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Screw Anchor
screw anchor wall plug >>

Supplier: Li Chuan Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Taiwan 09/20/18 27 Offline Contact Now

Cutting Tools for CNC Lathe, CNC Milling From Taiwan
Ayuhan is professional in the leading Cutting Tools field, such as CNC Milling / CNC lathe and so on. We've been exporting more than hundreds of products to Asia also have been running this successful business for 6 years. Always provide the 5 best .. >>

Supplier: Ayuhan

Taiwan 09/20/18 14 Offline Contact Now

Crust Form Board Production Line
Introduction: PVC (wood plastic) crust foam board adopts celuka technology to foam. compared with the surface of the free foaming, it is not only flat and smooth, but also it is featured by the stronger is much better than the free foaming bod.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/18/18 26 Offline Contact Now

FS-FPW Plastic Foam Extrusion Equipment
This production line is to form foam net. The raw materials of resin and others are fed into the hopper first, and the mixture will be heated in the barrel with the anti-shrinking agent and butane. After extrusion, the formed foam net will be pulled .. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/18/18 26 Offline Contact Now

PVC Spinneret Carpet/Mat Production Line
The plastic spray -spinnereted carpet(Medium)produced by this unit,make the plastic wire and the bubble sheet forming a composite film. Products have advantages of soft, anti-aging, easily cleaning, easy-to-use. Mainly used in guesthouses, hotels and.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/18/18 34 Offline Contact Now

PE、PP、PC Hollow Grid Sheet Production Line
PE 、 PP 、 PC Hollow Grid Sheet Production Line PC Hollow profile sheet exhibits extremely high light transmittance. This product is resistant to weather, fire, impact, and is light weight, insulates heat, and is resistant to UV rays.Som.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/18/18 20 Offline Contact Now

PE Carbon Spiral Pipe Machine
Features: ●Standard design pipes die ●Spiral distribution Spiral distribution type shunting body, large space of flows, ensure the melt has enough time to stay. ●Excellent design of low melting temperature, internal stress of pipes .. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/18/18 28 Offline Contact Now

HDPE Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line
Single-wall corrugated pipe is a new type plastic pipe.Compared with metal, ceramic, concrete and other pipes, double-wall corrugated pipe has many advantage such as lower weight, lower cost, erosion resistance, smooth inside-wall , high intensity, a.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/18/18 24 Offline Contact Now

PMMA Transparent Sheet Production Line
Introduction: PMMA sheet, commonly known as plexiglass. It is a thermoplastic with excellent light transmittance. It is based on methyl methacrylate as the main material, adding initiator, plasticizer and other polymerization. PMMA has excellent lig.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/18/18 26 Offline Contact Now

UPVC/CPVC Double Pipe Production Line
Introduction: The PVC plastic pipe produced by this PVC / UPVC / CPVC pipe production line can be widely used for water supply and drainage system. The pipe diameter of MAX.UPVC is OD 800 mm. This production line is the JBD series cone twin screw ex.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/18/18 19 Offline Contact Now

PET Packing Belt Production Line
Single screw or twin screw technique for option depending on the requirements. 100% recycled flakes can be used for production. Even plasticization and stable extrusion with PC automatic control for the full line. The dosing pump ensures continuous a.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/18/18 31 Offline Contact Now

Telescopic Tube Production Line
Introduction: The telescopic tube is also called the expansion joint expansion joint compensator; the corrugated compensator, the sleeve compensator, the square natural compensator, and other large types, among which the corrugated compensator is mor.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/18/18 32 Offline Contact Now

PVC Siding Plate Production Line
Introduction: Siding plate is applied in house, office building, villa and wall protection due to it’s top layer covered with PVC, ASA or PMMA, it can be used in hot, cold dry or wet place bearing long time sun light, wind rain and bad weather. This .. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/18/18 25 Offline Contact Now

PVC Multi Hole Pipe Production Line
Introduction: PVC(PE)multi-hole pipe is also called plum blossom pipe just because its section likes plum blossom.It has the features of corrosion resistance,pressure resistance and high tenacity because of its structure of multi-pipe a.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/18/18 20 Offline Contact Now

ABS Thick Board Production Line
This production line developed by our comany with the high automstic,compact structure, high output and reasonable configuration. PP Thick Plate Extrusion Line PP thick plate, reinforced PP plate (3-30mm) has the features of hygiene, low density, goo.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/18/18 22 Offline Contact Now

Wavy Board Production Line
Wave tiles are made of modified fluorocarbon resin laminated modified PVC,PP,PC,U-PVC. The biggest difference between the product and the APVC anti-corrosion composite wave tile is: to improve the color durability and weather resistance of the APVC t.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/18/18 21 Offline Contact Now

Multi-Layer Pipe Production Line
Multi-layer Pipe production line is suitable to produce PP-R, PP, PE, PE-RT, PE-X,PB Multi layer pipes. The line uses three extruder for co-extrusion, adopts PP-R, PE, or PP as main material, the middle layer is glass fiber or other plastics. Multi-L.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/18/18 22 Offline Contact Now

PET Sheet Production Line
PET plastic extrusion sheet unit has compact structure and superior performance. Screw, barrel optimized design, and the use of high-performance alloy steel 38CrMoAiA professional processing, so that the entire machine has a plasticized uniform, stab.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/18/18 24 Offline Contact Now

PVC Fiber Pipe Production Line
This kinds of pipe is made of three layers structure.The inner and outer layers will be made of PVC plastic and the middle layer is made of terylene fibre reinforced net.The pipe is suitable for the conveying of corrosive gas or liquid.It can be wide.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/18/18 22 Offline Contact Now

PVC Free Foamed Board Production Line
This production line consists of special twin screw extruder, mould abnd auxiliary machines, our company will offer formulation and full sets of technology of the complete processes. The production line has the advantages of large output,stable extru.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/18/18 17 Offline Contact Now

HIPS Multi Layer Sheet Production Line
This production line is capable of continuously producing mono-layer or multi-layer PE, PP, ABS, PS, PMMA, ASA, HIPS plate and sheet with the width less than 3000mm and thickness of 0.25-30mm. the products are widely used in the field of refrigerator.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/17/18 16 Offline Contact Now

XPS Heat Insulation Foamed Plate Extrusion
Introduction: This production line has a perfect closed-pore alveolate struture. Its density, water absorption, coefficient of heat conducing and the coefficient of steam pervasion are all lower than those of other bard heat preservation materials an.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/17/18 15 Offline Contact Now

PVC Stone Plastic Floor Board Production Line
PVC stone-plastic floor production line can realize the extrusion, hot-film color decoration layer and wear-resistant layer, and can be completed on the same equipment at one time. Introduction: PVC stone-plastic floor production line can realize the.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/17/18 20 Offline Contact Now

PVC Window Profile Board Production Line
Wood plastic profile extrusion line is mainly used in extruding door and window profile, window sill, wood-plastic indoor decoration profile, wood-plastic outdoor decoration profile, etc. Introduction: PVC WINDOW profile extrusion line is mainly used.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/17/18 21 Offline Contact Now

PVC Bathroom And Kitchen Cabinet Board Machine
PVC bathroom board and kitchen cabinet board is also called PVC crust foam board, PVC Celuka board or PVC Skinning board. It is made by PVC foam board production line. Qingdao JBD Machinery Co., Ltd is the company focus on the PVC foam board producti.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/17/18 21 Offline Contact Now

Steel Winding Pipe Production Line
Our company absorbs latest technologies from both home and aboard for large diameter HDPE pipe production line and FR-PP pipe production line.It can produce large diameter 200-3200mm drainage pipe.The pipe is increasingly becoming a mainstream produc.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/17/18 21 Offline Contact Now

Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel Production Line
Aluminum plastic composite panel refers to a three-layer composite panel with plastic as the core layer and two sides of aluminum material. The surface of the product is covered with decorative and protective coatings. Layers or films (collectively k.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/17/18 18 Offline Contact Now

PE Silicon Core Pine Pipe Prodction Line
PE Silicon Core Pine Pipe Production Line is mainly used in the production of composite cable casing which is made of polyethylene and silicone mixture synthesis extrude of a inner wall with permanent solid lubricants (i.e., silicone core), the machi.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/17/18 15 Offline Contact Now

Plastic HIPS Board Production Line
Introduction: 475 board, also known as HIPS board has a high impact strength and toughness, can be arbitrarily colored, molding processability, chemical resistance, electrical properties are good, rubber modified polystyrene, impact strength and toug.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/17/18 20 Offline Contact Now

630 PE Pipe Production Line
Introduction: PP/PE Production Line is mainly used in the production of agricultural drainage, water supply and drainage, and cable laying,etc. The unit consists of conical double/ parallel double extruder, mold, vacuum forming tank, multi-claw haul-.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/17/18 14 Offline Contact Now

PE Wood Profile Production Line
Introduction: Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), nowadays, is one of the most charming products in plastic industry. Thanks to concerns on our environment and enormous demands, WPC is becoming more and more popular all across the world. The market, now, h.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/17/18 16 Offline Contact Now

Pvc Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Machine
Introduction It consists of automatic feeding system,single screw extruder,die head,forming machine, winder. It is mainly produce PE/PP/PVC double wall corrugated pipe. Characteristics : Plastic single-wall corrugated pipes have features of high t.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/17/18 24 Offline Contact Now

Plastic PVC Wavy Board Production Line
Introduction: This kind plastic extrusion machine is for PVC roofing tile machine. The roof tile can be made according to client's requirement. The designs include: wave roof, glazed tile roof. The height of pitch also can be different height.The wid.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/17/18 23 Offline Contact Now

ABS Plastic Board Production Line
1. Product Description Plastic sheet/board extrusion line usually composed of extruders, screen changes, melt pumps, distributor, T-die, 3-roll calendar, cooling frame, haul-off unit, cutting of machine/winder and relative auxiliary machines, the raw.. >>

Supplier: Qingdao JBD Plastic Machinery

Kina 09/17/18 20 Offline Contact Now

travel motor
Our factory supply final drives and travel motor for all the crawler equipments with high quality and competitive price. >>

Supplier: LKC Hydraulic

Kina 09/12/18 103 Offline Contact Now

JRM Telehandler Telescopic Forklift
JRM Telehandler Telescopic forklift boom lift. 1 Max. rated load 3500kg. 2 Max. lifting height 6-14 meters. 3 Cummins or Perkins turbo charge diesel engine. 4 hydraulic transmission ,hydraulic joystick control valve. 5 LCD monitor. 6 four-wheel drive.. >>

Supplier: Fuqing JingRui Machinery&Equipment Co.,Ltd

Kina 09/10/18 96 Offline Contact Now

High quality pump manufacturer
Sunbo is a china manufacturer of Slurry pump. Sump pump, Gravel pump, Froth pump, Dredging pump, centrifugal mud pump And its spare parts. The pumps are deliver slurry with hard particle .in mining. metallurgy.coal washing .sewage water treatment,pow.. >>

Supplier: Shijiazhuang Sunbo Pump Co., Ltd

Kina 09/05/18 75 Offline Contact Now

3 in 1 function steel tube straightener machine KK-48B, construction machine
Model Function Price KK-‐48B KING of Straightening machines TBA other functions: derusting & painting Specifications Size(mm) Power Weight Speed L2400*W670*H1230 4KW 1150KG 6M/Mi.. >>

Supplier: KK Industrial co.,ltd

Kina 09/05/18 75 Offline Contact Now

tricone bit
TCI tricone bits 1.Cutting structure this type TCI tricone bits: The durability of premium tungsten carbide insert is improved with new formulas and new techniques for insert bit. 2.Gauge structure this type TCI tricone bits: Multiple gaugeprotect.. >>

Supplier: Hejian Longyue Drill Bit Manufacture Co.,Ltd

Kina 09/02/18 80 Offline Contact Now

Guangxi HeXiao Trade Co., Ltd is specialized in providing engineering machinery parts for wheel loader, excavator, grader, road roller and forklift truck. We also provide the service for various engine parts for LiuGong,SDLG,XCMG,ChangLin,ShanTui pro.. >>

Supplier: GuangXi HeXiao Trade Co.,Ltd

Kina 08/31/18 773 Offline Contact Now

enameled round aluminum wire
General Description of Enameled Round Aluminum Wire: Enameled aluminum wires are mainly used as an insulation electrical conductor in a wide range. Enameled aluminum wires are available in diameters from 0.20mm to 3.7mm with insulation paint. A.. >>

Supplier: Dezhou Huilong Electrican Materials Co.,Ltd

Kina 08/31/18 126 Offline Contact Now

Sputtering Target
Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) Corporation is a global supplier of various sputtering targets such as metals, alloys, oxides, ceramic materials. >>

Supplier: SAM Sputter Targets

USA 08/27/18 679 Offline Contact Now

poultry feed pellet mill
1.Used in production of high quality poultry feed, livestock feed and aquatic feed. 2.Gear drive, clamp type. 3.Capacity from 1t/h to 30t/h. Main drive adopts high accurate gear drive, with an output of about 15% higher than belt drive, and the die a.. >>

Supplier: Jiangsu Zhongtian Agro Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Kina 08/24/18 277 Offline Contact Now

Helmet testing machine pv module testing machine
We are helmet testing machine and pv module testing machine facotry We are is most professioanl manufacturer >>

Supplier: Dongguan HongTu Instrument Co.,Ltd

Sri Lanka 08/24/18 565 Offline Contact Now

hot runner system,temperature controller ,time controller and related products
We can tailor it according to your requirements and your products >>

Supplier: Shanghai Handling Hot Runner Technology Co., Ltd

Kina 08/23/18 913 Offline Contact Now

lapping film
Treeing Lapping Film is formed by binding precisely graded minerals to a water resistant and high strength 3mil polyester film. It provides a uniform, consistent finish, available in diamond, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, cerium oxide and silicon .. >>

Supplier: Beijing Treeing Material Co., Ltd.

Kina 08/19/18 799 Offline Contact Now

Weld-Delux LTD
We provide metal fabrication and mobile welding services in Aberdeen shire and the rest of UK. Stainless, Aluminium or regular carbon steel welding to suit your requirements. >>

Supplier: Weld-Delux LTD

Storbritannia 08/17/18 621 Offline Contact Now

spare parts
Dear: My name is Misha from China I found information on the Internet. It can be made part of Chinese equipment. We deal in spare parts for XCMG, XGMA , SDLG, LIUGONG, YTO,SEM,SHANTUI,WEICHAI,DEUTZ,YUCHAI ,XINCHAI,SHANGHAIDONGFENG ,HOWO, SHAC.. >>

Supplier: Jinan yuechi power machinery co.,ltd

Kina 08/15/18 813 Offline Contact Now

Midwest Valve Services
Midwest Valve Services, in Wausau, IL, provides control valves, steam traps, valve actuators, Bettis actuators, Fisher regulators, isolation valves, and valve repair. Whether your looking for actuator valves, actuators, natural gas regulators, valve .. >>

Supplier: Midwest Valve Services

USA 08/15/18 154 Offline Contact Now

Cina Tangki Nitrogen Cair 2L TIANCHI Produsen
Cina Tangki Nitrogen Cair 2L TIANCHI Produsen Keuntungan perusahaan: Henan Tianchi instrumen & Peralatan Co, Ltd Tangki nitrogen cair 2L umumnya dibagi menjadi tangki penyimpanan nitrogen cair dan tangki transportasi. Tangki penyimpanan hanya dapat .. >>

Supplier: Henan Tianchi Instrument & Equipment Co., Ltd.

Kina 08/02/18 771 Offline Contact Now

Factory hexen crystal hexen powder hexen hexedrone with best price
Product list BK-EBDP BK-DMBDB Dibutylone 4-CDC 4-CEC 4-MPD 4F-PHP MD-PHP (apperance:crystal and powder) 4C-PVP 4CL-PVP 5F-ADB FUB-AMB NM2201 HEXEN >>

Supplier: hubei aosina chem-tech Co.,ltd

USA 07/30/18 732 Offline Contact Now

N610017023AC Pressure Sensor original new for CM602
N610017023AC Pressure Sensor original new for CM602 Luyue supply CM602/CM402/NPM spare parts, all kinds of parts are in stock , original new and used . Part code : N610017023AC , 7-12 original new with best price , if you need it , wel.. >>


Kina 07/26/18 835 Offline Contact Now

Norweld are experts in designing and manufacturing heavy-duty aluminium ute trays and ute canopies for some of Australia’s harshest conditions, including a range of accessories to suit your vehicle. Norweld has two main divisions including our Alumin.. >>

Supplier: Norweld

Australia 07/24/18 291 Offline Contact Now

co2 laser cutting engraving machine price
Applicable industries: Applied to cloth,leather,toys,computer embroidery cutting, mould ,crafts ,bamboo and wood ,advertising and building decoration ,packaging and printing ,paper products industries. Applicable materials: Available for engraving an.. >>

Supplier: Jinan Yizhou Laser Technology Co.,Ltd

Kina 07/20/18 559 Offline Contact Now

wokaite 0.5ton Small Single Speed Electric Chain Motor Hoist for Hot Sale
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland) Brand Name: WOKAITE Model Number: SSDHL01-01,SSDHL02-01,SSDHL03-01,SSDHL05-02,SSDHL7.5-03,SSDHL10-04 Usage: Construction Hoist Power Source: Electric Sling Type: Chain Maximum Lifting Weight: 3.75ton Maximu.. >>


Kina 07/18/18 316 Offline Contact Now

warehouse storage racking
Warehouse storage pallet racking Selective Pallet Racking is the most widely used system for storing palletized goods. Each pallet is individually supported and independently accessible. A standard counter balance truck can be used in aisles 3.5 to .. >>

Supplier: Nanjing Ouman Storage Equipment Co.,Ltd

Kina 07/12/18 836 Offline Contact Now

Dedicated Power Group
Our experience in these fields is one built with a hands-on approach with a highly technical team involved from the beginning design stages all the way through to final product completion, installation and on-site commissioning followed by a reliable.. >>

Supplier: Dedicated Power Group

Sør-Afrika 07/09/18 457 Offline Contact Now

stainless steel water well drilling Johnson screens
6inch cheap water well screens for well drilling Water well screens are also known as Johnson screens, wedge wire screens, wire wrapped well screens, rod based well screens, continuous slot water well screens, vee shaped wire well screens, screen .. >>

Supplier: Oasis Oil Tools Co.,Ltd

Kina 07/09/18 1067 Offline Contact Now

Mattress tape edge sewing machine
Semi-automatic mattress edge tape machine. This mattress edge tape machine is mainly used for making the spring mattress,fabric and side surrounding edge material between the seam.It is popular with our customers. This mattress making machines is.. >>

Supplier: KIMKOO Mattress Machine & Equipment Co,.Ltd

Kina 07/09/18 1019 Offline Contact Now

JCT оборадо
Основные технологии: 1, ненасыщенные смол .. >>

Supplier: Foshan JCT Machinery Co., Ltd.

Kina 07/06/18 755 Offline Contact Now

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