Hybrid Video Recorders and Tribridos… Who Gives More?

Hybrid video recorders and tribridos

Hybrid video recorders and tribridos. Sometimes is given the need to increase the number of cameras to an existing installation but with a greater demand for quality. Suppose an old recorder that has been deprecated but whose cameras still offer a certain quality and want to take advantage of it as well as increasing a few cameras more or twice of the existing.

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Well, here’s a hybrid recorder is the solution. Analog camera + IP cameras with HD resolution. Let’s say that the part “old” or analog”will allow us to reach new resolutions 960 × 576 recording and IP or HD reach up to 1920 × 1080 (2 mpx) and even more depending on the team. The idea is to take advantage of the existing infrastructure and improve considerably the quality of the new contributions. We talked about maybe almost double resolution between 2 systems supported by the recorder.

With the recent emergence of HD CVIformat, already explained recently on our blog, also added to the current hybrids, getting to form if the language allows us a hybrid (analogico+hd-CVI+IP). Thus, the HD CVI passes to supplement the IP with resolutions up to 1920 × 1080 and the IP is cleared and easy (3 mpx) and 2592 × 1920 as spearhead up to 2048 × 1536 resolutions (5 mpx).

The road to higher resolutions is marked and both cameras and recorders are adapting, not forgetting also the fiber FTTH networks.

These teams, using BNC connectors for wiring coaxial (or UTP balluns) in the use of the analogue inputs or HD CVI, and for connecting to IP cameras has an extra ethernet port to connect there the necessary cameras (as well as which connects to the router).

In the so-called case that we want to estorar the resolution and quality up to 4 K, c will have to go to an exclusive IP system, since for the moment only tribridos systems include the ip resolutions 1080 p and not 4 K.