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ShenZhen Trustworthy Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (4 Listings)
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ShenZhen Trustworthy Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Overview

ShenZhen Trustworthy Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd is a professional environmental protection enterprises of Ozone system for water treatment and air purify . We mainly engaged in R & D, production, sales of Drinking water purifier series, indoor air disinfection machine series, the ozone water disinfection car series, central air-conditioning ventilation system disinfection equipment, refuse transfer stations air deodorization disinfection equipment and so on .
"Ozone Trustworthy" have a number of environmental technologies in related fields with its own intellectual property, technology and products in the world's leading standard . The company's most advanced, most effective, most economical solution can meet our customers a full range of quality requirements in air environment and water environment .
One of our leading technology polymer-electrolyte-membrane (PEM), make use of an electrically generated anode-cathode system capable of separating the atomic molecules of water. The anode and cathode, of different electrical charges, attract and pull apart the previously bonded Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms of water (H2O). Electrons from water molecules diffuse through a polymer membrane in opposing directions, separating Hydrogen atoms from Oxygen atoms from the water input source. Once Oxygen atoms remain in pure form, the atoms are exposed to high energy current to form tri-atomic Oxygen compounds, known as ozone (O3).
The PEM system, revolutionary to the field of ozone generation, has proven to be the most effective ozone generating technology currently available. As a more elegant solution, PEM also requires much lower voltage levels and higher ozone concentration than Corona Discharge and is therefore safer to operate.
We are looking for partners worldwide to distribute our products in their region. We support our distributors fully with quality customer service.

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    Industry: wastewater treatment equipment; air purification equipment; air purifier; disinfection and sterilization equipment; medical device manufacturing equipment; Medical Agent Main products or services: Air disinfection machine; household disinfectant machine; car indoor air disinfection unit; disinfectant vehicle; integrated sewage treatment facilities; indoor air disinfection unit; ozone water disinfection vehicles; car air disinfection machine; central air conditioning and ventilation system purification equipment; medical equipment (ozone products); office air disinfection machine; with home water purifier; vehicle disinfection products; sterilization cleaning machine; formaldehyde wipe machine

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    $100,000 - $500,000

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    OEM Manufacturing, Design Service, Buyer Label

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C-405 Futian Venture Park, No.4 Jingtian North Third Street, Futian District,