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Selling Leads: Woven Middle Speed Corrugator Belt

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Woven Middle Speed Corrugator Belt
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Date Added: 06/16/2015
Last Updated: 06/16/2015
Expiry Date: 06/13/2025

Woven Middle Speed Corrugator Belt
Page Views: 3916
Date Added: 06/16/2015
Last Updated: 06/16/2015
Expiry Date: 06/13/2025
Product/Service Details
Woven Middle Speed Corrugator Belt
Woven High Speed Corrugator Belt was developed to high speed running and rapid dying of the corrugated board.the structure and the quality of the belt facilitates steam evaporation from the paperboard.The surface of the belt is twill weave to reduce the noise when high speed running on the machine,increase the friction coefficient.
High speed corrugator belt with Kevlar edge is a consistent development bason on the high speed corrugator belt.It is ideal for corrugating systems with high production speed,even load systems and frequently changing paperboard widths.the belt's edge reinforcement of kevlar fibers reduce wear substantially and ensure a mor e long life time.
Middle Speed corrugator Belt is 5 layer structure belt, made of the high grade PET continuous filament yarn with high tension and low flexibility. Our specifical structure design ensure the hydrophilic and drying ability.

Material : 100% PET
Applt Speed : 100-300m/min
Thickness : 9-10mm
Width : 1200-2900mm
Heat Resistance : 150-200℃
Price: USD 80-90/m2
Packing :PP bag or wood box, standard export package

Products Features:High Tensile strenght, Heat resistance, Good moisture absorption, Excellent air pemeability, Stability dimension ,Long life time

Main Usage: The Solid Woven Polyester/Cotton Belt is one main special part of corrugated machine automatic production line. Its main function is to ensure that the board transportation and the rapid evaporation of the water in board.

1. Long life.
2. The PET fiber on this belt is of high tension, the belt is not easily damaged.
3. It is with weave structure, the surface is easily cleaned.
4. The belt is heavy and better material. It is of more heat contain and better moisture
5. The air permeability is higher, the drying frunction is higher.
6. The weave structure ensures the higher frictuion function. The speed of the
corrugating machine will be the same as the corrugated board and the machine
speed can be much higher.
7. The weave structure ensures the self-adjustment on different corrugating machine,
some like to stick the belt on the machine.
8. The twill weave structure ensures the low noise during the production.
9. The edge of this belt is weaved, not cut. This ensures the edges are in good
10. The hot jaw and lacing part are stronger and long life.
11. There is no franklinism during production.
12. The belt itself is very strong. It is not easily damaged by wrong operation.
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  • Woven Middle Speed Corrugator Belt
  • Woven Middle Speed Corrugator Belt
  • Woven Middle Speed Corrugator Belt

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