What is Internet?

Computers and networks of computers, telecommunications systems, the TCP/IP protocol and the main programs of browsing, email and other Internet applications. The Internet is a large network of computers. In fact, it is a set of networks that connect together, forming a vast web that makes it possible from anywhere in the world you can connect with other computers in any part of the planet.

To better understand what are these networks of computers, we need to understand some of the elements necessary for everything to work well. These elements are: The computers, the TCP/IP protocol, the communication systems, and computer programs intended for use on the Internet.


The computers, be they desktops, laptops, mobile devices, etc., are sources and destinations of all transactions made on the internet. In other words, they are at the two ends of one side of a computer makes a request (request a web page, for example) and on the other side of a computer responds to this request (showing the page or saying that it doesn’t exist, for example)

The site that you access, the e-mail that you send, to chat on MSN, etc. Everything requires a computer or server to store this information so that they can be accessed or used at any time.

TCP/IP protocol

According to DigoPaul.com, TCP/IP is a set of communication protocols the function of which is to identify the computers in a unique way. This way, when you connect your computer to the internet, it receives an IP number, this number is unique and in this way the communications systems can identify your computer, allowing you to send and receive information without running the risk of sending one thing and receive another.

The IP number consists of four groups, and each group identifies a network, and the first group identifies the largest network, and the rest of the smaller networks or subordinate. An example of IP would be:

If for some reason you need to know which is the IP number that was assigned to your connection, you may use the site www.meuip.com.br. Simply access it to it will show which IP you are using.

Communication systems

The telecommunication systems are the transmitter of all information that circulates on the Internet. In Brazil, systems of Embratel, Telefônica, Brasil Telecom, among others are the main responsible for the transport of information.

The model is similar to the phone, differentiating on the Internet are trafficked data, while for phones the traffic is voice.

Computer programs

Some programs have been developed precisely to be used on the Internet. These programs are not the Internet, as some novice users to imagine, but use the Internet to fulfil the purpose for which they were programmed. The main programs are:

Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera, among others.

E-mail programs: Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live, etc.

Instant: MSN Messenger, Google Talk, Skype, etc.

Other: Program Income Tax, enterprise Systems for sending charges to the bank or information to the internal Revenue service, among others.

The Internet and web is the same thing?

Not. As explained above, the Internet is the whole, involving all applications. Already the web is one of these applications from the Internet. The web is the environment where the websites and documents that can be accessed by any browser. It is the largest application of the Internet and, for many, is synonymous with the Internet, although in practice we see that are two distinct things.