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Enramycin 4%,8%,10%
Description: The finished products of 4%,8%and 10% Enramycin Premix are dust-color powder, and have good fluidity. Introduction: Enramycin is peptide antibiotics which composed by an unsaturated.. >>

Supplier: Niki Chemie Ltd

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lincomycin premix 4.4% / 11%
Usage and Dosage suggestion: 1. For promoting growth and improving feed conversion ratio (g/ton): Piglet 100~200 Broiler 20~40 2. For preventing swine brown disease, and diarrhoea caused by bacter.. >>

Supplier: Wuxi Zhengda Biology Co., Ltd.

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Chandler jaluzele & obloane - fereastra Pro AZ
Fereastra Pro este sursa ta de tratament de premier fereastra pentru Chandler Arizona. Suntem specializati in perdele personalizate, draperii, nuante, blind-urile i obloane. Fereastra Pro este de nee.. >>

Supplier: Chandler Blinds & Shutters - Window Pros AZ

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Ivermectin 1 %
Compozitie: Contine per ml.: ivermectina 10 mg. solveni ad. 1 ml. Descriere: Ivermectin apartine grupului avermectins si actioneaza impotriva nematodelor si paraziti. Indicatii: Tratamentul nematodelor gastro-intestinale, pduchi, infectii lungworm.. >>

Supplier: Ainong Biotech Co.,LTD

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