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Selling Leads: LED KL5LM(A) miner lamp

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LED KL5LM(A) miner lamp
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Date Added: 04/24/2015
Last Updated: 04/24/2015
Expiry Date: 04/21/2025

LED KL5LM(A) miner lamp
Page Views: 4934
Date Added: 04/24/2015
Last Updated: 04/24/2015
Expiry Date: 04/21/2025
Product/Service Details
LED KL5LM(A) miner lamp
battery miners lamp , miners cap lamp , LED KL5LM(A) miner lamp chinacoal01

Product Introduction
KL5LM miners’ lamp is a new type of environmental-friendly lamp, which is adopted the most advanced 1w LED made by Lumileds Lighting Company and lithium batteries. This kind of miners' lamp can be applied in flammable and explosive environment such as coal mines, chemical industry, oil and road transportation, also can be applied in other mobile lighting places. KL5LM miners' lamp got flameproof certificate ratified by National Coal Mining Machinery Quality Supervision and Testing Center. KL5LM miners' lamps are designed based on GB7857-2003”General requirements for safety of miners' lamp”and MT927-2004 ”KL miners' lamp”, which have characteristics of small size, light weight, long service life, free of maintenance, environmental protection. 1. Move the switch to the main light source position if necessary, the main Main illumination will light.
2. miners' lamps could work continuously or intermittently, Turn on left/right rotary switch to adjust the light source when in the use of it.
3. The rated working current of miners' lamps’ main light source is 0.25A, which can be illuminated for more than 20 hours; the rated working current of secondary light source is 0.12A, which can be illuminated for more than 40 hours when only use of it. The secondary light source can be available when main light source is failed or overworked to ensure the lamps can long-life work.
4. This product has discharging protection function; when the battery is discharged to cut-off voltage of 2.9V, protection device will start automatically and turn off the discharge loop, the miners' lamp is off and should recharge the battery before use.
5. Move the switch to secondary light source position if main light source is failed or secondary light source is needed
6. The range of CT is from 3000k to 8000k. It could be chosen according to your requirement within the allowable range.

Main Parameter
Technical Data for  KL5LM
No. Item Value Unit Note
1 Rated voltage 3.7 V   
2 Rated Capacity 5 Ah  
3 Lighting time Principal >20 hr  
Auxiliary >40
4 illumination Start of lighting >4500 Lx 1.2m away from the lamp
lighting for 11hours >3000
5 LED luminous flux(Main illumination) 80-100 Lm  
Current Main illumination 0.25 A  
Sub illumination 0.12  
Voltage 3.6 V  
6 BATERY Capacity 5 AH  
Amperage of charge 600 Ma Intelligent charger 
Battery Life 500 Cycle time  
Battery storage life 2 year  
U can choose the ray color: white,beige,yellow and orange ray.
Battery box size: 78*76*30 mm
Package Size:   118*112*148mm
The weight: 0.5KG (light)
             0.8KG(include charger and package)

Additional photos
  • LED KL5LM(A) miner lamp
    LED KL5LM(A) miner lamp battery miners lamp , miners cap lamp , LED KL5LM(A) miner lamp chinacoal01

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Shandong China Coal Industrial&Mining Supplies Group Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as china coal) is a group company, which is a collection of e-commerce, machinery manufacturing, software, research and development, modern logistics of large diversified industrial group. The group has 100 million yuan registered capital , with more than 1100 employees. China coal is a professional manufacturing base of mines support equipment, transport equipment, lifting equipment, spray equipment, drilling equipment, ventilation equipment, lifting equipment and other products, as well as research and development new product and mine construction products with advanced high technology. In order to development of international trade , expansion overseas market, china coal established international trade branch company and import and export branch company. China coal actively expand foreign trade channels based on a good market image, brand, modern information platforms and capital protection. Based on the trading diversification strategy, the group established a chain loop trading system which is with import and export trade of the mining equipment as a core, the resources and market as the elements. China coal also formed a overseas sales team, that covers English, French, German, Portugal, Italy, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, and more than 10 language professionals to explore broader international markets on the Internet. At present, the group signed up for "china coal" trademark in the European Union, United States, Russia, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Macao, Singapore, Indonesia, Israel, and other countries, also get the right to use the trademark of the United Kingdom and Taiwan. Hundreds kinds of products such as tunnel boring machine, coal cutter machine etc. is exported more than 60 countries and regions which are the United States, Australia, Germany, Russia, Spain, France, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Georgia, Austria, and Colombia. China coal is to establish long-term, broader economic and trade cooperation and strategic partnership with a number of large state-owned enterprises and customers, and won the unanimous approval of them. China coal has succeeded in passing a number of certification systems which are ISO9001, 2008 quality management system certification, United States ANAB management system certification, United Kingdom international authoritative certification bodies UKAS quality management system certification, SGS certification (made in China), Alibaba GIS certification. She has also obtained a variety of honor which are China excellent enterprise of mechanical industry, China equipment manufacturing operation top 10 enterprises, national reputation for quality assured supplier, China credit certification system demonstration unit, national quality trustworthy product for conformity assessment, national consumer satisfaction units, China AAA level quality trustworthy enterprise and Chinese e-commerce company credit rating AAA level credit Enterprise.

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