminium Gutter Mesh Roll
Gaite Wire Mesh Co., Ltd is specialized in aluminium expanded metal mesh,which is mainly used for gutter guard and ember guard. Follow is our mesh details: Mesh Size: 2.0mm 3.5mm 4mm Mesh Thickness: 0.5mm-1.0mm Mesh Width: 250mm,500mm,750mm,1000.. >>

Supplier: Gaite Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.

Cina 06/22/18 1552 Offline Contact Now

Galvanised Iron Sheets
 Hot dipped Galvanized /Galvalume Steel /GI/PPGI/HDG sheet for color roofing sheet Thickness 0.13mm--0.8mm Width 750--1250mm Zinc Coating 40g/m2—275g/m2;AZ30g/m2-150g/m2 Spangle Big, small regular spangle and zero spangle Surface Treatment Chromate, .. >>

Supplier: Shandong Guanxian Rongda Composite Material Co.,Ltd

Cina 06/01/18 841 Offline Contact Now

Pure Alluvial Gold bars/Gold dust/Gold Nuggets
Dear Buyer, We are private Gold sellers based in Spain, writing to advertise the availability of my product, pure gold bar and dust in large quantities. We are prepared to provide quantities of up to 100 kilograms of 22 karats pure gold bar and dust .. >>

Supplier: Cubic Business Solutions Company Limited

Spanyol 06/01/18 450 Offline Contact Now

We are one of international premium providers of Modified 4-MMC/Mephedrone, bk-MDMA/Methylone,MDAI, 4-MEC/,methylone, MDPV,2ci and other research chemicals ...We are proud of offer high quality product, one of most reliable company on the market and .. >>

Supplier: Research Chemicals Store

Amerika Serikat 05/30/18 513 Offline Contact Now

Buy Mdma and BK mdma crystals and powder methylone butylone NAPHYRONE MBDB Mdai
We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality research chemicals at reasonable prices. We are the best and The longest running Research Chemical supplier. Supplying Research Chemicals since, we are the most reliable distributor of high quality R.. >>

Supplier: Healthcarecentershop

Amerika Serikat 05/28/18 1056 Offline Contact Now

Titanium and titanium alloy product
The main products: Nonferrous metals tungsten and molybdenum, tantalum and niobium; titanium pipe fittings (standard fittings, flanges, elbows, tees, reducers, titanium valves); sputtering target class (planar targets, round target, tube target); tit.. >>

Supplier: XWMETAL

Cina 05/22/18 373 Offline Contact Now

Industrial Equipment
Novaspect, in Chanhassen, provides control valves, steam traps, valve actuators, Bettis actuators, Fisher regulators, isolation valves, and valve repair. Whether your looking for actuator valves, actuators, natural gas regulators, valve controllers, .. >>

Supplier: Novaspect

Amerika Serikat 05/20/18 707 Offline Contact Now

Adhesive foam tape automotive&electronics,construction
PE foam tape 0.5mm~3mm acrylic foam tape 0.4~3mm, clear,white,grey,black for your choice PVC foam tape 3.2mm~9.5mm, black, white >>

Supplier: Sunshine Adhesive Tapes (Suzhou)Co.,Ltd

Cina 05/18/18 597 Offline Contact Now

mica powder pearl pigment / pearl pigment /silver white effect pigment
Type :YT1001 Colour :Sparkle White Appearance:Fine powder Particle size:40-200 µm Loss on drying: 0.5 % Density:2.8 - 3.4 g/cm³ Bulk Density:36 - 40 g/100ml Solubility in water:practically insoluble PH of water slurry:7-11 Temperature resistance:X.. >>

Supplier: Guangzhou Yortay Fine Chemicals Co.,Ltd

Cina 05/07/18 432 Offline Contact Now

constraction contractor
Crafting a compelling job description is essential to helping you attract the most qualified candidates for your job. With more than 16 million jobs listed on Indeed, a great job description can help your jobs stand out from the rest. Your job descri.. >>

Supplier: constraction contractor

Amerika Serikat 04/26/18 1329 Offline Contact Now

Benzyl Chloride
Description: Benzyl Chloride((chloromethyl)benzene) Molecular Formula: C7H7Cl Molecular Weight:126.56 CAS No.: 100-44-7 UN No.: 1738 Class: 6.1 Physical and Chemical Property: It is colorless liquid with a pungent odor. It is insoluble in water a.. >>

Supplier: Henan Haofei Chemical Co.,ltd

Cina 04/09/18 704 Offline Contact Now

wedge wire screen, johnson screen, perforated pipe, sprial bridge slot screen, t
With imported fully automated computer numerical control equipment, Germany technology and advanced inspection methods, we have developed more than 20 kinds of filtering products, the appearance and accuracy of which have a leading level at home and .. >>

Supplier: Oasis Oil Tools Co., Ltd

Cina 04/09/18 779 Offline Contact Now

High-end 2014 Aluminum Sheet
FOB Price: US $2,600 - 4,100 / Ton Min.Order Quantity: 8 Ton/Tons Supply Ability: 2000 Ton/Tons per Month Port: Tianjin/Qingdao Payment Terms: L/C,T/T Quick Details Grade: 2000 Series; Temper: T3-T8; Type: Plate; Application: Aerospace; Thickness: 0.. >>

Supplier: Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industrial Co., Ltd.

Cina 03/24/18 1020 Offline Contact Now

Sodium alginate SD-45 A +
Sodium Alginate SD-45 A+ (CAS NO.:9005-38-3) Supply sodium alginate SD-45 A+, Dosage:3% ,High quality with competitive price,20+ Yrs of export experience,Credit manufactuer from china. Contact: sodiumalginate@hotmail.com Skype:sodiumalginate WhatsAp.. >>

Supplier: lyg sodium alginate ind.

Cina 03/23/18 1323 Offline Contact Now

We specializes in ssd chemical solution and activation powder for cleaning black Dollars, euros, pounds and any other currency from any security color to it's original state. OUR SERVICES: Anti-freezing Preparations and Prepared De-icing Fluids, S.. >>

Supplier: Lp chemicals Inc.

Kamboja 03/16/18 880 Offline Contact Now

pure liquid silver mercery
We sell by the flask but specialize in decanting, selling by the litre nip or kg. The security is high at the diamond center and we operate in a legal above board manner all prices are vat inclusive and you will receive VAT invoices for your purchase.. >>

Supplier: Metal Fan Llc

Turki 02/22/18 1083 Offline Contact Now

Abamectin 1.8%+Acetamiprid 3,2% EC
Abamectin 1.8%+Acetamiprid 3,2% EC A formulasi cair, terutama digunakan untuk mengendalikan hama >>

Supplier: Hebei Barn Biological Products Co.,Ltd

Cina 04/18/17 1182 Offline Contact Now

Kelompok saya bertindak sebagai wakil Penjual authorizied untuk produk-produk minyak dan gas. Pemasok kami dapat memberikan diesel 10ppm, 50ppm, 500ppm. Tidak peduli untuk menyempurnakan, Mesin otomotif, atau laut Bunker, kami dapat membantu. Baik me.. >>

Supplier: Lyndseys International Co.,Ltd.

Taiwan 04/13/17 1248 Offline Contact Now

laminasi BOPP hologram film/transparan Hologram Film/bopp film untuk laminasi
Cepat rincian bahan: PET jenis: Metallized Film penggunaan: Kemasan Film fitur: kelembaban bukti kekerasan: lembut pengolahan jenis: beberapa ekstrusi transparansi: buram tempat asal: Shandong, Cina (daratan) merek nama: nomor Model YIXIN: FA1013 war.. >>

Supplier: Qingzhou Yixin Packing Materials Co., Ltd

Cina 04/12/17 1302 Offline Contact Now

Membangun otot Steriods hormon bubuk Testosterones dasar 58-22-0
Membangun otot Steriods hormon bubuk Testosterones dasar Info dasar 58-22-0. Nama kimia: Testosterones dasar sinonim: tes dasar CAS: 58-22-0 EINECS: 200-370-5 Assay: 98% min. rumus molekul: C19H28O2 MW: 288.43 Packing: foil tas atau timah. Penampila.. >>

Supplier: Guangzhou Kafen Biotech Co.,Ltd

Cina 04/12/17 1120 Offline Contact Now

Hologram film hadiah membungkus film
Dasar Film: BOPP, PET, PVC tipe; Transparan, metalized, warna yang dilapisi. Ketebalan: dari 12 mikron untuk 150 micron lebar: 200 mm sampai 1480mm panjang: 2000m - 7000m desain Roll: pola-pola di sekitar 150. Desain Anda adalah menyambut MOQ: 200kg .. >>

Supplier: Wenzhou Starlead Film Material Co., Ltd.

Cina 04/09/17 1726 Offline Contact Now

Pipa baja Seamless St37
1. mulus, 2. bahan: ST37, 54 ect API 5L, DIN 3. sebagai berat aktual menghitung harga 4. pengiriman cepat 5. penuh mempertimbangkan klien tentang ketebalan yang terbatas. >>


Cina 03/30/17 1932 Offline Contact Now

Asam asetat Glacial untuk tekstil mewarnai
Kami dapat menyediakan setiap kemurnian dari asam asetat Glacial dengan harga bagus dan berkualitas tinggi. Glacial Acetic Acid 36 99,8%, asam asetat populer nama: cuka asam, asam asetat Glacial; Larutan asam asetat; Asam asetat GlacialBP; No.:200 .. >>

Supplier: Hebei Bossory Chemical Company

Cina 03/24/17 1224 Offline Contact Now

pipa baja
Kami memproduksi dan menjual ERW Steel pipa, pipa baja SSAW, LSAW Steel pipa, pipa baja SMLS, sistem perancah dan skrup. Melengkapi dengan domestik & internasional kemajuan teknologi, produksi dan inspeksi fasilitas, pabrik kami adalah benar-benar me.. >>

Supplier: Tianjin Xinyue Steel Group

Cina 03/20/17 2125 Offline Contact Now

Produsen profesional Stainless Steel pipa & tabung
Perusahaan memiliki terintegrasi sistem jaminan mutu dan sertifikasi termasuk sertifikasi sistem manajemen ISO 14001Enviromental, API 5LC, serta DNV, GL, ABS, TUV, LR. >>

Supplier: Ganyeah Holding Group Co., Ltd

Cina 03/17/17 1927 Offline Contact Now

Dore Gold Bar untuk dijual
Dear Sir, kami memiliki debu emas dan Gold Dore Bar untuk dijual. PRODUK - Debu Emas Aluvial dan bar emas kuantitas - 175 kilogram kemurnian emas Bar & 250 kg debu emas mutu - 22 Carat asal - Ghana - 96 + % jika Anda tertarik atau tahu orang lain yan.. >>

Supplier: Kofie Ltd

Ghana 03/11/17 1482 Offline Contact Now

CW-05 retensi agen resin warna penghapusan kimia untuk kertas mills forwater trea
Deskripsi singkat: Air decoloring agen CW-05 resin untuk agen penyimpanan yang digunakan dalam pabrik kertas. Spesifikasi: Penampilan: cahaya warna cair padat konten: ≥ 50% gravitasi khusus pada 20 ° C: nilai PH 1,1-1,3 (30% solusi): Viscosit.. >>

Supplier: Yixing Cleanwater Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

Cina 03/07/17 2737 Offline Contact Now

Alat kerja dingin baja D2, D2 Alloy steel, alat baja D2
Ukuran D2 (bisa sustomized) Round bar diameter (mm): panas Forgeed:50-500 panjang (mm): 2500-5800 Hot Rolled: kurang dari 50 pelat baja Thickness(mm): Forged: Thickner panas daripada 20 Width(mm): 200-810 Hot Rolled: tipis dari 20 GB Cr12Mo1V1 DIN X1.. >>

Supplier: Huangshi Better International Trade Co., Ltd

Cina 03/01/17 2236 Offline Contact Now

Hewan peliharaan viskositas pengujian Viscometer kapiler Digital Ubbelohde
Tempat asal: Zhejiang, Cina (daratan) nama merek: nomor Model Zonwon: kekuatan IVS300-2: elektronik penggunaan: nama plastik pengujian mesin Produk: PET viskositas pengujian Capillary Viscometer Ubbelohde sertifikat Digital: ISO Standard: GB/DIN/ISO/.. >>

Supplier: Hanzhou Zonwon Technology Co.,ltd

Cina 02/27/17 1627 Offline Contact Now

Generator diesel set
Sebagai diesel generator produsen terkemuka di Cina, kami menyediakan berbagai seri di bawah ini adalah daftar generator yang kami manufaktur: 1. Cummins Genset 17kva-2000kva 2. Perkins Genset 8kva-2050kva 3. Deutz Genset 31kva-150kva 4. Lovol Gen.. >>


Cina 02/21/17 2420 Offline Contact Now

Merah memimpin oksida, memimpin tetroxide, Pb3O4
MERAH memimpin Pb3O4 CAS 1314-41-6 Formula: Pb3O4 oksida names:Lead(II,IV) lainnya; CI 77578; CI pigmen merah 105; Memimpin tetroxide; Trilead tetroxide; Merah memimpin; merah memimpin oksida powder. Properti: oranye-merah bubuk berat. Kepadatan re.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao dechen chemical Co.,ltd.

Cina 02/14/17 1814 Offline Contact Now

Asam asetat Glacial
Klasifikasi: karboksilat CAS No.:64-19-7 asam lain MF:CH3COOH nama: GAA EINECS No.:200-580-7 Grade standar: industri kelas, Food Grade kemurnian: 99% 99,5% 99,8% penampilan: berwarna transparan cair aplikasi: tekstil dan kulit nama: kimia Pengfa asam.. >>

Supplier: Huanghua Pengfa Chemical Co., Ltd.

Cina 02/10/17 1565 Offline Contact Now

instrumen untuk cleanroom dan peralatan
instrumen untuk cleanroom dan peralatan seperti aerosol photometer, dop hepa deteksi particle counter aliran pola tester mesin asap >>

Supplier: Suzhou Norda Cleaing Tech Co.,LTD

Bangladesh 02/07/17 2164 Offline Contact Now

SSD kimia solusi untuk USD, EURO, GBP kami menjual SSD larutan kimia yang digunakan untuk membersihkan semua jenis catatan bank menghitam, tercemar dan rusak. Teknisi kami berkualifikasi dan selalu siap untuk menangani pembersihan sempurna. Juga ter.. >>

Supplier: exxonssd

Selandia Baru 01/27/17 1742 Offline Contact Now

Kaca bisnis
Kaca mengapung jelas berwarna kaca mengapung marah kaca laminasi kaca >>

Supplier: Zibo Blueland Glass Co.,Ltd

Austria 01/21/17 2235 Offline Contact Now

Impele Impex
Kami perusahaan impele Impex didirikan pada tahun 2016. Sejak itu, kami telah impor dan ekspor bahan berkualitas tinggi baris yang meliputi, Titanium dioksida, kami sangat senang memperkenalkan diri kita sebagai terkemuka pembuatan, pemasok & eksport.. >>

Supplier: Impele Impex

India 01/20/17 2259 Offline Contact Now

Wire mesh stainless steel
Bahan: ss 304, ss 316, aluminium, tembaga, dan bahan lain sebagai pelanggan permintaan lebar: 1m, 1,22 m, 1.3 m, 1.5 m, 2 m dan lainnya disesuaikan lebar panjang: 15 m, 30 m dan panjang maks dapat dibuat sebagai 600 m tanpa digabungkan ukuran: 0.914X.. >>

Supplier: Centurywoven (Beijing) Wire Mesh Corporation

Cina 01/18/17 2824 Offline Contact Now

Menjual lembar BOPS untuk produk kemasan makanan dari Shanghai Winko
Kami adalah manufactuer BOPS-Biaxial berorientasi Polystyrrene Sheet terbesar dan terkenal untuk thermoformed makanan kemasan dalam China,e.g.clear BOPS, berwarna BOPS (hitam, putih, kuning, biru, coklat, kopi, dll), anti-kabut BOPS, metallized temba.. >>


Cina 12/27/16 2334 Offline Contact Now

100kVA Kedap Suara generator harga
100% asli Cummins Diesel Generator Set 50Hz / 60HZ, 230V/400V, 3 P, 0.8pf - OLENC PEMBANGKIT Rating kisaran: 18kW-2660kW - Cummins mesin kisaran: 20kW-2800kW - Stamford Alternator Power Range: 18kW-2660kW - kontrol Monitor / Panel: Deepsea / DEIF / S.. >>

Supplier: Guangdong Olenc Power Generation Co.Ltd

Cina 12/23/16 2673 Offline Contact Now

Generator dengan cummins diesel engine
100% asli Cummins Diesel Generator Set 50Hz / 60HZ, 230V/400V, 3 P, 0.8pf - OLENC PEMBANGKIT Rating kisaran: 18kW-2660kW - Cummins mesin kisaran: 20kW-2800kW - Stamford Alternator Power Range: 18kW-2660kW - kontrol Monitor / Panel: Deepsea / DEIF / S.. >>

Supplier: Guangdong Olenc Power Generation Co.Ltd

Cina 12/21/16 2493 Offline Contact Now

Harga 1000kva Generator
100% asli Cummins Diesel Generator Set, harga 1000kva Generator 50Hz / 60HZ, 230V/400V, 3 P, 0.8pf - OLENC PEMBANGKIT Rating kisaran: 18kW-2660kW - Cummins mesin kisaran: 20kW-2800kW - Stamford Alternator Power Range: 18kW-2660kW - kontrol Monitor / .. >>

Supplier: Guangdong Olenc Power Generation Co.Ltd

Cina 12/19/16 2424 Offline Contact Now

Hitam astm a500 kelas b baja pipa di Cina Dongpengboda
karena beberapa situasi yang mendesak seperti beberapa hal tentang produk, hal ini diperlukan bahwa hal-hal yang harus diselesaikan pada kesempatan paling awal. Kita dapat memastikan bahwa salesman kami dapat merespon Anda dalam waktu 24 jam dan suda.. >>

Supplier: DongPengBoDa Steel Pipe Group

Cina 12/15/16 3056 Offline Contact Now

SGCC DX51D PPGI Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coil
Ketebalan 0.2-1.5 mm lebar 800 mm, 914 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm, 1219 mm, 1250 mm, atau lain panjang lebar dalam gulungan, 1000 mm 6000 mm atau sesuai permintaan pelanggan. Base Plate Z60-Z275, AZ30-AZ150 lukisan ketebalan atas sisi: 10-20microns; Prime.. >>

Supplier: Tianjin Bach Steel Trade Co.,Ltd

Cina 12/10/16 2965 Offline Contact Now

melamin pencetakan senyawa bubuk
1. penampilan: bubuk atau 2 butiran. warna: putih, hitam, kuning, biru, hijau, abu-abu, ungu dan lebih melihat warna pantone internasional 3. jenis: A5 100% MMC 4. Contoh: putih tersedia 5. Molding suhu: 155-165 C secara umum. Hal ini dapat disesuaik.. >>

Supplier: Puyang Honestar mf co.,ltd

Cina 12/07/16 1867 Offline Contact Now

RTV 2 silikon karet untuk batu buatan molding cetakan membuat
1. jenuh poliester resin, resin epoxy, poliuretan resin 2. Polyurethane elastomer 3. alami dan sintetik lilin 4. plester dan semen fitur silikon karet 1. Curing agen mengatur bersama-sama sebagai bebas dikenakan biaya. 2. dalam bentuk cair dan dalam .. >>

Supplier: Dongguan Xinrun Group Limited

Cina 12/05/16 1977 Offline Contact Now

baja pipa, pipa baja seamless, pipa baja karbon, stainless steel pipa, ga Hot dip
Pipa dan tabung kami mencakup pipa pengiriman cair, pipa struktural, hidrolik pilar tabung, tabung boiler & bantalan tabung. Kami tidak hanya produsen, tetapi juga penjaga saham. Kami biasanya menyimpan lebih dari 5.000 ton pipa dalam berbagai ukur.. >>

Supplier: Liaocheng City Kuncheng Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.

Cina 12/04/16 2814 Offline Contact Now

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