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Lead di vendita: automatic car and truck wash machine

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automatic  car and truck wash machine
Pagine viste: 1943
Data di aggiunta: 06/19/17
Ultimo aggiornamento: 06/19/17
Data di scadenza: 06/17/27
Dettagli del prodotto/servizio
The advanced structure and parts of CB-730 bus wash machine
1. LED light systems.
2. PLC control systems imported from Japan.
3. Automatic wax and foam formulating system.
4. Wax sprinkling system automated.
5. The second generation nylon brush.
6. Hot-dip galvanized frame.
7. High pressure water systems.
8. The sensor made by BN from America.
9. The operate panel with flame retardant and weather resistance.
10. The frequency converter made by SL from Taiwan.
11. The air cylinder made by YDK from Taiwan.
12. The IP67 waterproof motor made by CD from Italy.

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automatic  car and truck wash machine

Informazioni sull'azienda (QINGDAO RISENSE MECHATRONICS CO.,LTD)

Profilo dell'azienda:

Qingdao Risense Mechatronics Co.,Ltd, as a prominent manufacturer,supplier and exporter,has grown to be a leading force to produce all kind of automatic car wash machine with the Japanese advanced technology and core components.For the automatic car wash machine including semi-automatic touch free car wash,fully automatic rollover car wash,fully automatic tunnel car wash,automatic bus and truck wash,self-service car wash and other car wash equipments which to offer high-end and precisely car washing service to the customer from very levels needs.

Our specific goal was to develop a complete line of automatic car wash machine with great running performance and durable,built with the parts from Japan which make the car wash easy to install,use,and maintenance.

We have developed a strong reputation over the years almost our customer from Malaysia,India,Middle East,Africa and Russia for providing a high quality car washing machine and amazing installation case with competitive price and after sales services.

All of us Risense take great pride in offering our car wash solutions for your consideration to make your car wash business booming. We are happy to answer any questions you may have or discuss with you which machine is best suit for your needs.. >> Più

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Indirizzo postale:

Chengyang District qingdao China 266109



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Persona di contatto:

Miss Rita fan- Inviare Email ora!




automatic car and truck wash machine


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