How to Do Giveaway on Instagram? 5 Simple Steps – Examples and Apps

by | April 3, 2019
How to Do Giveaway on Instagram? 5 Simple Steps – Examples and Apps
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Want to learn how to do a giveaway on Instagram? Looking for ideas to draw from Instagram that you can use to gain more followers?

In this article, we share tips to help you plan a raffle of success on Instagram that actually works to achieve its goals of digital marketing.

What are the Sweepstakes on Instagram, and How do they Work?

Sweepstakes on instagram are promotions for a limited time in the brands promise to donate a product or service to one (or more) lucky participants according to a specific set of criteria.

If you use Instagram often, you’ve probably seen a draw of Instagram in the first leg.

Brands, small companies use giveaways Instagram to launch new product lines, reach new fans and increase your followers in Instgram.

What are the Rules of the Draws of Instagram?

The Instagram makes it relatively easy to promote the sweepstakes, in comparison with the regulations of the Facebook which limit the requirements and conditions of entry into the sweepstakes.

The Instagram requires you to manage your raffle legally, ensuring that you do not violate any federal, state, or other law applicable to your region. In addition, the Instagram requires you to include the official rules of the sweepstakes and the terms of eligibility to participate.

If you have a legal notice on your website about the rules and details of the contest or sweepstakes, you may post this link in your in your bio. For an updated list of the terms of the contests in the Instagram, visit the Help Center of Instagram.

How to Do a Giveaway on Instagram? 5 Simple Steps

Now that you know the main rules for the conduct of a contest, please see the steps of how to do a giveaway on Instagram the following:

Step #1 – Choose a Clear Objective for Your Giveaway Instagram

The first step is to set a goal for your contest. For example, you can choose from:

  • Get more engagement to your profile on Instagram;
  • Get more followers on Instagram;
  • Getting more people to enroll in your email list;
  • To increase the production of content created by your followers (content on your profile, of course)

In general, the drawings are a great way to increase your audienceand expand your reach on Instagram.

To use the requirements of drawing as “mark a friend in the comments”, the existing audience makes the job of sharing your content with friends.

And if their friends have similar interests and like your drawing on instagram, they will also mark their friends.

Because of this, your number of followers will grow exponentially.

The draw at the Urges can be a way ótime to help leverage your business, or assist in a launch of a new product or service, for example.

A draw well executed in Instagram generally increases the engagement with your posts, resulting in multiple benefits in relation to the algorithm of Instagram.

With your post getting much engagement, it can have a higher ranking in searches for the hashtag from Instagram, allowing new audiences to find your content.

And if your audience typically does not respond to your posts normal, but engages with the post of the draw, this can help to increase the reach of your content regularly in your followers ‘ feeds.

How to Do Giveaway on Instagram 5 Simple Steps – Examples and Apps 1

Step #2 – Plan the Whole Process of Your Drawings on Instagram

After you choose the goals for your sweepstakes, you are ready to plan it.

Select a Prize Coveted By Your Target Audience

The award of his draws on the Instagram must be something related to your business or brand.

Do not give an iPad or an iPhone just to get the most traffic; This kind of awards (which does not have to be with their products) will not participants of quality that will really benefit your company in the long term.

You should choose a prize of significant value, enough to ensure the level of participation. How much more valuable the reward, the more participation and participants you will have.

Plan a limit of units or value of the prizes for your raffle

You may remember the contest/sweepstakes of instagram profile @sunnycoclothing that allowed “all” that repostassem your photos in 24 hours receive a linen set, bathroom free.

The campaign turned super viral, taking the profile from 7,000 followers to over 750,000 followers of the night to the day, but the small company was unable to meet all the people who participated in the campaign.

If you had placed a limit on the contest for “the first 5,000 people”, they could have controlled your exposure and liability on the “draw”.

Determite how users will participate in your giveaway on Instagram

You also need to decide how users will enter your prize draw or competition.

Some possibilities are following your profile, give like in the post, tag one or more friends, post something with a hashtag itself the draw, visit your website, etc.

Entry requirements may be one or any combination of these criteria above.

The key is to facilitate the participation of the users. Limit the entry requirements for the three or four steps. Many steps will reduce the amount of people that will participate in your draw.

Select a hashtag of its own for your giveaway on Instagram

The hashtag of your campaign is essential for promoting the content of the competition, as well as track your success and their analysis. Choose a hashtag related to the campaign theme, product, or service and / or your company.

The hashtag for the sweepstakes must be unique for each random draw of Instagram. Also make sure that no one else is using the hashtag chosen to not mess up your metricas.

Determine how you will choose and announce the winner of the prize draw

When planning your sweepstakes on Instagram, you also need to decide how the winners will be chosen and how you notify them.

You will use a tool generating random (tools to free online are available and we will talk about the best options later in this article), or the entries will be judged by someone?

You will send a e-mail? or send a DM to the winners of the draw? Or will another method of warning?

After notifying the winners of the raffle, you can share them publicly on your Instagram through a special post.

It is a best practice to inform the winners privately before you publicly announce on Instagram.

Step # 3 – Make the Launch and Promote Your Giveaway on Instagram

You can communicate about your sweepstakes or the prizes with the text on the image.

This way, your photo will stand out of other photos when people are looking at the feed from Instagram of them.

Choose an image related to the theme of the prize draw or competition of Instagram. In the caption of your drawing, include the terms of entry and the legal exemptions mentioned above.

How to Do Giveaway on Instagram 5 Simple Steps – Examples and Apps 2

As you promote your the draw of Instagram will depend on how long the champion will be chosen.

Use Instagram analytics as the basis, and determine the best times of day to post. That is, see which days of the week and what times your followers are most active and post during those times and days.

It is important to note that most of the contests do not becomes viral, and generates results that are huge to you overnight.

Your first contest can be able to only some participants.

If your audience is not used to participate in sweepstakes, they may hesitate to get, or may not even realize you are doing a raffle on Instagram. So, promote your sweepstakes is etrema importance to the success of them.

To ensure that the maximum people will be aware of their sweepstakes, use the groups on facebook, the stories of Instagram, invite your friends to share their stories, etc.

Step #4 – Create blog posts and Stories to “remember” their followers on their draws of Instagram

Although the posts of Instagram may not be as “disposable” as the tweets, always there will be many posts in a row from the time of Instagram, especially if you follow a lot of people.

Therefore, the draws of Instagram are not exactly “do-and-drop”, and you should be prepared to provide regular updates on how much time is left to enter their sweepstakes to ensure a steady flow of participantsthroughout the duration of the sweepstakes.

The reminders themselves must be visually attractive so that they capture the attention of people who are navengando in their timelines.

Captions should reiterate the rules of the offer, but it might be worth trying the size of your captions, depending on the frequency of your messages “reminder”.

Sometimes, a simple variant of the original post with a caption short will be enough, but you might want to have to create posts more elaboradss, depending on your needs.

Step #5 – Evaluate the results of the Draw in Instagram

Track the results of their sweepstakes, to evaluate participation, increase in the number of followers, clicks on your website and other criteria.

You can start to compare the data of each contest or sweepstakes to determine which types of awards, the times of the year, the content and the types of participation that generate the best results for your company. All based on the individual goals of each draw of instragram.

When the drawings are finished, I recommend that you edit the subtitle of the post and add a “Draw CLOSED/FINALIZED” at the beginning of them.

This will ensure that users who see the post after the end of the contest or sweepstakes will not try to participate.

Best Apps To Make the Draw in Instagram

There are several legal options of APPs and web sites for the sweepstakes on Instagram. Check out the Apps draw the most popular:


If the criterion of your draw for the comments, it is quite simple to accomplish it using the Sorteiogram.

To use the AppTuts, just log in with your user name of Instagram and e-mail. Then, choose the post official draw and establish a few simple rules.

For example, you can define if it is possible to draw the same name more than once, or if only users who made a particular comment can be considered to be participating.


The Heyo will allow sweepstakes and campaigns with different criteria and more complex: competitions, photos, more benefits for referrals from friends, the delivery of rebates to participating, etc.

Although the platform will not be free, it has a period of free trial of 7 days.

Examples of Sweepstakes on Instagram

Not sure which kind of sweepstakes run? Here are some examples of sweepstakes and promotions incredible and well executed for you to use as inspiration.

Hydro Flask – Follow the page and select a friend

In this draw of Instagram, the Hydro Flask celebrates the milestone of reaching 200k followers, performing a lottery to gain a few more followers.

They asked their fans to follow @hydroflask and mark, two friends in the comments to enter the draw and have the chance to win a bottle of premium 1.5 Liters of the brand.

The post has more than 12,500 likes – and it is very engaging!

Domino’s – Prove that you are a super fan of the brand!

What about a chance to win 10k dollars?

Although a prize of 10 thousand dollars can be out of reach of smaller brands, you can follow the example of Domino’s and do a lottery with a reward that is worth much is worth and motivate your audience to engage with your brand.

But you are a fan or you are a superfã of Domino’s?

To have the chance to participate in the raffle of 10 thousand dollars, the next day I asked fans to share a photo that proves that are super-fans of Domino’s with the hashtag #PieceOfThePieContest.

In this campaign, Domino’s has achieved a lot conteúddo quality produced by its followers. And this type of content is valuable on social media.

Benefits of taking Draws of Instagram

  • Gain visibility for your profile:The draws on the Urges are a great way to reach a bigger audience than just your followers;
  • Engagement of your followers:engagement is key to success on social networks. The draws will increase and very the engajaento of your followers with your profile.
  • The sweepstakes can have a return on investment very high: Like the draws of the Urges can make your promo go viral quickly, the return on your investment can be very large just in the short term. But either way, gain more followers and more engagement will be very beneficial in the long term, even if his early drawings do not viralizem first.

How to Do Giveaway on Instagram 5 Simple Steps – Examples and Apps 3

How to win sweepstakes on Instagram?

There is a technique that ensures that you earn in the sweepstakes of Instagram. But the more draws you participate, the more chances of winning you will have.

A very good tip of how to win sweepstakes on Instagram is to search the draws of brands small.

On account of the brand to be small, the number of participant of the sweepstakes will be lower (most of times), and this will make your chances of winning increase a lot!

There are some bots that are created to participate in the sweepstakes automatically, but the Instagram this increasingly attentive to the use of these bots.

The Urges are penalizing all the users who are making use of this bots sweepstakes.

So be very careful if you want to make use of these bots.

Conclusion – Promote your brand or company using a draw on Instagram

From the simple to the elaborate, there are several ways to create a draw of success in the Instagram. And, because they are easy to manage, you can try a few different types of sweepstakes with smaller prizes to find out what your target audience likes most.

When you find the winning formula, increase the level with the prizes more valuable and match your requirements to maximize the engagement with your profile on Instagram.

No matter what type of company you are or have, the draws of Instagram are an excellent way to reach potential new fans, increase their social engagement and interact with your fans.

Obviously, some business types will be more suitable for prize draws and promotions on the Instagram than others, but we hope that this article has given you some ideas for things that you must try during your next – or first – Draw of Instagram.