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Date Added: 10/22/2016
Last Updated: 10/22/2016
Expiry Date: 10/21/2026

Page Views: 2800
Date Added: 10/22/2016
Last Updated: 10/22/2016
Expiry Date: 10/21/2026
Product/Service Details
We are a licensed breeding farm, we have healthy and beautiful parrots in stock for sale at very good prices. We have the following parrots in stock;

Macaws such as Hyacinth, Blue and Gold, Scarlet, severe, greenwing etc.
African Greys such Timneh and Congo.
Amazon Parrots.
Electus Parrots.
Senegal Parrots. 
Finches and just to name these few.
We also sell chicks as from 2 weeks old.
We sell young parrots, adults and breeding pairs.

Our parrots are vet checked, healthy, in good feather condition, hand raised and tamed. We can export worldwide. We assist our clients with processing of the CITES permit and health documents. Please contact us if interested.

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Company Information(Lore Parrots Home)

Company Profile:

Lore Parrots Home is a licensed breeding farm for exotic parrots and birds. We started off with a clear vision and the main principles of that vision still hold true today. In essence, it is about breeding parrots and birds in a way that encourages wildlife and the wide range of habitats it needs; breeding the parrots and birds, hatching eggs in our own farm premises; then supplying the parrots, birds and eggs direct to our customers at low prices and with a relatively low carbon footprint. What's more and since we started, we now directly support the Wildlife Trusts and give 5% of our takings to them. Our work and the way we operate has also been rewarded with a number of prestigious awards including the Silver Award for long term commitment to breeding conservation. We also have fresh and fertile parrots eggs available. We export our products worldwide.


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Contact Information

Mailing Address:
17 Al Shuhada Street, Dasman Kuwait City Kuwait 1216
Phone Number:
+965 2299 7001
Fax Number:
Contact person:
Mrs Amanda Lore- Send Email Now!