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Date Added: 07/29/2015
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Page Views: 4886
Date Added: 07/29/2015
Last Updated: 07/29/2015
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A public address or " PA " system is an electronic amplification system with a mixer , amplifier and loudspeakers , used to reinforce a given sound, e.g. , a person making a speech, a DJ playing prerecorded music, and distributing the sound throughout a venue or building.

Simple PA systems are often used in small venues such as school auditoriums, churches, and small bars. PA systems with a larger number of speakers are widely used in institutional and commercial buildings, to read announcements or declare states of emergency. Intercom systems, which are often used in schools, also have microphones in each room so that the occupants can reply to the central office.

There is disagreement over when to call these audio systems Sound Reinforcement (SR) systems or PA systems. Some audio engineers distinguish between the two by technology and capability, while others distinguish by intended use, e.g. , SR systems are for live music, whereas PA systems are usually for reproduction of speech and recorded music in buildings and institutions). This distinction is important in some regions or markets, while in other regions or markets the terms are interchangeable.
Small PA systems

The simplest PA systems consist of a microphone, a modestly-powered mixer-amplifier (which incorporates a mixer and an amplifier in a single cabinet) and one or more loudspeakers. Simple PA systems of this type, often providing 50 to 200 watts of power, are often used in small venues such as school auditoriums, churches, and small bars. A sound source such as a CD player or radio may be connected to a PA system so that music can be played through the system.

Public address systems typically consist of input sources, preamplifiers and/or signal routers, amplifiers , control and monitoring equipment, and loudspeakers . Input sources refer to the microphones and CD Players that provide a sound input for the system. These input sources are fed into the preamplifiers and signal routers that determine the zones to which the audio signal is fed. The preamplified signals are then passed into the amplifiers. Depending on a country's regulations these amplifiers will amplify the audio signals to 50V, 70V or 100V speaker line level. Control equipment monitors the amplifiers and speaker lines for faults before it reaches the loudspeakers.
Larger PA systems

Some PA systems have speakers that cover an entire campus of a college or industrial site, or an entire outdoor complex (e.g., an athletic stadium).

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Aovoso Audio Technology Co.,Ltd(Aovoso Electronics Co.,Ltd) develops, manufactures, and markets highly reliable sound products of Commercial Sound System. Aovoso was incorporated in the year 2004 and began his business of manufacturing commercial PA sound system, providing applications of sound reproduction/reinforcement for a variety of venues such as conference halls,shopping malls,school auditoriums, churches, commercial buildings, industrial sites, gardens ,or an entire outdoor complex, etc. On the way from beginning to now, we did not stop to be committed to serving our customers and providing them with more service in the business,thanks to the in-depth experience accumulated in the past time, and based on newly most advanced technology,we strive to keep the concept allowing you to truly enjoy a superb experience of technological revolution. From the start, Aovoso has striven to push the technology development,we do so by developing and manufacturing our products for markets looking for the most bang-for-the-buck,please take a moment to look over our entire product line, get involved with our innovation and share in the excitement. Quality statement: Aovoso is committed to supply the customers with innovative products and services that conform to their requirements,our objective is always to meet or exceed their expectations. Aovoso is ISO9001 registered, we are committed to effective Quality Management at every level within the business. As we believe that this is critical to the success of our customers and products,the key elements of this strategy are: A strong management commitment to quality. Recruitment and retention of high calibre, experienced, well trained staff. Appropriate documented processes, procedures and controls. An ethos of continual improvement and challenge. Meeting all necessary legal and regulatory requirements. Our mission statement: Honesty and respect with our customers. Efficiency and austerity in the use of our resources. Creativity in the development of methods and ideas. Working in team to achieve the best working environment. Pledge of allegiance and solidarity with us and the environment. Service statement: Aovoso takes “customer-oriented”as our guiding philosophy. We will treat everyone we encounter as we wish to be treated, with integrity and respect. We work closely with our customers all over the world to impress our customers with the quality and timeliness of our services in a pleasant and friendly manner. We know sometimes you have very detailed and unique requirements, we'll gladly work with you to develop specific solutions.

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