Analog PTZ Dome with IR Ultra Speed

PTZ dome with infrared: contact probe.

Today we look at a new model of PTZ dome with infrared outdoor firm Dahua, for in a subsequent post analyzing a similar model but already with HD CVI standart owner of this company, where the camera will stretch up to 1080 p resolutions.

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It is as we say a dome for installation outdoor (IP66) with analog technology, i.e., to work with the video recorders that are currently installed on the market. Its resolution on the basis of the model varies between 650 and 540 lines. It also has Wide dinamic range digital backlight (DWDR) management, ICR and ultra DNR filter. It is equipped with an optical lens to choose well in 23 X or powerful 36 increases. It allows to store up to 300 preset rotation positions, 5 autoscans, 8 tours and 4 patterns. Use 3D positioning by Dahua mouse system, marking the point where the camera without the need of using cursors must be directed on the image. The distance of their leds infrared up to 100 meters.

But if something stresses this PTZ dome with infrared, is its rotational speed, reaching the 400 ° / SEG, with horizontal rotation of 360 °. This involves movement of instant response, including switching between presets.

Let’s look at its specs…

To summarize, if you have an analog installation and we have not yet decided us migrate to the world of high definition, and need a dome for protect outdoor and perimeters, with night vision and above all, a great agility and speed, this PTZ dome with infrared is our team.

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