5 Tips for Swimming With Health

Have you ever thought to include swimming as a regular physical activity in your day-to-day? In addition to being considered a sport, swimming is also distinguished by being a practice of low impact. Which, consequently, offers a lower risk for the development of lesions. But this does not mean that you can start to swim from one time to another, without taking any care. In this way, we talked with the physical education professional, Manuela Dias Vieira, and we have selected some tips so you can enjoy all the benefits of the sport with health and safety. Check it out!

5 tips for swimming with health

1. Professional Guidance

The practice of all and any physical activity should have the assistance of a specialist, aiming to your best advantage according to the rhythm of the possibilities of each one. “Swimming is a sport that, theoretically, has no impact, since the water reduces by 70% the body weight. However, the repetitive use and exaggeration of the upper limbs can lead to Repetitive strain Injuries (RSI),” alert Manuela. “In addition, every sport has its risk of injury if performed incorrectly.In this way, it is of the utmost importance that the practice tell with the guidance and supervision of the professional of physical education at any age”, affirms the professional.

2. Free

To swim, there is a recommendation basic free: to pass through the shower before entering the water. It is also advisable to avoid the use of creams, hair oils and moisturizers the body before jumping in the water. Another important point is the use of the slipper rubber to circulate in the pool area, avoiding to carry the dirt to the water, in addition to help prevent accidents.

3. Stretching and Heating

Always, before you start the practice, it is important to perform stretches that target the major muscle groups and exercises to warm up the big joints. Already the heating should be done in the water and slowly, so that the system cardiorespiratory begin to feel the first effects of physical activity.

4. Basic Equipment

We recommend the use of bathing suits appropriate, such as the bathing suit “the swimmer” for women, and swimwear for men. In addition, the use of accessories such as swimming caps and swim goggles are also fundamental, since it helps to practice the exercise, improving the field of vision without irritating the eyes.

5. Power

Despite being a practice of low impact, swimming requires a lot of energy! For this reason, and to ensure a better performance and recovery, before and after the practice, it is essential to take care of the food and put together a menu of healthy. After all, approximately 30 to 60 minutes before you swim is to make a lightweight power and rich in nutrients. The most appropriate is the consumption of fruits and vegetables that may provide energy to practise the activity with success. Already after a swim, the ideal is to consume foods rich in proteins, which help in the recovery of the muscles.

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