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VIKO Electronics (Changzhou) Co., Ltd (23 Listings)
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VIKO Electronics (Changzhou) Co., Ltd

Company Overview

VIKO --- Your Reliable Library Security Solution Supplier

VIKO Electronics (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems and tags, including: electro-magnetic (EM) Security Strips (Tail Tags), EM Labels, EM Library Security Systems and EM Library Book Desensitizer & Resensitizer, widely used for Libraries, Bookstores, Movie Rental Stores, Video Stores, Pharmacy Stores, Hardware Stores, etc. All our EM Security Strips and EM Labels are compatible with 3M, Gateway, Dialoc or other standard EM Security Systems.

Our company is located in Yangtze River Delta, a well-developed and dynamic economic region of the east China, Changzhou city is around 180km away from Shanghai and 260km away from Hangzhou.

With a view to supply our customers with satisfied products and services, we are always dedicated ourselves to improving the quality of the products and unswervingly implementing the management mode with customer as center. We believe that we are your reliable partner in the field of EAS (electronic article surveillance) through our best solutions and excellent services. We are looking forward to sincere cooperation with you to create bright future and prospect.

  • Products/Service:

    magnetic strips, Electromagnetic Tags , EM adhesive tapes, EM adhesive strips, EM Security Strips, EM Library Book Strips, EM Library Tail Tags, 3M Tattle Tape, EM Library Security Sensor, electromagnetic system, electromagnetic theft protection system, electromagnetic detector, EM library exit, electromagnetic security system, EM Anti shoplifting Device, EM Bookstore Security System, Electromagnetic detectors installed at the library exit, EM Library Detection Systems, EM Library Security Systems, EAS gates, EM EAS Systems, anti-theft system, Anti-Theft Walk-Through Detection System, Theft Detection Systems, tag detachers, Library Anti-Theft Detectors, EAS EM Library Security System, EAS EM Antenna System, EM Library Anti-theft System, EM Security Gate System, EM Book Anti-theft System, EM Library Security Gate, EM Security & Protection System, Library Security Gate, Security for Library, EM Antenna, EM Pedestal, EM Desensitizer, Resensitizer, EM Bookstore Deactivator Pad, EM Library Book Desensitizer, Infrared Ray, EM Demagnetizer and Remagnetizer, EM Book Desensitizer, EM Library Desensitizer, EM Library Circulation Systems, EM Library Deactivator and Reactivator, Retail EM Deactivators, activation and deactivation of magnetic strips

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  • Year Established:


  • Number of Employees:


  • Total Annual Sales Volume:

    $1 Million - $10 Million

  • Contract Manufacturing if Applicable:

    OEM Manufacturing, Design Service

Trade Leads

  • Library Tail Tags Deactivable

  • EM adhesive tapes

  • EM adhesive strips

  • EM Library Book Strips

  • EM Library Tail Tags

  • EM Library Security Sensor

  • Library Magnetic Strips

  • Electromagnetic Theft Protection Systems

  • Library Anti-Theft Walk-Through Detection System

  • EM Security & Protection System

  • EM Book Desensitizer

  • Retail EM Deactivators

  • EM Library Circulation Systems

  • EM Demagnetizer , Remagnetizer and Verifier

  • 125mm Double Sided EM Security Strips

  • DVD Overlay with 2 EM Security Strips

  • DVD/CD Overlay with 1 EM Security Strips

  • EM (Electro Magnetic) Library Security Systems

  • EM EAS Library Security Systems

  • EM Library Anti-theft System

  • Infrared Ray EM Demagnetizer and Remagnetizer

  • EM Library Detection Systems

  • EM Bookstore Security Desensitizer

Contact Details

Contact Person:

Miss Cindy Zhu

Phone Number:

+86 519 82230053

Fax Number:

+86 519 82231053

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Street Address:

Wujin Hi-Tech District