7 Tips on Personal Marketing: What It Is, Importance and Examples

by | April 3, 2019
7 Tips on Personal Marketing: What It Is, Importance and Examples
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Today, a brand cannot be successful without the proper marketing and effective. That said, it is no surprise that you need a personal marketing plan to the most valuable product of all! You the same!

Whether you’re actively looking for a new position of employment or be the CEO of your own company, you should invest in personal marketing. So, develop a personal marketing plan is a necessary step to get to where you want to reach.

Personal marketing uses principles of commercial marketing and social to help us succeed in the goals that we chose for ourselves. It is a powerful thing that can really help your life.

  • What is personal marketing?
  • What is the importance of a good marketing staff?
  • The main parts of the marketing staff
  • What to include in a personal marketing plan?
  • Practical examples of marketing personal
  • Combining your personal marketing plan with your brand online
  • 7 Tips on personal marketing to advance your career
  • Social networking and personal marketing
  • Conclusion

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Mas o que é um plano de marketing pessoal e em o que ele consiste?

A personal marketing plan helps bring focus and direction for your current career. It is a plan that explains how you will implement the marketing staff throughout your brand (personal brand).

Many of the benefits that a personal marketing plan provides actually come through the creation of the same. To describe exactly who you are and why you stand out from the crowd, you will get a better understanding of yourself as if you were a brand and you will learn the best way to promote online.

Doing all this will help you to convey your core value in all of your marketing strategy personnel in a clear and concise manner. To be able to show you quickly what you offer and represents in its market and will put you in a great position to capitalize on new opportunities.

What is Personal Marketing?

Probably when you think of marketing, you join it to the marketing of a product or a company. In the case of marketing staff, The marketing is all about you even(the).

Personal marketing includes offers, price, place and promotion for yourself. Overall, it is a practice that is overlooked quite frequently by the people. However, the practice of personal marketing should be a priority in the career of a lot of people.

The brand that you build around yourself is perhaps the most important way to stand out from the crowd. Your brand image is what you create to help you improve and boost your business.

One of the most powerful examples of personal marketing is in the most recent presidential election in Brazil 2018, where jair bolsonaro and Haddad are based heavily on personal marketing.

Both candidates knew their audience and spoke about their fears and concerns. They understood the value of yourself as a product and used it for his own benefit.

The interesting thing is that you can do the same in your career. In this guide, we’ll show you what to include in your own personal marketing plan and how to combine it with your personal brand online to leverage your business.

What is the Importance of a Good Marketing Staff?

The importance of self-marketing is just ensuring that other people realize the great qualities of their work and the benefits that you have compared to other concorrêntes.

Behavior, attitudes, discourses, vocabulary, values, and goals are just some of the components that help to shape your image in to co-workers and concorrêntes.

The main Parts of the Marketing Staff

Values and Skills in Personal Marketing

When you present your value and skills, you always want to accentuate the positive. In this case, the offers you need to be the most polished as possible. How do you present a more polished version of yourself inside a personal marketing plan?

Include your strengths and skills as an employee in your personal marketing plan. Point to specific examples that prove the skills you have.

For example, if you are posing as a seller of highly qualified, include specific examples of projects or packages that you sold and the profit obtained. If you are promoting as a gifted writer, include links to published works.

You also need to be consistent to present a product or brand. Before you put your name out there for the whole world to consume, create a brand cohesive and stick to it. People will begin to recognize the key aspects of your brand and relate it to you and your company. If you change your logo, colors, website, or special offers constantly, people will be confused.

Price in the Marketing Staff

The next component of self-marketing is the price. You can’t promote without including the cost of that is promoting.

Think deeply about the factors that determine the price of your service. People need to know exactly what you’re worth and why you are worth that.

But as you build the price into your marketing strategy?

Like any other business document, you want to include a section that discusses prices or rates, and list the specific metrics related to you as a brand. For example, if you are a freelance photographer featuring a personal marketing plan, it is absolutely necessary that a part of that plan is dedicated to your price.

If you charge 1000 dollars per a session, include that. Then, list what exactly the 1000 real are covering (hours of work, deliverables, results, etc.)

This will allow you to demonstrate that you are organised and transparent with customers, at the same time that provides information about any questions of prices that they may have.

Location Marketing Staff

Where you are providing your services? You are available to work remotely or you and your services are specific to a geographic region?

You can specify this in your personal marketing plan, even that quickly. Like anything else, consumers need to know the location of the services that you provide.

Depending on the type of service that you provide, the geographic location may or may not be important. As a content writer remote trying to promote, is unlikely to happen, but it is smart to include it anyway.

In the situation where a client wants to synchronize to an incoming call weekly, but lives on the other side of the world, having this clearly defined will help you to coordinate from the beginning.

Promoting yourself in Marketing Staff

This part can be fun for some and difficult for others. The personal marketing effectively involves a great promotion of himself. That’s right, advertise yourself!

In your day-to-day, you need to have the ability to promote, whether it is through a conversation improvised in an elevator or in a formal meeting. The best way to become skilled at it is simply practicing a lot!

Stand in front of the mirror and practice your speech for the promotion as many times as necessary until you feel confident to deliver it anywhere, any time. As a man of savvy business knows its product, “de cabo a rabo”, you should know as a product of “de cabo a rabo”. Be prepared to promote your strengths and skills, as well as talking about the possible areas of improvement.

7 Tips on Personal Marketing What It Is, Importance and Examples 1

While you want to promote in the best way possible, you also want to be as transparent as possible when it comes to their weaknesses. This makes you more human, as well as shows that you are self-aware and willing to improve. Never lead with the weak points by presenting your personal marketing plan, but always be prepared to talk about them with confidence.

Another common problem that people face is the fact that they do not change their mentality to take advantage of new opportunities. But what does this mean?

Essentially, you must begin to look at all the social situations as a potential opportunity. This does not mean that you must become a boring one that only gets talking about his career.

It simply means that you need to be aware that part of the personal marketing more effective comes from connections and natural networking. If you neglect this, will hinder the growth of your personal brand.

Let’s say you provide marketing services to real estate agents as a consultant. If you come across a real estate broker so, do not let this opportunity pass! Talk about your services and your results. You can end up winning a new client.

You don’t need to trap them and make the sale there and then, only to mention of course what you do and suggest that you connect at some point in the future. You will be amazed at the impact these small actions can cause in the their career long-term.

Audience in Marketing Staff

When developing a personal marketing plan, your target audience should always be in mind.

You must understand who you want to become aware of your personal marketing. For whom you are making your personal marketing?

This will determine exactly what you should include in your plan. For example, a real estate agent you should focus your personal marketing for brokers, lenders and real estate agencies. This is the public target of it.

With this in mind, the realtor will draw up a plan that speaks to specific members of the public. In this case, a personal marketing plan should include numbers, metrics, and projections of future sales. This real estate broker ideally you want your target audience to be large enough to generate the number of sales and listings you want for it.

What to Include in a Personal Marketing Plan?

As a personal marketing plan is a game plan for you and your campaign of search of employment, it is essential that you make a directly. Even if you are not currently in search of a job, it is important that you are prepared.

You can not only be looking for a job in the future, but it is also important to be consistent even when you have an employment firm.

You simply never know what the future will bring. The stock market may fall sharply, your business can break, or, on the other hand, your business can take off very quickly and you need to be prepared for the new opportunities that will arise as a result of this “take-off”.

When you are prepared for all possible situations, you may rest better at night, knowing that you can effectively promote it in any place and at any time.

Is the situation that is, with a personal marketing plan, you will be ready.

But what to include in the plan? A personal marketing plan high-quality includes your goals, your skills and your time line. Depending on the situation, you can include more factors, but these three should be included at all times.

Your Objectives in Personal Marketing Plan

Although some people may want to be promoted, some are looking for a new job. Some people are using their personal marketing plan to start a new business.

Within this part of your plan, you should include your mission statement (their mission statement). Your mission statement should define your mission as a professional, as well as their main career goals.

Their Skills in Personal Marketing Plan

Again, the product here is you and your marketing plan needs to include a detailed description of your skills and qualifications.

If you are not sure about the best way to promote, do a search on Linkedin about some of the people most successful in your niche of career. See what skills they have and seek to learn these key skills.

Maybe most of the people you researched have listed the English as a secondary language. This is a good hint that knowing English is an important asset in your niche market.

One of the side effects beneficial the creation of a personal marketing plan is that you will know yourself and the abilities that you have much better. You will have to assess their strengths and weaknesses and figure out how best to promote them.

His timeline on the Personal Marketing Plan

In your personal marketing plan, you need to include the time line of your plans. If you are presenting this to a job search, your time line should be related to how fast you can get to work in a specific role. For example, if you are able to start work immediately, please include this in your time line.

If you are still employed in another company and is not available to start work for three months, this needs to be included in your timeline. Make sure to include what you will do in the three months prior to the employment, in order to prepare for the possible new office.

Practical examples of Marketing Personal

Someone using a personal marketing plan for growth within your company you should include material different from that of someone who is looking for a new job. The marketing staff for anyone who is already employed, should be more geared to the promotion of a specific area of their specialty.

For example, if you’re looking to position itself as a leader of your company, develop a marketing plan that highlights your leadership abilities. You would not have to include such things as location or price, instead you would be focused more in the section of skills and qualifications.

After you create the first draft of your personal marketing plan, show it to three or four people you know and respect. Allow them to make suggestions to improve your plan mrketing personnel.

Listen carefully and with an open mind and make the appropriate changes. As with any important document, your personal marketing plan will go through many stages of change and always will be a work in progress.

Combining your Personal Marketing Plan with Your Brand Online

To build an effective brand online is a key component to enable your personal marketing plan. No matter if you are looking for a new job, have your own company or you want to take the next step in your career, people will search for your online life!

7 Tips on Personal Marketing – How to Do self-Marketing?

There are important areas that are directly related to a good marketing personal:

7 Tips on Personal Marketing What It Is, Importance and Examples 2

1. Communication skills

This does not mean too much talking, but talk enough so that others understand what you are saying. On many occasions, the process of communication has two meanings, and that is why it is very important to know how to listen and speak in the right time.

2. Professional Posture

Have the ability to be serious when the situation calls for seriousness. It is important to know how to behave in a professional context.

3. Care with the Appearance

Your Image is your business card! Adapt the way of dressing according to the context in which it is inserted. Be careful to know if you dress up, not adopting a formal style in informal contexts and formal styles in informal contexts

Learn to dress according to the occasion is an art subtle but very powerful when we are dealing with personal marketing.

4. Creativity and Capacity to Innovative

Show availability and suggest new and innovative ideas that really contribute to the resolution of problems is a characteristic rare in the market of work today. So, if you coonsig find creative solutions to the problems, you draw a lot of attention and will be a strong factor to your marketing staff.

This can happen in the context of work or personal, knowing how to help friends when they need is a gun very strong for personal marketing.

5. Humility

It is not considered better than the other and not try to promote your image of an aggressive form and forced to others is importânte to avoid being taxed of arrogânte. Whoever does this, becomes the image of hubris and ends up damaging your marketing staff forms many times irreverssíveis.

6. Who is Seen is Remembered

There is no point in you being a leader awesome, that solves several problems with a lot of proactivity, if no one found out about them!

To appear! Go to events related to your area of expertise, frequent places with people with the same interests as you, to publish their achievements and promote their visibility on social networks.

7. Leadership

A person is only well professionally if she is able to lead people.

The leadership and probably the skill most admired: after all, leadership is increasingly tied in with the inspire people.

Then practice your leadership skills because she will be a strong ally to improve your personal marketing!

You noticed a problem in the department? That such start a conversation with your colleagues and if you propose to find solutions? Preferably with creative solutions!

Invest time to relate with your coworkers, showing interest in the group and they all remember his ability to be a good leader.

Social networking and Personal Marketing

In the early days of social media, the more you publish, the more engagement you could. Today, however, the excess of posts leads to fatigue and the boredom of his followers. You want to keep the lines of communication open with your audience, but also do not want to post so much that it makes it look desperate. The ideal point is to post around 3-5 times per week. It is clear that on Twitter the conversation is another! There you can post at will!

The reposts of other people is always smart, but it is not all that you should do to create your personal brand and improve your personal marketing. You also need to share the content that you have created yourself to demonstrate your experience and expertise in your industry. This kind of content shows that you have knowledge of the latest trends of the industry and how it is evolving.

Create engaging content means adopting a new approach to the types of updates you share with your network. Do not be afraid to talk to occasionally about their own achievements or even add interesting information about his personal life (topics such as travel, hobbies, etc. are suitable). After all, social media is about individuals in the first place.

Share some of this information gives your audience a glimpse of who you really are and what you are – just be careful not to share too much things about you. To improve your personal marketing, you need to share knowledge with their followers and show them that you are an expert and leader in your industry.

Now you know some of the things that you must do in social media to create the best print social for yourself, but you know what not to do to maintain that positive impression?

Think about your social media interactions and content creation as part of a summary of your work and a reflection of your professional attitude and personality in general. Avoid comments, racial or religious inflammatory drugs and be careful when you do political commentary that others may find offensive.


If you are in a job for which you want to quit or is in transition between one job and another, a personal marketing plan will give you a sense of direction and a good idea of where you want to go.

Keep in mind that the decision about whether you are hired or not is made by another human being, then direct your efforts in convincing other human beings. Be concise about your product (which in this case is you) and the benefits you can bring to the company.

Putting the time and effort in your marketing staff, you will save time and energy wasted in trials and errors. Enhance your target audience and make your marketing effective way for you to reap all the benefits.

7 Tips on Personal Marketing What It Is, Importance and Examples 3