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Selling Leads: Lean Pipe Joints JYJ-3 for DIY Furniture

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Lean Pipe Joints JYJ-3 for DIY Furniture
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Date Added: 10/22/2012
Last Updated: 10/22/2012
Expiry Date: 10/20/2022
Product/Service Details
Shenzhen Yongliansheng Hardware&Plastic Products Co.,Ltd.

----A direct manufacture of plastic coated pipe,metal joints,roller track,and other related accessories.pipe fittings. Aiming at One-Stop Supplier.
Forming into the pipe joint system, material handling system,lean manufacturing,FIFO System

Metal Joints Complete JYJ-3 Pipe Rack Joint
1. Material: 2.5mm Thichness Cold Rolled Sheet
2. Main Technic: Stamping and the polishing
3. Surface Treatment: Black electrophoresis/ Zinc/Nickle/Chormed Plated

4. Function: Pipe and Joint System. Warehouse Storage System, Racking System.
5. Main Combination: JY-4*2 + JY-2*2 + M6-25*3 (4 Ways connectors to connect the pipes,making the whole system reinforcement)
6.Features: Durable, easily assemble and disassemble, Eco-Flex. Economical and Efficient.

As a Direct Manufacture of these materials, choosing us means Competitive Price,Comprehensive Models, Guaranteed After-Sale Service.

More info , find "cnszylslgw" on Skype to contact with our Professional Sales Team.
Also typing "cnszylslgw" in youtube to find surprises.

Additional photos
Lean Pipe Joints JYJ-3 for DIY Furniture
lean pipe joints
Lean Pipe Joints JYJ-3 for DIY Furniture
3 ways connector
Lean Pipe Joints JYJ-3 for DIY Furniture
pipe joints
Lean Pipe Joints JYJ-3 for DIY Furniture
metal pipe joints
Lean Pipe Joints JYJ-3 for DIY Furniture
metal complete joints
Lean Pipe Joints JYJ-3 for DIY Furniture
lean pipe joint
Lean Pipe Joints JYJ-3 for DIY Furniture
lean tube joints
Lean Pipe Joints JYJ-3 for DIY Furniture
tube joints

Company Information (Shenzhen Yongliansheng Hardware&Plastic Products Co.,Ltd)

Company Profile:

Shenzhen Yongliansheng Hardware&Plastic Products Co.,Ltd.China
The professional manufacturer specializes in materials of Pipe and Joint system, roller track and their related accessories.

Your target products can be the combinations of our materials(pe/abs coated pipes, roller tracks, metal joints.etc)

Such as office facilities, warehouse and storage racking equipments, production lines, containers, display racks, furnitures and other house appliances etc, the aboved worktable and practical products can be recycled nimbly according to the specific requirements.

Our company was established in a 300 square meters cottage like house being of simple and common parts in the year of 2000. In the following years, it has been focusing on updating and perfecting its products, and the innovative products are well accepted by our clients, then we relocated into the new workshop of 1800 square meters. Now, in order to comply with market changes and ever-increasing requirements of customers, our company expands both in area and in scale the third time. we are making efforts to be a leading supplier of One-stop shopping. In the future, we would like to be the strategic partners with you, it will be very appreciated sincerely if you built the future with us.

Our general manager insists on his managing philosophy of HAPPINESS as the culture core. Happiness Culture(输出快乐,回收快乐,只为快乐,必然快乐. Which is as follows:Happiness is a positive and optimistic affection and its the optimum mood among Happiness, Fury, Anxiety, Ponder, Sadness, Fear, Surprise. In the mean time, it is positive interaction of the surroundings. It is a kind of devotion, which makes others happy and then you will be happy in return. Happiness is our faith, you give happiness, you gain happiness, for happiness, be happiness, only in this way, can we understand and enjoy the atmosphere of happiness, then we work and live happily forever,. >> More

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B/C Building, Tianjia Industrial Park, No.4 Dongfang Road, Songgang Avenue Shenzhen Bao'an District 518000



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Miss Lynn Wu- Send Email Now!




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