How To Make Batter For Fish Pacu

The pacu is a fish that feeds on fruit and seaweed. So to prepare your bait, make a mass that mimics the fruit, which is sweet. In addition, the pitch should mimic a fruit falling on the water to call the attention of the pacu. Do not use the sinker, because the bait goes very quickly to the bottom of the water. Being a fruit falls slowly. If you use a miçanga the movement will also be similar with the fruit. The pacu has a habit of eating in the morning and late in the afternoon. When the water is too hot, they go to the bottom to cool off.

And are, usually, at the end of the rapids waiting for the algae if you let go of the rocks and feed.

In places with preserved nature, you will find very large fish, according to Andrewfishing.

If left over the middle of the day for your fishing, and you want to see a pacu, prepare a background system to catch their fish. Using two hooks size 6, line 0.30 and sinker.

Options from Pasta to fish Pacu

1st Option

Mix half a cup of orange juice, 1 tablespoon of wheat flour and a spoon of red currant in a bowl, and go adding water gradually until the league.

Make into balls small (such a marble), and let distributed on a dry surface.

Bring water to the boil and cook the balls. When they rise, remove from the pan and pass in the flour of cassava. Let it cool, store it in a plastic bag and keep in the drawer of vegetables from your fridge.

You should prepare this mass on the eve of the fishery.

The 2nd Option

Mix a pound of flour, two packs of juice in the post (flavor strawberry or grape), and water until a dough consistent. If you feel the need, add more wheat flour.

Make small balls and go by placing in boiling water to cook. After five minutes the balls will float, remove them and spread on the flour of cassava. Save the marbles in a tin can tightly closed. After a week will be sour, the best phase to use.

To test if the recipe worked for you, play a little ball on the floor, if jump is all right. But if sticking to the floor is because the dough did not work.

The 3rd Option

Mix two measures of wheat flour, a measure of sugar, and the juice of passion fruit. Should turns into a hard mass. If you need to use more flour knitting, or garnish with passion fruit juice.

Make the balls the size of a marble, and cook in boiling water. Remove as soon as they rise to the surface of the pan and pass in cornmeal.

The 4th Option

Mix it in a container, a packet of juice powder guava or mango, a measure of wheat flour and one measure of corn meal. Go adding the milk slowly and stop when the dough is consistent, in a little that give to wind.

Make small balls and place in a saucepan with boiling water. Pass on wheat flour and save.

The ideal is to make polka dots of sizes different, according to the size of the fish that you are fishing.

If the marbles do not boiarem in the pan is because the mass is not in point.

The pasta should hide at least the tip of the hook.

Learn about the Pacu

Did you know that the pacu can reach 30 kg? Enough for a fish that eats vegetables. This weight should justify the fame of the good fight that many fishermen point.

Can be fished at any time of the year, and are always at the margins of large rivers. Where has the tree yielding fruit, have pacu.

Got to know what are all the types of dough to pacu? Ready to go fishing many pacus?