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Mobile phone sim card for operator
Page Views: 2670
Date Added: 03/22/2016
Last Updated: 03/22/2016
Expiry Date: 03/20/2026

Mobile phone sim card for operator
Page Views: 2670
Date Added: 03/22/2016
Last Updated: 03/22/2016
Expiry Date: 03/20/2026
Product/Service Details
Our mobile phone sim card include GSM sim card , WCDMA /LTE usim card , CDMA 1X/EVDO uim card , NFC swp cards , GSM test sim card , WCDMA /LTE test sim card , CDMA EVDO test sim cards , NFC test sim card.
Feature :
1.Material:PVC plastic
2.Size : CR80 Standard size 85.6*54MM or customized
3.thickness:0.68mm or 0.80mm
4.Chip : 6pin or 8pin
5. Plug-in size: Mini(2FF), Micro(3FF) , Nano(4FF)
6.Can be programmable ICCID , IMSI , PIN , PUK , SMSG, PRLetc.
Technical details:
Support many UTK mobile value added application in the CDMA network
Compatible to both GSM and CDMA network
Support the OTA method of downloading updates of applications
Security Verification algorithm:
GSM: A3A8 algorithm (COMP128-1/2/3)
CDMA: CAVE algorithm Revision C
DES/3DES: encryption/decryption algorithm
Support internal back-up mechanism so as to maintain data integrity
User card EEPROM memory size is selectable at 32k-512k
Contains Anti-cloning security protection

-Matching the standards of GSM11.11,GSM11.12,GSM11.14,GSM11.17.
-Matching the standard of ISO7816.
-Modularization design that is convenient to realize new functions .
- Optimized file management system, which supports file access path selection.
- STK data encrypt and checkout match the GSM03.48 standard absolutely.
- Supporting the norm of the China Mobile OTA2,the little assistant of no agony, Mass Storage Telephone Book,Group Sending Short Message etc.
- Supporting inner backup mechanism to insure the data Integrality.
- supporting T=0 transmission protocol,Communication velocity supports 372/1 and 512/8.
- Having the function that against inserting and pulling out of card when power on,and abnormal power off.
- Supporting the algorithm of DES,3DES,COMP128-1 and have protection against attacking mechanism.
- Supporting the function of the circuitry encrypt and circuitry secrecy,preventing communication data against being stolen or juggled unlawful .And it can be used to check out the data integrality.
- Agile individuation instructions not only insure the require of safety management but also can satisfy all kinds of Customerís requires of pluralistic STK functions.

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  • Mobile phone sim card for operator
  • Mobile phone sim card for operator

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Green Card Shenzhen Co.,ltd is located in 5/F,West,B2 Building,Anle industrial district, ,Hangcheng Road, Bao'an, Shenzhen,China for 8 years.We are professional engaged in the production of mobile phone sim card , test sim card and sim card reader . The products mainly include GSM SIM CARD, CDMA /EVDO SIM CARD , WCDMA LTE USIM CARD , GSM TEST SIM CARD , CDMA /EVDO TEST SIM CARD, WCDMA LTE TEST SIM CARD , NFC TEST SIM CARD ,contact IC cards, contactless IC cards, paper cards, composite cards, portrait cards, phone cards, barcode cards, magnetic stripe cards, VIP cards, and other materials cards, contacts IC card reader, contactless IC card reader and Card printers etc. Give full play to the company located in the SAR, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao's advantages, based in Shenzhen, across the country; Constantly import advanced production equipment, and strive to explore new technologies in card production, coupled with the enterprise has a dedication of high-quality personnel, to establish a quality, cheap, efficient, and comprehensive after-sales and good reputation corporation image. "Customer First" is the company’s belief, Strict in production design, manufacturing, sale and service to provide quality products and services. The good reputation has won more customer’s trust and support, sales and services across all parts of the country, some products sell well overseas.Adhering to the market-oriented technological innovation as a leader, we strive to become the leader in the industry,we expect to become your faithful friend and partner, to build each other a win-win benefits for the future.

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