Swimsuits for Your Body Type

With the warm feeling approaching we started that marathon to save the winter clothes and pull from the bottom of the chest the pieces of the summer. It is more or less like this: do a balance sheet to see what still serves after a period of cold and fondue. According to Songaah.com, we need to see what is necessary to buy or optimize to face the next season with style.

One thing is certain: regardless of the year end shopping, always will rest a little money to invest in a bathing suit legal. Who came in the wave of the swimsuit, in the past year, you can stay quiet, this piece is still high and can already be seen in many store windows cool.

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Large breasts:

For this profile of a woman, the ideal are bikinis with good support. They allow you to move between in the sea or swimming pool, take a swim and do anything without the within out of place. Comfort is everything, right? And nothing more annoying than to be on the within to within the bikini all the time! Pulled together tight, well-structured and bulges strong!

Small breasts:

For those who have breasts smaller, the ideal is to avoid bikinis that flatten the breast even more. The ideal is to tight with bojinho, which give the impression that the breast is bigger. The details such as caps, ribbons, embroidery and other elements, leaving the breast more voluminous. The ruffles can also help!

Small butt:

Who has the hip and butt less, should abuse of the prints graúdas, which give the impression that the area is more wide. The ruffles, flourishes, horizontal stripes and vibrant colors give value to the hip and are a great option for the more magrinhas. Look for bikinis bow on the side, they favor also!

Butt big:

Women with hips and butt bigger, stop thinking you should only use black! This has nothing to see! For this body type, we can find many legal options. The colors are different, it is only necessary to avoid the horizontal stripes and the prints graúdas. The geometric flourishes kids and poás are released, yes! You should avoid models with many details, type strips, ties and other elements that can leave the wider region!


This model of panties will leave you safe in addition to conceal that region we fondly call a fanny pack! Goes for all – magrinhas and chubby. I, particularly, I think a charm and I want to buy a model like that!



The piece that came back with force in the past year remains high in this summer 2012. It is a great option for those who do not want to show both the body, by being out of shape, shame or charminho the same. I love swimsuits, I have several and think they make me bonitona. Ready, I have spoken! In fact, this piece leaves you stylish, be in vogue, you will find many so beautiful and with good price!