Facebook Ads for Affiliates: 10 Tips to Make a Profit Too

by | April 3, 2019
Facebook Ads for Affiliates: 10 Tips to Make a Profit Too
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If you are thinking about using Facebook Ads for affiliate as part of your next marketing campaign, this article was made for you.

Today, it seems that the whole world is on Facebook and is not just to keep track of friends and family. It also has plenty of business going on by Facebook all the time.

Quick tips of Facebook ads for affiliates

If you don’t have time to read all this content on facebook ads for affiliates, at least use these tips below points below to their next projects:

  1. Always do A/B testing. You can start with 2-5 different images to test your ads. Target them to the same audience, but with different images each;
  2. You can also do an a / B test with the description. Tell people to click or like your page, even if it is obvious. This will increase your CTR;
  3. First, make your face ads using CPMand after testing the best images and descriptions, you can use CPC case make sense;
  4. Always set a limited timefor your campaign or a limited budget per day. You don’t want to have a nasty surprise on your next credit card statement;
  5. Try to use internal campaignsfirst, and then a campaign to a page of capture or the external web site. Your ads will be approved more quickly;
  6. Always select audiences highly targeted. Even with a selection of well-targeted, you will have at least some hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of fans to promote;

Before we get into the tips for using Ads in the Facebook for affiliate marketing, let’s leave some points clear.

First (and this is SUPER important): NEVER serve facebook ads directly to your affiliate link. You will be banned!

The Facebook likes to keep a user experience (user experience) high. They do not want to lead users to other sites and you will be banned quickly if you are sending traffic from your face ads directly to your affiliate link.

Instead, you should send them to your “landing page” (the page of capture).

In the second place (and also SUPER important): make sure that all of your pages of capture are in accordance with the ads Guidelines of Facebook.

Ok, now that we let these factors as well clear, let’s go to the top 10 tips for profiting with Facebook ads for affiliates.

Facebook Ads For Affiliate Work?

Absolutamante! Facebooks ads is my second favorite way to get traffic and earn money on the internet with affiliate marketing. Leaving behind only the organic traffic from SEO strategies.

How to Sell As an Affiliate Using the Facebook ads – 10 Tips

1. Create Your Own Pages to Capture

As we said above, send the traffic to your facebooks ads directly to your affiliate link this is a great way to have your account face ads BANNED!

Instead of having your account ads banned, send traffic to your own landing page. Can be a simple page in which you make a simple pre-sale of the offering partner… and invite them to click on your affiliate link.

Or, better yet, you can use this as an opportunity to increase your email list, transforming these traffic from facebook ads to subscribers in YOUR email list and then sending them to the content, or the provision of affiliate marketing that you are promoting.

And again, just a reminder, make sure all your landing pages are in compliance with the ads guidelines of Facebook.

2. At the Beginning of Their Campaigns in the Face of Ads for Affiliates To Use Targeting Hyper-Focused and Then Expand

Independentemente de você estar anunciando no Facebook, no LinkedIn, no Google ou qualquer outra rede PPC (pay-per-click), inicie sua segmentação hiper-focada e expanda a partir daí.

This helped to maximise my results.

Here are some examples of what I mean by targeting hyper-focused:

  • Men entrepreneurs, Married, 45+ without children
  • Men diabetics, singles, 30-49 in Sao Paulo
  • Single mothers, 25 to 34 years living in Rio de Janeiro
  • Married women with school-age children, working in the area of health

Facebook Ads for Affiliates 10 Tips to Make a Profit Too 1

I’m not saying that you have to use the targeting hyper-focused for the time, but when you’re starting out and have not yet used the facebook ads for affiliates before, the ideal is to target the audience with the best potential absolute, therefore, make sure to start with the segmentation of audiences hyper-focused.

Let’s say that you spend $ 500 per day on ads on facebook and each click will cost 1 real (just to simplify the math… The numbers vary a lot from niche to niche.

You want these 500 clicks to be distributed across the multiple data tracks demographic, interests, geography, and etc.? Or do you want them to concentrate in the audience the exact with the highest probability of clicking on your affiliate link and buy the product?

Of course, you want people to correspond exactly to what you are promoting!

Hint of GOLD: In general, you should avoid targeting people who are in college or under 25 years of age, because a large part destegrupo don’t have much extra money to spend on products on the internet.

3. Have A Clear Goal For Your Campaigns, Facebook Ads

What is your ultimate goal in using facebook ads to promote your affiliate link?

Your main goal is only profit? Putting 100 real and gaining 150 this good for you?

You want to help a friend earn extra money, or maybe you want to climb in rank some affiliate program? Increase your email list?

Just make sure that you have very clear about his priority number 1 to begin displaying ads. As to achieve the best results with the face ads you should do the tests and to adapt their campaigns depending on results and priorities.

4. Learn How much Time You Have To Make Your Campaign of Facebook Ads For Affiliates

You are focusing on a long-term campaign? Or is this trying to gain likes in your page Facebook, followers on Instagram and subscribers on your email list?

Or is promoting an affiliate link for a launch that ended in a few days? In which case it’s a short term strategy.

There is nothing wrong with any of the two types of strategy. But you NEED to have the timeline of your campaign in mind even before you start.

As to success in a short term strategy, the success factors are different from the success factors of a long-term campaign.

You do not want to employ a strategy that only works in the long term if you have only 48 to 72 hours of launch and, on the other hand, do not want to spend much more in a day or two if you can spread it over a few weeks and do a little more testing and tuning to maximize profits.

5. Use your Creativity and Use Media that is Interesting and Relevant to Your Audience

Use your creativity to use an image or video that go and call the attention of your target audience.

This is pretty self-explanatory. As an example, if you are promoting an offer related to the good form, have a photo related to fitness.

If you are promoting a product productivity, has a photo of a person very stressed.

6. Tell Your Audience What is the Next Step

Never overestimate the ability of people to read in between the lines and know what to do. Make your CTAs (Calls To Action) very CLEAR!

If you don’t say exactly what you want your audience to do, you will lose tanned, subscribers, sales, commissions, or any other desired result.

When it comes to Facebook ads for affiliates and calls to action, make it as simple as possible for your audience – tell them exactly what are the next steps.

For example, if you want them to click a link and enroll in a free training, make sure that your ad says “click here to sign up for this free training”.

Do not give chances to the gambling. Tell your audience what to do and be as specific as possible when you do this … because, if you’re not specific, you will lose sales, even if they are very interested.

7. Start by Using the CPM in the Face of Ads for Affiliates – Cost-per-1000 Graphical

I strongly recommend to use the CPM at the beginning of their campaigns of facebook ads for affiliates.

If in the future, after finding his campaign winner (campaign this by converting more of your main goal) make sure to change the campaign to a CPC (cost per click) will be more advantageous. Otherwise, keep CPM

Either way, always begin with the CPM, and then switch to the CPC later, if that makes sense and is better economically speaking.

Facebook Ads for Affiliates 10 Tips to Make a Profit Too 2

8. Create a Time Limit or Budget Limit

You don’t want to be surprised at the end of the month with the account from your credit card, therefore, set a maximum budget for their campaigns in the face of the ads for affiliates.

It is a budget for life for a week of ads or a daily value, set these limits clearly to keep a track of your campaigns the ads.

If your budget is 50 dollars, then put the spending limit for your campaign of 50 reais.

Hint of Gold: Only invest in facebook ads for affiliate what you are willing to lose. In other words, when you’re showing ads on Facebook, invest only an amount that will not lack to maintain your business in progress.

I have seen entrepreneurs invest more than they should on campaigns in the face of the ads with the hope to leverage the sales, but eventually lose everything, and lead small businesses to bankruptcy.

Start with low values until you get the “feeling” of facebook ads.

9. Test an Internal Campaign on Facebook Before you Go To Campaigns External

Start with an internal campaign of facebook ads

This means a campaign of ads that keep the audience on Facebook, the public does not go to another website. As a campaign for users to follow your page.

When you do this, your ads will be approved more quickly and the Facebook “like” more than you.

Remember, the goal of Facebook is to keep it on Facebook. It is better for Facebook if users stay in the Facebook. So by this, your face ads will be served, and approved more easily.

With this in mind, start with internal campaigns and, with time, you can migrate to campaigns outside that send your audience to a page that capture out of Facebook.

10. Test! Test Again! And Keep Testing Your Facebook Ads For Affiliates Ever!

This is probably the most important tip of this list.

If you have to take only one thing from this article, make sure you understand and apply this.


This does not apply only to the face of ads for affiliates, but applies to any type of marketing campaigns. TEST IS THE SECRET TO SUCCESS IN DIGITAL MARKETING!

Test early and test often. Always be testing!

To be more clear, NO I am saying that only to serve your facebook ads after that has 30 different variations.

Start with 2 to 5 images / 2 or 3 headlines and you begin to test your-face ads for affiliates.

The chances are that one of them will surpass the other and you will begin to tailor your ads to maximize profits.

Here are some of the things that you can (and should) test on your facebook ads for affiliates:

  • Headlines
  • Calls to Action ( CTAs)
  • Audiences
  • Images and Videos (the ad creative)
  • Copywriting

The goal of these tests is to essentially answer “Will be that this ad will work better than that other ad?”

The best part is that, in most cases, you can get enough data in a few days for ads to start making decisions.

For example, if you get to 10k impressions for two different ads and one has 170 clicks and a have 25 clicks, you know that ad with 170 clicks is the best ad.

I’ve said this many times, the reason I am so good at marketing is not that I am more intelligent than the other. Is that I’m willing to test everything, or in other words, I error much but, but I learn from my mistakes and I end up turning into hits.

The phrase that my team probably get tired of hearing me say is “I don’t know, let’s test”.

Another phrase that my team probably get tired of hearing is “Well, that didn’t work” … this is because I am wrong, probably, 50% of the time … but I’m not afraid to try new things and test them.

Facebook Ads for Affiliates 10 Tips to Make a Profit Too 3


And if you want to have success with your ads, Facebook affiliate, can not be afraid to try new things and different.

The key to success with ads Facebook for affiliates (or any type of marketing) is to test early and often.

Test, test, test and then test some more.

When things are not converting like you think it should, test to see if you can optimize the conversions.

When your ads are with good performance, test to see if you can improve them even more. Always keep looking to improve your numbers!

Now you already know the most important points to keep in mind when creating your Facebook ads for affiliates.

What are the best websites to do facebook ads for afliados?

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