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Surgical Resources Group LLC
Surgical Resources Group buys and sell surgical supplies and equipment. We are an independent distributor of Covidien, Ethicon, Bard, Medtronic and more brands. >>

Supplier: Surgical Resources Group LLC

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BMI of Texas
BMI of Texas provides bariatric surgery, gastric bypass, gastric ballon, gastric bypass surgery, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric sleeve, weight loss surgery, obalon surgery, weight loss balloon surgery and gastric bypass surgery in San Antonio. Whether y.. >>

Supplier: BMI of Texas

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SecureMedsrx.co objective is to encourage customers worldwide with genuine, precise, suitable and specialized wellness information and tools to better manage their wellness, provide better care to sufferers, and lead healthier and happier lives. >>

Supplier: securemedsrx

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Bowmanville Eye Centre
Optometrist in Bowmanville Dr. Subadra Arun provides the Bowmanville and Clarington areas with comprehensive eye care for the whole family at Bowmanville Eye Centre. We are conveniently located in the Bowmanville Health Centre on 222 King Street East.. >>

Supplier: Bowmanville Eye Centre

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Advocates for World Health Inc.
A not for profit corporation that distributes medical equipment and supplies to healthcare providers worldwide. Donate medical supplies, donate surgical supplies, donate medical equipment. >>

Supplier: Advocates for World Health Inc.

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Lullaby Sleep Consultant
Lullaby Sleep Consultant is a sleep coaching business that helps babies and toddlers sleep through the night and take blissful naps. However, babies are not born with the capacity to fall asleep on their own, it’s a skill they must learn. And that’s .. >>

Supplier: Lullaby Sleep Consultant

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Supplier: Drugdu Technology Co., Ltd

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Cortisone Injection
Dmitri Petrychenko Interventional Pain Management Clinic in NYC (NY) was established to help patients with various stages and types of complex, acute, and chronic pain, such as failed back syndrome, facet joint arthralgia, complex regional pain syndr.. >>

Supplier: Cortisone Injection

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Surgical & Diabetic Supplies
Welcome to ‘Welcare Surgical & Diabetic Supplies’. Where you’ll find affordable quality solutions for all of your home healthcare needs. With a full range of medical equipment and medical supplies in Bronx , New York, ‘Welcare Surgical & Diabetic Sup.. >>

Supplier: Surgical & Diabetic Supplies

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Motion Health Group NZ - Rothwell Ave
Motion Health is a unique group of physiotherapy and wellness practices fuelled by a passionate vision to bring optimal lifelong physical health to all New Zealanders. Motion Health Group is led by New Zealand physiotherapist Andy Ross. Andy has been.. >>

Supplier: Motion Health Group NZ - Rothwell Ave

New Zealand 06/07/18 932 Offline Contact Now

Life Time Athletic Burlington, a new fitness center, recently opened at 186 Middlesex Turnpike ... which has 135 locations in the United States and Canada. Built on the site of a former one-story office building, the Burlington facility offers. >>


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Medical equimpment for vitiligo and skin beauty
manufacture kinds of medical device,UV lamp for vitiligo,colposcope,pdt machine for skin beauty,hair loss treat machine,patient monitor.complete production lines,professional design ,good quality ,competitive price . >>

Supplier: Kernel medical equipemnt Co,ltd

China 06/02/18 631 Offline Contact Now

Back In Motion
We provide leading physiotherapy, clinical Pilates, massage, and exercise and rehab services in 100 locations right across Australia. We have one-on-one and semi-private classes and because our services are delivered by physios, you can claim them on.. >>

Supplier: Back In Motion

Australia 05/22/18 347 Offline Contact Now

The Willows Senior Living
The Willows, located in Bellingham, Washington is a senior apartments and retirement community providing the finest care and community in the Whatcom County area. Come home to a welcoming retirement living community, a fir-lined setting, and a Bellin.. >>

Supplier: The Willows Senior Living

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Destiny MedSpa
Destiny Med Spa offers total body improvement and an integrative approach to health, beauty, and wellness.Experience a Spa environment, with dependable medical professionals, and Spa treatments. We invite you to look at the website so you can discov.. >>

Supplier: Destiny MedSpa

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Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Echo80 From Meditech
ECHO80 AMBULATORY BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR Echo80 Many studies have now confirmed that blood pressure measured over a 24-hour period is superior to clinic blood pressure in predicting future cardiovascular events and target organ damage. It's mainly f.. >>

Supplier: Meditech Equipment Co .,Ltd (Meditech Group

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Laser & Mohs Dermatology of NYC
As science progresses and medical intervention becomes more specific and targeted, you benefit from less invasive techniques, decreased recovery time and a reduction in aftercare issues. Your Manhattan dermatologist uses EVLA to target the underlying.. >>

Supplier: Laser & Mohs Dermatology of NYC

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Tarot Cards Reading
add 24 hours all credit cards More and more people are calling psychics because they want to know what life has in store for them and they want answers. Call Psychic Now gives you the opportunity to connect with psychics, clairvoyants and mediums to .. >>

Supplier: Tarot Cards Reading

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Family dentistry
Dr. Doktorman delivers quality therapies for a lifetime of strong, healthy smiles. As an experienced general dentist, he understands the importance of proper preventive care to maintain oral health and keep minor problems from creating major damage. .. >>

Supplier: Family dentistry

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Meditech Defibrillator Co
Meditech was founded in 1998, is a group dedicated to provide state-of-the-art Medical Equipment with top-ranking quality and outstanding reputation. As one of the leading medical equipment manufactures, we are involved in R&D, manufacturing and mark.. >>

Supplier: Meditech Defibrillator Co

Australia 02/14/18 623 Offline Contact Now

Pengilang peralatan Hospital di India DESCO
Bilik Deluxe saintifik Surgico Pvt Ltd digelar Desco India adalah pembuatan perabot Hospital perubatan di bawah jenama Desco sejak tahun 2005. Kami adalah syarikat perkilangan yang paling pesat berkembang di India. Kami bermula sebagai sebuah syarika.. >>

Supplier: Deluxe Scientific Surgico Pvt Ltd

India 03/30/17 1391 Offline Contact Now

Mata GH
Mata dan visi penjagaan disesuaikan untuk semua peringkat umur dari kanak-kanak untuk warga tua. Perkhidmatan peribadi termasuk peperiksaan Mata; Perkhidmatan kanta sentuhan; cermin mata; rawatan penyakit mata dan gangguan; dan pemeriksaan orang yang.. >>

Supplier: GH Eye

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Pusat Kesihatan Integra
Pusat Kesihatan Integra adalah di Toronto s moden boutique Klinik Kesihatan menyediakan paling komprehensif Perkhidmatan di bawah satu bumbung. Hubungi hari ini (416) 777-9355 >>

Supplier: Integra Health Centre

United Kingdom 12/09/16 2085 Offline Contact Now

Asli Candida rugosa Lipase
Candida rugosa lipase diketahui catalyze hydrolisis reaksi, terutamanya pengeluaran asid ricinoleic. Laman web: http://www.creative-enzymes.com/product/Native-Candida-Rugosa-Lipase_1715.html >>

Supplier: Creative Enzymes

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X1 unit/kerusi pergigian dari Cingol
1. KESELAMATAN Keselamatan berhenti kecemasan kawalan peranti kerusi pergigian interlock sistem kecemasan kerusi kedudukan air-bekalan elektrik-udara dengan satu butang suis sistem air-bekalan elektrik-Reka bentuk struktur pemisahan udara 2. HUMANIZA.. >>

Supplier: Foshan Cingol Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd.

China 11/19/16 3588 Offline Contact Now

Institut Paredes wanita s pengimejan
Ellen Shaw de Paredes Institut wanita s pengimejan dikhaskan untuk pengesanan awal kanser payudara. Kami wanita terkenal s Kesihatan diagnostik dan Institut intervensional berpandukan prinsip-prinsip pengasas Dr. Ellen Shaw de Paredes, seorang pakar .. >>

Supplier: The Paredes Institute For Women’s Imaging

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tiub Pengumpulan darah
tiub Pengumpulan darah >>

Supplier: hebei xinle sci&tech co.,ltd

China 09/10/16 2926 Offline Contact Now

Mudah alih Mesh pengabut isi rumah Inhaler alat pernafasan peranti LFS jejaring Nebuliser A3
Pada masa kini, semakin ramai orang yang mengidap penyakit pernafasan, nebulization dalam merawat adalah lebih berkesan merawat penyakit respiratori. Tetapi di hospital, nebulization dalam merawat mengambil masa yang lama, membawa banyak kesulitan ke.. >>

Supplier: ShenZhen LFS Medical Device Co.,Ltd

China 08/05/16 2735 Offline Contact Now

Smart Diod laser untuk terapi
Sistem laser terapi kami Zuhal dan Mercury menyediakan kedalaman penembusan tisu lebih mendalam dan akhirnya akan memberi satu dos yang mengakibatkan diulang hasil yang positif, dengan handpiece terapi profesional kami. Laser GaAIAs jenis Diod laser.. >>

Supplier: Pioon Laser Technology Co.,LTD

China 07/07/16 2487 Offline Contact Now

AX31 Ventilator kecemasan
AX31 digunakan untuk First-Aid, ambulans, keadaan kecemasan dan mengangkut pesakit di hospital. Ia boleh digunakan untuk pesakit dewasa dan kanak-kanak. Ciri-ciri: Fungsi pelbagai, Reka-bentuk yang padat, mudah untuk mengambil, merancang untuk pengan.. >>

Supplier: AHT INC

China 07/06/16 2679 Offline Contact Now

Instrumen pembedahan dan pergigian
ALHAFIZ SURGICARE adalah seorang profesional (ISO, CE Mark disahkan, FDA berdaftar) pengeluar dan pengeksport bandar sialkot, kami menghasilkan semua jenis instrumen pembedahan, pergigian, perubatan dan Kecantikan sejak bertahun-tahun. Produk utama k.. >>

Supplier: Alhafiz Surgicare

Pakistan 06/25/16 2880 Offline Contact Now

AX31 AHT Ventilator kecemasan
Description/kawalan: AX31 digunakan untuk First-Aid, ambulans, keadaan kecemasan dan mengangkut pesakit di hospital. Ia boleh digunakan untuk pesakit dewasa dan kanak-kanak. Ciri-ciri: Fungsi pelbagai, Reka-bentuk yang padat, mudah untuk mengambil, m.. >>

Supplier: AHT INC

China 06/23/16 2423 Offline Contact Now

Spesifikasi AK10 + monitor pesakit
Permohonan: Ciri-ciri sisi katil: 10.4 resolusi tinggi TFT, warna, sentuh skrin rekabentuk Modular dan no-kipas membawa 12 ECG ST dan aritmia analisis SPO2 perfusion rendah indeks sehingga 0.005cc tiga lampu penggera juga membezakan teknikal dan fisi.. >>

Supplier: AHT INC

China 06/23/16 2317 Offline Contact Now

Unit Electrosurgical frekuensi radio
Model: RFS - 4000K Radiofrequency teknologi: Radiofrequency tinggi 1.5-4.5 MHz peranti terbaik dan teknologi yang paling maju untuk Unit electrosurgical frekuensi tinggi. Ia adalah instrumen pembedahan Radiofrequency (1.5-4.5 MHz) yang pertama di Chi.. >>

Supplier: Beijing Greenland Co., Ltd.

China 05/18/16 2610 Offline Contact Now

Pembalut Greenovo
Bioteknologi Greenovo Co., LTD adalah jenis baru Bioperubatan bahan penyelidikan, pembangunan, pengeluaran dan pemasaran perusahaan berteknologi tinggi. Tidak seperti lain-lain peranti hemostatic, produk Greenovo akan kelambu dengan kaolin, mineral b.. >>

Supplier: Greenovo Bandage Biotechnology Co.,LTD

China 03/16/16 2419 Offline Contact Now

IVF vitrification rod
Vitrification IVF pembekuan rod 【 Model 】 [U.S.-IVF002] 【 guna 】 1. digunakan untuk embrio koleksi 2. embrio pembekuan pemeliharaan 3. cecair nitrogen suhu persekitaran pemeliharaan embrio dan oocyte 【 bahan 】.. >>

Supplier: USN IVF medical technology Co., Ltd

China 10/07/15 3007 Offline Contact Now

Halaju bagi denyutan jantung bayi untuk dijual
Doppler bagi bayi denyutan jantung untuk dijual dengan dua paparan termasuk paparan nombor dan bentuk gelombang yang memaparkan skrin besar dengan latar dengan suara lantang yang di-Pertua bateri boleh dicas semula Doppler janin ini direka untuk meme.. >>

Supplier: Shenzhen Luckcome Technology Inc., ltd

China 08/31/15 3609 Offline Contact Now

Mesin ECG
12 serentak membawa pengambilan ECG dan paparan 3 serentak membawa ECG percetakan dengan warna TFT 7 inci 800 x 480 kertas 80mmthermal bateri terbina dalam dicas semula litium papan kekunci abjad angka LCD, mencetak sehingga 1080 ECG laporan terbina .. >>

Supplier: Shenzhen ECGMAC Medical Electronics CO.,LTD

China 06/05/15 4325 Offline Contact Now

Model LZL-21 lanjutan mikroskop Multifunction operasi
Model LZL-21 adalah yang pelbagai fungsi berteknologi tinggi pembedahan mikroskop ciri-ciri yang paling maju antara model seumpamanya. Ia boleh digunakan dalam pelbagai bidang seperti E.N.T. pembedahan, neurosurgeri dan pembedahan ophthalmic, dll; te.. >>

Supplier: Inex groupp

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Komputer riba perubatan Ultrasound USG
Spesifikasi teknikal: Saiz Monitor sepanjang 9.7 inci TFT warna penukaran imej LCD (1024 * 768) atas/bawah, kiri/kanan, B mod paparan warna hitam putih, B/B, 4B, B + M, M mengimbas mod Convex/Linear ukuran umum pengukuran jarak, sudut, kawasan, isipa.. >>

Supplier: Sichuan Canyearn Medical Equipmrnt Co.,Ltd.

China 05/08/15 3589 Offline Contact Now

Zeiss Humphrey 710 FDT dengan komputer riba
Zeiss Humphrey 710 FDT dengan Laptop komputer FDT vVew perisian pencari, pencetak, dan 30 hari jaminan www.islandmedic.com >>

Supplier: Island Medic

Amerika Syarikat 03/30/15 4425 Offline Contact Now

Nikon Eclipse TE-200 terbalik ini menghindarkan kalajengking dari & mikroskop Brightfield
Model TE2000 yang menggabungkan kepersisan tinggi motor fokus dan anjakan mekanisme optik tanpa getaran laluan yang memudahkan tangkapan imej 3D. Model TE2000 adalah model yang sejagat yang datang standard dengan empat output Port. www.islandmedic.c.. >>

Supplier: Island Medic

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Gastroscope Pentax EG-2990i
-CTH-2990i - HD - PENTAX VIDEO GASTROSCOPE - definisi tinggi - keadaan baik!!! OEM - BERKILAT TIUB SISIPAN, Semua ANGULATION LICIN - LICIN adalah ANGULATION, imej yang indah - ANGULATION: Atas/bawah: 210/120 darjah, kiri/kanan: 120/120 darjah - memas.. >>

Supplier: Island Medic

Amerika Syarikat 03/30/15 4628 Offline Contact Now

Gigi palsu Ivobase pemprosesan
Ivoclar Vivadent membentangkan sistem pangkalan data yang baru, yang dipanggil prostesis IvoBase. Sistem baru ini membolehkan juruteknik pergigian untuk membuat prostesis tisu yang digunakan dengan ketepatan yang tinggi, automatik sepenuhnya kaedah .. >>

Supplier: Island Medic

Amerika Syarikat 03/30/15 4762 Offline Contact Now

Baru Tukar Vscan mudah alih Ultrasound
Pendaftaran kira-kira sama saiz iPhone atau smartphone lain, GE Vscan ialah pertama poket ultrasound sistem tanpa wayar. Ia mungkin cukup kecil untuk dimuatkan dalam poket anda, tetapi kuat cukup untuk menjalankan kebanyakan aplikasi yang sama sebag.. >>

Supplier: Island Medic

Amerika Syarikat 03/30/15 5522 Offline Contact Now

VetScan VS2 adalah satu state-of-the-art kimia, electrolytes, immunoassay dan darah gas analyzer memberikan ketepatan relaks sahaja dua titis darah keseluruhan, serum atau plasma. VetScan VS2 adalah sangat mudah dan intuitif, dengan antara muka peng.. >>

Supplier: Island Medic

Amerika Syarikat 03/30/15 6275 Offline Contact Now

Tebbets Retractor adalah produk pembedahan payudara. >>

Supplier: zeetig internatioanl

Pakistan 03/09/15 3333 Offline Contact Now

Skop peribadi / penglihatan pulih radas
Penglihatan pulih peralatan peribadi skop-EX spesifikasi 1) litar: sistem pengatur voltan 2) kitaran: kira-kira 5 minit 3) bateri: AA x 3 4) 5 penyesuai) saiz: badan utama: 14, 5 cm X 13.2 cm X 4.5 cm utama badan + telinga: 14.5cmX16.5cmX 4, 5 cm 6) .. >>

Supplier: hansaecorp

Korea (Selatan) 03/05/15 3467 Offline Contact Now

CE bertanda rutin dan perkhidmatan bersalin (Lithotripter) dengan x-ray(CS-2012A-3)
Keberkesanan yang hebat: dengan keberkesanan, fleksibiliti, rawatan bebas rasa sakit dan tempoh rawatan dikurangkan, perpecahan perduaan statik separa meningkatkan keberkesanan klinikal. Kemudahan: tiada keperluan peralatan khas. Dapat menyesuaikan d.. >>

Supplier: Suzhou XiXin Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd

China 02/04/15 3621 Offline Contact Now