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HaXun Technology Co.,ltd (19 Listings)
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HaXun Technology Co.,ltd

Company Overview

Haxun Technology is a leading manufacturer of computer electronics. Our key products are Embeded Motherboard,Touch Screen PC, POS, Kiosks, Digital Signage, Touch Screen AIO Computer.

As one of the leaders in the industry, we leverage our extraordinary research and development capabilities and state-of-the-art production facilities to constantly bring new product ideas and leading-edge innovations to the market. We endeavour to stay ahead of the industry to ensure success and competitiveness in serving the needs of our customers.

  • Products/Service:

    Below is our company hot sale product: 1.7inch Tablet PC: T7A1, T732, T7A3, T7W1. 2.IPC701 NFC Zigbee Tablet PC 3.10inch Tablet PC: T10A1, T10A2, T10R1, T10W1 4.K100 Mini PC: K100-HD-D2550, K100-HD-D525-ION2, K100-HD-E450, K100-HE-D2550-LVDS, K100-HE- D525-SIM, K100-HE-D525-2*RJ45 5.K300 Mini PC: K300-HD-D2550, K300-HD-D525-ION2, K300-HD-E450, K300-HE-D2550-LVDS, K300-HE- D525-SIM, K300-HE-D525-2*RJ45 6.K550 Mini PC: K550-HD-D2550, K550-HD-D525-ION2, K550-HD-E450, K550-HE-D2550-LVDS 7.K660 Slim Computer: K660-E3400, K660-i3 2120, K660-i5 2320 8.19inch Interactive Kiosk H19A/ H19B/ H19C/ H19D/ H19E 9.Wall-Mounted Kiosk PC-H6W 10.Stand Interactive Kiosk PC-H8S-A / PC-H8S-B 11.V2 POS(Point of Sale): P-502, P-511, P-526, P- 535 12.Fanless Industry PC IPC200-D2550 13.Wide Voltage Industry PC IPC500-D525/ IPC500-D2550 14.NT215 Win8 Tablet PC/ WINDOWS 8 Tablet PC 15.LCD Advertising Displayer AD-H5C/ AD-H2F PVC+Metal/ AD-W2H/ AD-W5F 16.Wall-mounted LCD Advertising Display AD-H3E/ AD-W3A 17.T1000 Android Mini Computer 18.Industrial Fanless Panel PC 19.K600 Mini PC K600-G530; K600-i3 2120 ;K600-i5 2320 Lydia.liu@szhaxun.com http://www.szhaxun.com

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  • Year Established:


  • Number of Employees:


  • Total Annual Sales Volume:

    $1 Million - $10 Million

  • Contract Manufacturing if Applicable:

    OEM Manufacturing

Trade Leads

  • K550 Mini PC

  • K600 Desktop Computer (HTPC)

  • Wide Voltage Industry PC

  • Fanless Industry PC

  • K660 Slim Computer

  • 19inch Interactive Kiosk

  • Industrial Fanless Panel PC

  • T1000 Android Mini Computer

  • K100 Mini Computer

  • Wall-Mounted Kiosk

  • K300 Desktop computer

  • V2 POS (Point of sale)

  • Stand Interactive Kiosk

  • LCD Advertising Displayer

  • Wall-mounted LCD Advertising Display

  • 7inch Android Tablet PC

  • NT215 Win8 Tablet PC

  • 7inch Tablet PC

  • 10inch Android Tablet PC

Contact Details

Contact Person:

Ms liu lydia

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Street Address:

7F Huangjia Commercial Plaza, Minzhi Avenue, Longhua Town,Baoan District