How to Earn Followers on Instagram in 2019? – Easy and Free

by | April 3, 2019
How to Earn Followers on Instagram in 2019? – Easy and Free
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How to earn followers on Instagram? People in the entire world if you ask that question on a daily basis. Because who doesn’t want more followers in 2019?

For this, we create a super tab with 47+ tips to get followers on Instagram!

When we look at numbers such as those of Instagram, we soon realized the huge opportunity that the application represents.

We know that the money is where the attention of the people is. And sure enough, currently, to the attention of people is in social media, and the Instagram is difinitavamente the social media of the moment.

The growth of instagram don’t tend to stop so early, so know that if your company does not have presence on Instagram, you are losing money! Simple as that!

The Instagram is one of the most powerful tools that a company or an entrepreneur can use to earn money online.

There are several ways to earn money on Instagram. Let’s talk about these ways later in this text.

However, a factor very importânte to earn money on Instagram is the number of followers that you have.

So how to gain followers on Instagram? There are several ways. In this paper we discuss in detail 47+ strategies to increase your followers.

By following our tips, you will get many followers on Instagram in the year of 2019 for free!

How To Get Followers On Instagram? 47+ Strategies Simple, Free and Fast

The following are the techniques to get many followers on Instagram:

  1. Connect and promote your profile in Instagram in other media social;
  2. Create a strategy to post images and videos that really draw the attention of the users;
  3. Mark your presence in social media! Short and comment on the publications of its followers of Instagram and profiles related to your niche market;
  4. Use strategically the Hashtags to gain followers on Instagram. The hashtags intagramwill be great allies to get many new followers – What hashtags to use to gain more followers on Instagram? We have a post with the best hashtags to increase the number of followers of the Calls;
  5. Encourage the engagement of its followers of Instagram. Encourage their followers to partake of his posts with comments and likes;
  6. Is always present when his followers come into contact. Answer the comments, messages and questions from his Followes of Instagram;
  7. Constantly test your content to find out which style of content attracts the most number of new followers and likes;
  8. Study your competition to increase the numbers of followers on Instagram! Observe what your competition does right, and do something like that to attract the followers of it to your profile;
  9. Develop a calendar editorialto constantly provide quality content to their followers Insta;
  10. Gain followers on Instagram supporting social causes, especially causes that are related to your niche market. This tip is very good to attract followers engaged on Instagram;
  • Interact with other brands and big profiles. This is a way easy, fast and free get followers on instagram. Learn all about the marketing relationship;
  1. Constantly keep track of the numbers and metrics of your profile. The numbers don’t lie and will show you exactly what is working and what is not giving this so right. Get more followers on Instagram using the statistics!
  2. To have access to more information on your public instagram and get more followers, turn your personal profile into a business profile;
  3. Establish goals for short, medium and long term. After battle to achieve their goals, followers for Instagram;
  4. Use timing in your favor! Make posts celebratory and explore the peak hours of your audience to make posts and stories in those zones;
  5. Use applications satellitesto create a distinctive content for your audience. Enjoy these apps and sites to get more followers on Instagram;
  6. Use the function of “geotagging” in your favor to attract users who live near your business or company;
  7. Use posts format the carrousel to increase the possibility of engagement of your audience and achieve many tanned in Instagram;
  8. Don’t forget to use the Instagram stories to engage your audience;
  9. Use the varied tools of stories to gain followers on Instagram (Questions, filters, etc.);
  10. Use your creativity to create legandas unique and original to your blog posts and gaining followers on Instagram for free;
  11. Do not leaveyour profile Instagram Private. Let your public profile to gain more followers in Instagram;
  12. Promote your profile by using a draw. There are websites and apps that can help make your sweepstakes, and to get many followers on Instagram. Find out how to do a giveaway on Instagramhere;
  13. Encourage your followers to “mark” their friends in your posts to gain more followers and likes;
  14. Educate your audience by offering content of high quality. Who doesn’t love quality? Your followers will surely love and share with their friends!;
  15. Make reposts of interesting content and relevant to your audience to attract more followers in Instagram;
  16. Study opportunities calaborações with other content creators to gain more followers in Instagram;
  17. The post consistently. 3 to 5 times per day is the optimal number to promote your instagram for free;
  18. Use the tab featured to promote their products or their “stories” favorite and promote your content;
  19. Carry out sponsored poststo reach a larger audience and to get many followers on Instagram;
  20. Postar more photos and videos Sundaysis a great tip to get many followers on Instagram fast and free;
  21. Follow users suggested by Instagram to get followers on Instagram easily;
  22. Use apps to schedule your posts of the Urges and gain time;
  23. Invite your friends and contacts from WhatsApp to instagram and get more followers for free. Learn marketing on WhatsAppto get more followers in Instagram;
  24. Trade guest posts with influencers to gain a lot of followers on instagram;
  25. Post photos of a bluish hue. Research shows that these photos blue get more likes in Instagram;
  26. Use the filters to increase the brightness of your photos. There is a research which showed that the pictures lit get more likes than dark photos. And more likes means more followers;
  27. Promote your profile on Instagram on your email list if you have one;
  28. Follow all your friends from Facebook. Many will follow you back and you will earn followers on Instagram for free;
  29. Use the techniques of Storytelling to “super-engaging” your audience and win many followers new to instagram;
  30. Use CTAs impactful in your posts to attract more Followers and Likes on Instagram;
  31. Use the Lives is one of the techniques of how to gain followers on Instagramthe most effective of the moment. Use and abuse of the lives of the Instagram in 2019;
  32. Use the technique of “Follow and Unfollow” to gain followers on Instagram fast and free;
  33. Steal the followers of your competitors (automated Software);
  34. Use the “trending topics” to gain a lot of followers on Instagram quickly;
  35. Use cinemagraph (gif) to attract more followers to your profile Instagram;
  36. Don’t give up so soon! The effect of “Snowball” works very well on Instagram. The snowball effect causes the more your profile grows, the more followers it attracts;

But then how to get followers on Instagram using all of the tools and strategies we listed above?

Let’s go! You need to start optimizing your profile on Instagram to attract more followers. Check out how to optimize your profile dde Instagram the following:

Modify your profile to maximize the engagement of your audience and get more followers on Instagram

The first step to gaining followers the Instagram is to create a profile interesting. A profile that stands out from the others.

If you’re just starting out with Instagram, the process will be simple and direct during your enrollment in the application.

If you already have an account on Instagram, you can change your profile name and user name.

First, click on the profile icon in the bottom right corner.

Soon after, click in “Edit Profile” at the top of the screen.

What we recommend for your new profile:

  1. Profile picture: If it is a personal profile, we recommend that you use a photo of yourself (preferably a good photo, right?). If it is the profile of a company, we recommend that you use the logo.

Does not have a logo? See this tutorial below to create one as soon as the provisional free of charge to your business if you don’t have no logo.

We recommend that you make a logo more professional as the company start to grow more.

  1. Name: we Recommend that you use the name of your company. If it is a personal profile, simply use your name the same

3.“Username” or user Name: This needs to be something UNIQUE.We recommend something strongly related to your business or your main activity. Something that facilitates the users to find quickly when they search for you or your company.

  1. Website: in This area, put your website or your blog. If you do not have a website (that strongly recommend you do), place the URL to your Youtube channel.

This link is VERY IMPORTÂNTE! You can get a lot of traffic to your site with this link, as we will show later.

  1. Bio Instagram: sincerely, the bio of the Instagram deserves an article just for her. But either way, we recommend creating a biography a very personal, engaging and creative. To use emojis is a good practice to convert more followers!
  2. Right! Now that you already have everything ready, and your profile is already the desire to attract thousands of followers. We will go for the techniques for getting followers in Instagram.

7.  47+ Tips to get followers and earn money on Instagram

  1. Below, we share 47+ tips that really work and guarantee that your profile on Instagram is going to grow!
  2. These tips guarantee that you will gain followers and Brazilian real on Instagram.
  3. Check it out!

11.             1. Connect and promote your profile in Instagram other social media

  1. To link other social networks to your profile Instagram, go to the options area of the application.
  2. Click “Linked accounts” or linked accounts, and then select the alternative of your preference.
  3. You can still share your images on other media social to gain more followers on Instagram.
  4. We recommend that you share your posts from Instagram on Facebook and Twitter to maximize the exposure of your posts.

16.            2. Create a strategy to post images and videos that really draw the attention of the users

  1. A big factor that will make a big difference in the engagement of its followers of Instagram is the quality of your posts.
  2. This differential can ensure more tanned and dramatically increase the chances of gain more followers on Instagram
  3. It is also recommended that you set what will be the visual identity of your business on Instagram.
  4. One last detail is that it is vital to use elements that are a success with your persona.
  5. Experience and testing is the key to the types of posts perfect of your brand. This is a factor importânte of how to earn followers on Instagram.

22.          3. Mark your presence on Instagram.

  1. Short and comment on the publications of his followers, and profiles related to your niche.
  2. No point in following all the tips, post a content sensational, make the best of the comments and only use Instagram once in a while.
  3. Do not skimp on the tanned in the photos of other users. Make comments if you have something relevant to talk about.
  4. Do not make advertisements disguised as comments. No one likes this type of comments.
  5. If you see some content that your followers will like, consider making a “repost”. Repost means to repost the content in your profile. Don’t forget to give credit to the creator of the content in your “reposts”
  6. To do the repost, we recommend to use the app “repost for Instagram”. The application is very easy to use and has versions for Android and IOS.

4. Use Strategically the Hashtags to attract followers in Instagram

The hashtags will be great allies for getting many new followers.

A good part of your new followers will see by the hashtags that you will use. Then do a search to find the best for your niche.

But how to gain followers on Instagram using the hashtags in 2019?

A great tip that we can give you about hashtags in Instagram is to study your competition.

Search for the great profiles, competitors, and see what hastags they are using in the posts of them. Then use the ones that most closely match your profile.

What Hashtags To Use To Gain More Followers For Free?

According to statistics from Webstagram and of tool of analytics of Instagram, these are the top 50 hashtags, most popular Instagram. If you want to gain followers on Instagram in 2019, use some of these Hashtags. These are known as hashtags and more popular to earn likes on your posts.

Also check out our complete guide to Hashtags For Instagram

  1. #love
  2. #instagood
  3. #photooftheday
  4. #fashion
  5. #beautiful
  6. #happy
  7. #cute
  8. #tbt
  9. #like4like
  10. #followme
  • #picoftheday
  1. #follow
  2. #me
  3. #selfie
  4. #summer
  5. #art
  6. #instadaily
  7. #friends
  8. #repost
  9. #nature
  10. #girl
  11. #fun
  12. #style
  13. #smile
  14. #food
  15. #instalike
  16. #likeforlike
  17. #family
  18. #travel
  19. #fitness
  20. #igers
  21. #tagsforlikes
  22. #follow4follow
  23. #nofilter
  24. #life
  25. #beauty
  26. #amazing
  27. #instamood
  28. #instagram
  29. #photography
  30. #vscocam
  31. #sun
  32. #photo
  33. #music
  34. #beach
  35. #followforfollow
  36. #bestoftheday
  37. #sky
  38. #ootd
  39. #sunset

5. Encourage the engagement of your followers

Encourage their followers to partake of his posts with comments and likes.

Your posts will not receive drug if you do not take the initiative.

Therefore, short and comment on the photos the coolest that you find in the application.

However, always choose to interact with posts related to your profile or people of great influecia in your niche.

6. Always be present when your followers you call

Reply to comments, messages and questions from his followers.

A good technique is to start conversations with users on their own posts, responding to those who dedicated a time to comment on your photos.

Participating in those conversations on Instagram you show that you are active on the platform and cares for his followers.

You can also enjoy the comments that you think more legal, if you do not have time to answer you all.

7. Vary your content to increase your followers on Instagram

Constantly test your content to find out which style yet it attracts the largest number of new followers.

Test, test and test! This is one of the mottos of the Mobsters of the Marketing.

Try to vary the format of your posts, use of the various alternatives of video and images that can be used to increase the followers of your profile in Instagram.

On average, the videos have an engagement rate three times higher than that of the images. So using videos is a great technique to get more followers on Insta on this new year.

The following are a few examples of variations of content that you can use:

Demonstration of products, making of, interviews, preview releases, gifs.

PS: it IS very importânte that your content is consistent identity of your profile.

8. How to earn followers on Instagram by studying your competition

Observe what your competition does right, and do something like that to attract the followers of it to your profile.

You know that those posts that your concorrênte made and generated a great result? You should learn from this and apply what you can absorb in your profile.

Can I learn from the posts of my competition that did not work?

But of course! Even the errors of your competition can teach you more than the hit, in some cases.

Follow your concorrêntes and keep an eye out for all the interaction of them on the network.

Comments, liked, posts, and actions need to be monitored all the time so you do not get behind.

9. Develop a calendar editorial

Plan and prepare your posts with antêcedencia to constantly provide quality content to your followers

Planning is the key to success! So plan your posts and your strategies on Instagram to win the maximum of followers on instagram quickly.

An editorial calendar can save time and ensure a good distribution of content throughout the year.

There are apps that can help you plan your blog posts easily. The Software that we already use and recommend is called Grow Social.

10. Gain followers on Instagram free supporting social causes

Support social causes to earn a lot of followers on Instagram especially with causes related to your niche.

Companies and entrepreneurs who support social causes are able to differentiate themselves from the competition and get more followers.

We do not recommend to support social causes just to gain followers.People can sense when this happens.

Look to support causes of your niche that you actually care about.

11. Interact with other brands, and great profiles of Instagram to get followers quickly

Major brands and profiles, usually has many followers and a greater exposure of the small and medium sized profiles.

Then, Interact with these profiles increases your exposure to potential new followers

12. Constantly keep track of the numbers and metrics of your profile.

The numbers don’t lie and will show you exactly what is working and what is not giving this so right.

To gain the most followers on Instagram, you need to use the strategies with the greatest conversion rates.

One of the most importântes advantages of having a business profile on Instagram, it is able to track metrics to understand and optimize the results of your strategy how to gain followers on Instagram.

To see your metrics, you’ll first need to change your personal profile to a business profile.

The following are the metrics that you will have access when you purchase a business profile:

Reach: the number of accounts that are unique that have seen their posts

Impressions: the total vizualições of your posts

Activities of the followers: The average times that your followers are accessing the application per day

Video views: the number of times your video was viewed. Are considered as views to the reproduction of more than 3 seconds

Clicks:the number of users who accessed the link to your bio

Numbers of saves: the number of users who saved the lives of your posts

Responses to the stories: Shows how many users vizualizaram their stories and have sent you a direct message there

Outputs: Other specific data to Stories. Shows how many times a follower has been of one of his Stories to another profile

Demographic data: gender, age, country and city of your followers.

See the next tip how to switch to a business profile and how to gain followers on Instagram using this strategy.

13. Switch to a business profile of Instagram

To convert the personal profile to a commercial profile on Instagram, follow step by step the following:

First, access the settings of your profile in Instagram.

Choose “Switch to the commercial profile”;

Choose the Fan Page of Facebook that you want to associate to the business profile

In “Set up your business profile”, enter your business contacts;

Individual… business Profile on Instagram created with success!

How to Earn Followers on Instagram in 2019 – Easy and Free 1

14. Establish goals for short, medium and long-term “chase” to achieve your goals

To achieve goals, you need to create goals.

Divide your final goal into small achievements can be crucial for you to keep focused on the goal.

Then create achievable goals to go gradually growing and evolving on instagram.

15. Use the timing to your favor to gain a lot of followers on Instagram for free

Make posts commemorating special occasions (Christmas, Easter, festivities, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.).

Enjoy also to explore the peak hours of your audience to make blog posts and stories in those times and gain a lot of followers on Instagram.

To find out which days and times of peak of your profile, you need to turn your profile into a business profile.

We will show you the step-by-step basic to turn your personal profile on business profile, as you have read.

16. Use applications “satellites” to create a differentiated content.

The applications satellites are a very powerful weapon to help you gain followers on Instagram

An application satellite that we recommend is the “Inshot”. This app allows you to quickly add text and make minor edits to videos.

You can also put your video in the optimum format for Instagram using the “Inshot”

The application has several other features that can be your special strategy of how to gain followers on Instagram.

17. Use the function of “geotagging” in your favor to gain followers on Instagram Free

The geotagging will be an essential tool to attract users who live near your business.

The geotagging can be used both in posts and in stories. We recommend that you use the geottaging whenever it makes sense.

18. Use posts of the form “carrousel” to increase the possibility of engagement of your audience

The format of the post carrrousel allows you to create content very creative. This can be the key for you to get followers on Intagram.

This format can be used in photos and videos. Or even the two together.

Many people use the format of the carrousel to post videos of duration greater than 1 minute.

The duration of the maxima of a single video on Instagram is 1 minute.

So with the carrousel, you’ll be able to engage your audience even more! And engagement on Instagram is very importânte.

19. Don’t forget to use the “stories” to gain followers for free and fast!

Use the “stories” to engage your audience with updates contained about your business.

People love it when they have access to the “behind the scenes” of people and businesses that they like.

And the tool of the stories is perfect for sharing your day-to-day with your followers and increase your engagement.

20. Use the various tools of the “stories” to increase followers on Instagram

The stories offer many tools to help you engage your audience.

With the stories, your users can ask you questions, and you answer the questions that are more legal in their own stories.

You can ask questions to your followers, and gain insights into a spectacular analyzing the responses.

Another tool of the stories that is very good to engage your followers is the voting. You can do polls and see that most of your followers like the most.

21. Use your creativity to create captions unique and original to your blog posts

If you are a creative person, this may be your “differential ” ” how to gain followers on Instagram.

To create subtitles that match and that you will let your posts even more “impactful” can be very importânte to attract new followers.

In the captions of the posts you can use the technique of “storytelling” and “copywriting” to be able to make money on Instagram.

22. How to earn followers on Instagram leaving your profile public

This may seem silly but it is not. A lot of people end up sinning at this point and end up loosing a lot of possible followers.

Do not leave your profile Instagram private. Leave it to the public to attract more users to your profile.

With a public profile, users will be able to see your content super descoládo from the first contact it has with your profile.

With a private profile, users will only be able to view your content after you follow.

“And here to us”, because the user would follow someone without knowing what the content that someone shares?

23. How to get many followers on Instagram with a draw

Promote your profile using a draw one of the techniques of how to gain followers on Instagram the most used and the most efficient

The concept of the sweepstakes on Instagram for gaining followers is very simple.

In order to participate, people have to follow your profile, like the post of the draw, and tag a friend in the comments.

This technique is very powerful because it is viral.

People love to compete to a draw. And by having that tag friends to participate in your draw is viral and reach thousands of people organically.

To succeed in a raffle on Instagram and win many new followers, the prize of the giveaway should be something that has a lot of value to your audience.

If the prize is something that “nobody wants” the results, very probably, will not be positive.

24. Encourage your followers to “mark” their friends in their posts

One of the factors that make of the drawings a technique of how to gain followers on Instagram quickly, is that in order to participate the user needs to tag friends in the comments.

When someone is tagged in a comment, that someone receives a notification advising them that he was tagged in a post.

As people are beings are curious by nature, they will take a look at that post they were tagged.

So if you encourage your followers to tag other friends in your posts, you organically will increase your reach, and you will gain more followers.

25. Educate your audience to get more followers

You are expert in some area? Chances are that there are thousands of people who are interested in this area which you are expert.

By offering content in the area that you are an expert you will attract many people to your profile on Instagram. And consequently, you will gain many new followers.

It is noteworthy that the profiles of Instagram that focus their content to a specific niche, are the profiles with the greatest potential of making money using Instagram.

They have a lot of potential because, usually, these profiles attract people looking for specific things.

When these profiles offer products to their followers, they usually manage to make many sales.

This is one of the techniques taught in Product Launch Formula, Jeff Walker. Or course Formula of Release, Erico Rocha, here in Brazil.

The tip of the courses are that you choose a specific niche (which you are expert, preferably), and produce quality content for that niche. Attract, thousands of people engaged in this niche, then make releases of your digital products.

26. Make reposts of interesting content and relevant to your audience

Saw some interesting post and think your followers will like that content?

Then you can do a repost this post to your followers.

To do a repost we recommend the app “repost for Instagram”.

This application is very simple to use and is free. He also has works both in the IOS operating system and in Android.

27. How to earn followers on Instagram with collaborations or “colabs”

Study opportunities calaborações with other content creators to gain more followers on Instagram.

This technique is quite simple and a lot of people forget to use it.

To do this, contact with other profiles in your niche and make a deal for the two if they promote in the two profiles.

When this happens, a lot of the times the two profiles earn more followers and everyone comes out winning.

28. Make posts consistently to gain more followers on Instagram

This tip seems obvious, but a lot of people think that in order to have the maximum exposure, they should not post more than once per day. WRONG.

The more you post the better. But it is clear that spamar posts is not good.

Post 3 to 5 times per day is the ideal number. We also recommend you to focus on your posts at peak times for maximum exposure.

To check your peak times, and make an analysis on the metrics of your profile.

Remember that to have access to the metrics, you should switch to a business profile.

29. Use the tab featured to promote their products or their “stories” favorites and gaining followers real

Save your stories favorites in the tab highlights your profile to show new users what the style of your content.

The tab highlight can be a very good tool to show your products in case the profile is used by a store or company.

30. How to get followers Brazilians using sponsored posts from Instagram

To reach an audience larger and gain more followers in Instagram, use sponsored posts can be a tool that is very strong.

This technique is not free. However, it is a technique that will give you great gains followers quickly.

To use this technique, it is recommended to change your individual profile to a profile commercial.

You will also need to have a page on Facebook.

Sponsored Posts are also very impactful to making sales. But because it is a very complex theme this is a theme for another post.

Turn a Mobster(a) of the Marketing you also to receive all the posts first qu all over the world pos e-mail! Sign up at the end of this page. The registration is free.

31. Post more photos and videos on Sundays to gain followers on Instagram

On average, users post less on Sundays. So if you post on Sundays, so the chances of your posts being seen are higher.

Consequently, more exposure = More followers!

32. Follow users suggested by Instagram and invite your contacts in WhatsApp to be able to followers real on Instagram

The Instagram suggests users that he considers “good contacts” to your profile.

The instagram also have the option to invite your contacts from WhatsApp to follow you on Instagram.

Take advantage of this tool to earn many followers on Instagram fast and free.

33. Trade “guest posts” with “influencers” to gain followers on instagram

This strategy often will not be free. But she is one of the techniques of how to gain followers in Instagram are used the most by marketers.

The strategy consists of paying an “influencer”(profile with lots of followers and good engagement) to make it do posts suggesting to your profile or products to the followers of them.

The guest posts can be very effective if done correctly with the influencers certain. However this is a technique advanced.

We do not recommend that beginners use this technique from the very beginning.

Find the Influencer is right for your campaign can be a challenge for those who still do not have much experience in the branch.

Does not have the money to invest in guest posts with influencers? Offer a swap for the posts.

Offer some service or product in exchange for the promotion of your profile. So that you can get many followers for a low price.

34. Post photos of a bluish hue to earn more likes on Instagram

Research shows that pictures of a bluish hue gain more likes on Instagram than photos of reddish tone.

Get more likes = More engagement = More followers

35. How to earn followers on Instagram using filters for brightness

Increase the brightness (or a brightness effect) your photos using the filters of Instagram to get more likes and more followers.

Research shows that photos lit earn more likes than dark photos. Then use the light to gain many new likes and followers.

36. How to earn followers on Instagram using your email list

Promote your profile on Instagram on your email list if you have one.

There are several different ways to build an email list.

But e-mail marketing and building email list deserve another post more specific.

But then how to gain followers on Instagram using your email list?

It is very simple!

At the end of your emails, add a link to your profile in Instagram and a CTA (call to action), suggesting that follow your profile.

This method is very interesting to be able to followers of the way “free” and fast.

37. Follow all your friends from Facebook on Instagram

When you follow your friends from Facebook, many of them will follow you back and you will gain more followers the Brazilian on Instagram.

Tip quick and easy! Just connect your profile from Facebook to your profile on Instagram and follow your friends.

38. Gain followers on Instagram using “storytelling”

Use the techniques of Storytelling to “super-engaging” your audience and gain more followers in instagram

Techniques of storytelling means something like: the art, or storytelling ability.

People are naturally attracted to a good story.

So if you are able to tell a good story in Instagram, you will, naturally, attract more people to your profile.

If you want to know more about the techniques of storytelling, check out this this post from Neil Patel about the storytelling.

39. Use CTAs impactful in your posts

The meaning of CTA or Call to Action is a call to action.

This technique may seem obvious. But why be obvious, many people forget to use.

Simply tell your followers what you want them to façãm.

Type in the description of your posts to follow your profile to gain more followers.

Yes! This is a great technique how to earn followers on Instagram.

It is obvious and may even seem silly, but the vast majority of people forget to use it and fail to gain many followers.

40. Make use of the tool “Lives” to get many followers on Instagram

The lives is one of the techniques of how to gain followers on Instagram the most effective at the moment.

The lives are very good because the app sends a notification to many of his followers with an alert on your live.

That is, you get a very large exhibition to your profile.

At this time, the live is the way to achieve the greatest reach among your followers as possible free of charge.

So if you want to increase the engagement of your profile, make lives of quality for that the Instagram will promote your profile to the users.

In lives you can a interaction very good with their followers, since they send real-time feedback.

You also can make lives simultaneous with other profiles.

You also have the option of saving their lives and use them as a stories.

How to Earn Followers on Instagram in 2019 – Easy and Free 2

41. Use the technique of “Follow and Unfollow” to gain followers on Instagram fast and free.

This should be the technique “barely-used” all in this list.

A lot of people use this technique so mistaken.

This strategy is very good but there are some caveats with respect to it.

Many people stayed for hours and hours by following thousands of people every day and after giving the “unfollow” these same thousands of people.

Therefore, to avoid this abuse, The Instagram has created measures to punish users who abuse this technique.

For this reason, we recommend that you do not follow more than 15 profiles per hour to avoid your account to receive a “block” of Instagram.

The same goes for the “unfollows” we recommend that you do not leave more than 15 profiles per hour to avoid taking out a “block”

If you take a “block” of Instagram. You may not be able to follow profiles or to give to “unfollow” for a few days.

If you receive punishments, once again, your profile can even be blocked permanently.

Then use this technique to gain followers on Instagram. But do not abuse it. Or you can get into trouble.

42. “Steal” followers from your competitors in 2019

Imagine be able to attract the followers of your competitors.

Now imagine doing that in the automatic mode, 24 hours a day and 7 days per week.

There are programs that do exactly this. They use the technique of “follow and unfollow” so that your account will not be punished.

And best of all, they do this automatically all the time.

Then you will literally gain followers real while you sleep.

The software that we recommend is the Grow the Social.

The Grow Social will “steal” followers from your competitors. And it does this because you program it so that it follow the followers of your competition.

If they don’t follow back, it automatically stops following them.

The Grow Social offers you these services free of charge for 3 days so that you can see how efficient it is.

It also offers you the option to schedule posts so that you earn time and ensure that your posts are posted at specific times.

We recommend you to try! Try it for free.

43. Use the “trending topics” to earn many followers on Instagram

The “trending topics” are the subjects most talked about and posted on the internet in determinaddo period.

Then make quality posts on these subjects of great visibility, and see the number of followers grow.

To find out which issues are “in fashion”, use the free tool from google called Google Trends.

44. How to increase followers on Instagram with Cinemagraphs, or Gifs

This type of content is very little used. So he draws a lot of attention of the users of Instagram.

More attention = More exposure = More followers.

So take advantage of this technology and gain many followers by using it to produce your content.

45. Don’t give up so soon! The effect of “Snowball” works very strong on Instagram

The snowball effect (or snowball) in the digital world works in the following way:

In the beginning, until you get traction to your profile, the growth will be slow.

However, from the moment that you get a bit of “traction” and start to grow, the amount of followers will grow into larger proportions. Exponential growth.

So don’t give up. The Beginning, many times, available slow and frustrating.

But when the snow ball started to roll and gain a little more size. It will grow exponentially and you will have thousands of followers.

The snowball effect is this way, not only for Instagram, but for all the social media.

Stand firm, and your success will be imminent! Use the maximum of our tips of how to gain followers on Instagram and the success will come for sure!

How to make money on Instagram – 3 Main techniques

1 – the Sale of “Guest Posts”

If you have used our 47+ tips and gained many followers on Instagram. You can use one of our tips “to the contrary”.

Rather than buying a guest post to gain followers, you can sell guest posts to earn money in exchange for promote any product or profile.

This is the easiest and most used to make money on Instagram.

However, this mode requires that you have a profile with thousands of followers, or that you have a profile very nichado to earn good money by selling guest posts.

2 – Create an E-Commerce to sell products related to your profile in Instagram

This is a mode that to be efficient, and earn a good extra money. Just having a profile on Instagram is followers quite engaged.

With the seguidors engaged, and offering quality products for your e-commerce. You can monetize your profile in Instagram and on top of that build your brand.

According to his profile on Instagram is growing more and more, you will earn more money selling products.

And on top of that will make that your brand is increasingly valuable.

We recommend everyone to use this technique to earn money on Instagram. Especially if you have a profile nichado.

3 – Sales Infoprodutos to make money on Instagram

When we talk about selling infoprodutos, we don’t want to say sell their own infoprodutos, necessarily.

You can sell the infoprodutos of other people and earn a commission on each sale that you make.

For this, you should subscribe to some site selling infoprodutos, how to: Monetize, Hotmart or Eduzz.

Sign up for some program of sales as an affiliate, and earn commissions by making sales through your affiliate link.

The best of it all is that all you need is to do a little advertising using your profile on Instagram to make sales to your followers.

This strategy of making money on Instagram works very well in profiles nichados.

So use our tips as to how to gain followers on Instagram to earn even more money by using Instagram with these estraégias above.

If you want to learn how to earn money at home check out our full post here!

If you want to learn how to earn money using Facebook ads for affiliates tosee now!

Complete guide on the tools of Instagram to gain followers

If you are new to the platform, I’ll share some facts importântes on Instagram with you.

If you already are an experienced user, a review can be interesting.

What is the Instagram

The Instagram is an application for smartphones to share photos and videos online.

History of Instagram

The Instagram was launched in 2010.

At the time of its release, there were other applications for sharing photos, but Instagram sure has been the most emphasized.

To give you an idea, the Instagram grew so quickly that in April 2012 the Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, bought the app for $1 BILLION dollars.

Yes, you did not read wrong, the Instagram was adiquirido by Facebook for 1 BILLION dollars. Only 2 years after its release.

If Mark Zuckerberg paid $1 BILLION for the app, is because at a minimum, the Instagram has an extraordinary potential!

In June 2018, The Instagram has reached the mark of 1 billion active users monthly.

There is no denying that the numbers of application are IMPRESSIVE!

The main tools of Instagram

As we talked about earlier, the numbers don’t lie!

The Instagram when it was released, it was an application super basic.

You basically take a picture, put a filter on it (usually you get better in the photo), and shared with his followers on Instagram.

In the beginning, Instagram was known to be an application for “hipsters” share photos of their meals.

Let’s be sincere, who never shared the photo of it that upscale dining in the Urges?

Anyway, Instagram has proved that it is not only an application of “hipsters”.

Currently, Instagram has a large amount of resources PODEROSÍSSIMOS.

When Snapchat began to attract millions of users with snaps individual, and the stories, and the popularity of apps lives as the Periscope, gained great popularity. The Instagram had to hurry to offer these features also.

The Instagram not only increased and improved its capabilities, it was also.

Nowadays, the Application offers many other features and is slaughtering the applications of rivals in virtually all of the numbers.

See the graph below about how the Instagram has adapted tools to compete directly with SnapChat. The numbers show Instagram far above the competition.

As we can see in the chart below, the numbers of Instagram “Stories” (active users) were soon the numbers of Snapchat.

The last major endeavor of Facebook and Instagram was the IGTV. The IGTV can also be used to gain segudores on Instagram!

This new addition of Instagram has as goal to compete with the major platforms of video. Such as Youtube and Vimeo.

Today, you can edit photos in ways much more advanced using only the free tools offered by Instagram.

Nowadays, you can also use the tool called “Stories of Instagram”. You can even gain more followers by using Stories!

The stories of the Instagram appear in top of the application of the feeds of your friends and are there for only 24 hours.

If you want to keep your stories more private, you can send them only to friends and groups selected. Exactly as Snapchat does.

As in Snapchat, Instagram stories, you can edit your photos with text, drawing, filters, gifs, and other special effects such as the boomerang.

The last great tool of Instagram is the tool of Live Videos.

When released, the lives of Instagram could only be simply displayed while the user was “live”.

After some time the lives of instagram started to work in a similar way with the “stories”. What made the lives tornasem even more powerful to get more followers on Instagram.

After you finish your live broadcast on Instagram, the user can leave the “replay” visible to all their followers.

The replay of the lives are available for 24 hours. Exactly how the “stories”.

Well, my main goal in this text is to show the best strategies how to earn followers on Instagram. Strategies that really work in practice.

However, it is of utmost importance that you understand about the main features of the application to get the most followers possible.

You will need to use the different features of the application as your audience begin to grow in the hundreds or thousands of new followers EVERY WEEK!

Conclusion – Take advantage of our tips to get more followers on Instagram

We hope you have learned something of great value with this article.

And you get millions of followers on Instagram with our tips!

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