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Tips for DMOZ Submission - Guaranteed DMOZ Listing

The DMOZ clearly states that it does not accept all sites. Actually, it rejects over 80% of sites submitted. Following are the most common reasons for submission rejection.

1. Submit a site without original content.

2. Choose a wrong category.

3. Submit the same site again and again within limited time.


Though it is difficult to get listed in DMOZ, we will show you how to improve the chance of listing.

1. Modify your site if it does not include detailed contact information. An email address is simply not enough. Include physical address or phone/fax number if possible.

2. Submit your URL to the best category. The Open Directory Project has a rich subject tree. Some categories are quite similar. In this case, consider your business location. If you are located in New York, do not choose North America or North America/United States. Rather, you should submit your site to North America/United States/New York.

Do we guarantee DMOZ directory listing?

Not. No one can guarantee listing by DMOZ.

In order to get listed in DMOZ, some webmasters apply to be a volunteer editor. After approval, they include their own URLs. This is a good idea to list your URLs in DMOZ. However, please obey all the DMOZ submission policies.