What is Vintage Fashion?

Vintage is a term of English origin which means “harvest” (harvest). However, for many the term derives from vendenge, in old French, which – as well as the English translation – it means appraises the crop of grapes. The meaning of Vintage that we see today is not related to your(s) term(s) of origin.

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Vintage is something classic, old, and of excellent quality. Generally, the term is seen also when it happens the strong return of something that reminds us of ancient times – that way, you think about the term as a reference (or even imitation) of an earlier style.

The word vintage is used to highlight the style of life reminiscent of the years of 1920-1960 – applying for both clothing and footwear such as for decorative pieces and furniture. Examples of vintage fashion are:

  • The dresses of a print poa (polka dot),
  • Pieces jeans,
  • Cars of old, but charming. It is possible to see them with frequency in marriage ceremonies.
  • Pin-ups: profile of woman’s feminine and classic, that had the air naive, retro, seductive – present in the decades of 1950-1960.

The vintage is based on some pillars:

  • The quality – and may extend to handmade products or compounds, raw material of high quality),
  • The style most commonly associated with the refinement,
  • The exclusivity usually are goods produced in low quantity, and
  • The story has value that remains even with the passing of time.

However, some of the clothing worn purposely also are called vintage, because it brings the idea of something old, used and that belongs to another era.

T-shirts and shorts rock of the decades of 1980-1990 can also be classified as vintage fashion, as they are part of a style “exceeded” and that marked the time. Already some articles of those same times can be called “new vintage”.

Other people can also consider clothes or items as vintage when they have, at a minimum, more than 20 years of existence.

“True vintage” is a concept for the clothes and objects that have at least 50 years.

Some winemakers use the term vintage to indicate a year of good harvest of the grape – especially when all the climatic conditions and relevant factors have allowed and encouraged the production of wine with extreme and differentiated quality.

The Port Wine, for example, very famous, you receive this title when the harvest is recognised and of high quality.

Vintage and Retro

According to Internetages, retro is a different vintage!

With origin in the French word rétrospectif, retro means any part or product that is not part of the predominant style of the day, that is, not part of the current fashion.

You can explain retro as a re-reading of the past – a retrospective.

Examples of items retro are the tvs with features from the 1960’s or even the MP3 players that look like a cassette tape.