How to Earn Money on the Internet of Truth | the 10 Best Ways

by | April 27, 2019
How to Earn Money on the Internet of Truth | the 10 Best Ways
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Every day, people all over the world ask themselves: how to earn money on the internet? Will you be one of those people who dream of this life, but which up to now could not achieve this goal?

A few years ago I asked myself the same question. Is that true even if some people earn money without leaving home just by using the internet?

I really doubted that it was possible to get extra income on the internet.

I thought that these entrepreneurs virtual were in fact, people who cheat others to earn money on the internet.

How to Earn Money on the Internet Truth in 2019?

The following is a list of tips to earn money online so that you can start work at home.! Check out the text to know all the details and all the tips to earn money using the internet.

  • How to earn money on the internet with Affiliate Marketing?
  • How to earn money on the internet with Digital Products?
  • How to earn money on the internet with a Blog?
  • How to earn money on the internet using SEO techniques on your site?
  • How to earn money on the internet with a channel on Youtube?
  • How to earn money on the internet with Ebooks?
  • How to earn money on the internet with consulting online?
  • How to earn money on the internet with ads on Facebook?
  • How to earn money on the internet onInstagram?
  • How to earn money on the internet with techniques of Copywriting?

There are various ways to achieve financial independence on the internet. I’ll show you all the ways of REAL OF making MONEY ON the INTERNET.

NOTE: The tips are not in order of importance, each have their respective characteristics and advantages.

Implement the tip 10 will make all other 9 tips even more powerful!

Earn money at home on the internet is simple, but it is not easy as many people are speaking there. You need to dedicate yourself, have patience, and resilience. If it was easy everyone would work using the internet!

I’ll tell you what are the main challenges that you can expect in each strategy.

First, I will focus on the strategies most solid and has great potential to earn money on the internet quickly.

I hope that you enjoy reading, and more importânte of all, that I be able to generate some value for you with this article.

Let’s go!

What to Do To Earn Money on the Internet in 2019? 10 Ways True, Honest and Proven

1. How to Earn Money on the Internet with Affiliate Marketing?

Let’s start by my way of earning money on the Internet favorite. Affiliate Marketing!

People say that with affiliate marketing, you can earn while you sleep. And it is true!

By applying tactics of affiliate marketing advanced the correct way you can automate processes and literally make money while you sleep. Check it out!

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

The affiliate marketing is a form of marketing in which the affiliate (the person who “joins” a product or service), announces and makes sales of a product or service of third parties and earn a commission for it.

It may be that this definition sounds a little confusing, so pay attention in the following example and you will understand exactly how it works the affiliate marketing.

Imagine that your friend is a shoe salesman… So that your friend asks you if you would like to make an agreement with him.

It gives you an affiliate commission of 50% for all the pairs of shoes that you get to sell.

Imagine that each pair of shoes may cost us$300 dollars to the end customer. Then for each pair of shoes you sell, your friend gets$150 real and you also gets your R$150 reais (50% of affiliate commission).

The great advantage of this strategy is that the only job you have is to sell the products! The cost of the product (the costs of produce, stock, and deliver the pair of shoes) will be your friend, in the case of our example.

That is, thanks to affiliate marketing, you will receive$ 150 for each pair of shoe they sell.

Now imagine doing that on a large scale! Yes! You can earn money on the internet using the same concept of our example.

In my opinion, to use the affiliate marketing is the best strategy to start earning money on the internet.

It is the best strategy, because the costs to begin are very low or even none.

Another great advantage of affiliate marketing is that you can incorporate this strategy to many other strategies and earn money on the internet quickly.

Marketers beginners who use advanced techniques this strategy will earn around us$1000 to 5000 dollars of extra income working at home!

For a lot of people these values would already be a tremendous development, and would turn your quality of life.

But the average person needs to work hard on their projects to earn real money with affiliate marketing.

The process to use affiliate marketing to get money on the internet is quite simple, but if it were easy… Everyone would do it!

You can create a machine that sells products of which you are an affiliate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

There are sites who are specialized in selling digital products, such as online courses.

Like me, many people do not like reading and prefer videos. Videos where the specialist and a niche gives you a step by step how to achieve a desired goal.

An example of a site like these is called Hotmart.

In the Hotmart, you can create and sell your own online course, or to join existing courses and earn affiliate commissions if you sell these courses or other digital products.

In the Hotmart you can find courses from various areas. No matter what your niche, you will find a course online and other digital products about the niche there.

There are other platforms such as the Hotmart. The castaways most well known are: Monetizze, and eduzz.

In the Hotmart you can choose your courses, your favorites, and request affiliation to the courses. If you will be selected (usually you will be accepted), You will receive an affiliate link.

The affiliate link is your weapon to win money online!

Every time someone clicks on your affiliate link and buy the product that you are promoting, you will earn your affiliate commission!

Commissions vary from course to course… When more expensive the course, the higher your commission. But how much more expensive the course but difficult to sell!

So I recommend you start with something of medium value in a niche that you know well!

The course Profession Coach – Transforming Theory into Success are you up to 2500 real commission FOR EACH SALE.

That is, if you make 3 sales of this course per month, you will earn$7500 dollars per month working from home only using the internet.

When you reach this advanced level, you will have a website getting traffic and making sales of your auto, you will literally make sales while you are resting!

If you already are a marketer intermediate or advanced and want to progress further their knowledge, I recommend the course of Neil Patel Called SEO Unlocked! Available in Portuguese since March 2019.

Affiliate marketing is the perfect way to start making money on the internet. If you are a beginner, the affiliate marketing will certainly be your ally number 1!

In the course of this article I will come to touch this subject. Since the affiliate marketing is really extremely versatile and can be used and adapted in several ways.

The major advantages of using affiliate Marketing to earn money on the internet

  • Probably the easiest way to get started in digital marketing;
  • The cost to start very low and even zero in some cases;
  • Quick way to get some financial return trabahando on the internet.

2. How to Earn Money On the Internet with Online Courses or Digital Products?

People come on the internet for various reasons, mainly for entertainment, socialization (social media and forums).

But people also use the Internet to seek information, learn things and new skills.

Don’t know how to install and use a software or application new? Without problems, you probably you will find a tutorial on YouTube or some blog.

This demand for information, instruction and education has created a great opportunity for you to earn a lot of money on the internet by selling your knowledge.

Some people swaps monetize their knowledge by creating a blog, writing books or e-books, the online courses are another method to sell what you know.

It is expected that the market of learning, and online courses to reach more than US $ 240 billion dollars by 2021 (only in the U.S.), according to Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

A maioria das pessoas acham que para criar e vender um curso online, elas precisam ser especialistas renomados no mercado. Mas na verdade você não precisa!

You simply need to know more than most. Be above average in any niche.

Many people earn thousands of dollars per month selling online courses teaching you things such as playing the guitar, use a specific software or even how to make bread.

And these people are NOT the geniuses of these issues, much less the best of these areas. They just have more knowledge and experience than most people.

Create and sell courses on the internet is that Jeff Walker, creator of Product Launch Formula, it is recommended to do!

This course from Jeff Walker is offered in Brazil in Portuguese by Erico Rocha, Ignition Digital. The Product offered by Érico Rocha is called the Formula of Release.

Including, I recommend that you just click one of these courses. Or the Product launch Formula, Jeff Walker, or the Formula of Release, of Érico Rocha

I personally, never did the course of Érico Rocha, but the Formula of Launch is basically the Product Launch Formula translated. The techniques are basically the same. Jeff Walker was the teacher of the Érico Rocha.

The Formula of Release is VERY GOOD for those who want to earn money on the internet selling digital products

How to Create an Online Course To Earn Money Online?

Well, if you are ready to create and sell an online course here are the main steps you need to follow.

Choose the Topic of Your Online Course

Make a list of things that you are good and you have a good knowledge about. Think of things that your friends and family ask you for help when they need it. It may be something related to your work.

You have some hobby that you could teach tips and techniques, how to paint for beginners or how to make a diéta balanced for bodybuilding?

Make a Market Research

Have you ever thought to spend a lot of time and effort to create an online course and only after you discover that there are several other courses enshrined in the same area of your course?

Or that there are not many people interested in buying your course?

Keep these questions in mind: There is a good amount of people interested in the subject of my course? And they possibly would pay to have access to my course?

Before you invest your time to create your online course, you can do a search to find out who would be the ideal client for your course and if these people would be willing to pay to have access to it.

Make the Planning of Your Course Online

To help you organize your course, think about modules and classes.

A module would be the subtopics general of your online course, and the classes would provide the deeper details of each subject.

If you are going to create an online course on how to learn katatê, for example. You could create a module called “understanding the progressoes tracks of Karate”.

Within this module, you would create different classes on each track of karate and their particularities.

Record, Edit, and Create the Material Studies in Your Online Course

It is the most time-consuming aspect of creating an online course. But it is one of the most importântes aspects in the creation of your course!

Imagine, if the person buying your course and the audio of the video is terrible? Or he is with cuts from the editing wrong?

CERTAINLY, this person will become dissatisfied with your course and will not recommend it to their friends.

And you don’t want that, right? You want people to buy your course and love it to recommend to all their friend!

I already bought it and I did a course online that I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Precisely because some aspect of the course left to be desired.

I only recommend online courses than I ever did and I really the content was fantastic! And I believe that most of the people do the same that I do.

Determine How You Will Sell Your Online Course

As well as recording, editing, and creation of the material studies in your online course are importântes. How to sell your course is also important.

Take that forward to have a course very good, if the way that you chose to sell your course does not sell?

You will not be able to earn extra money on the internet with its course, if no one buys.

Pair to have the maximum control over your course, create a website to when I decided to host and deliver the lessons of your online course.

This is the best option for those who already have experience with building websites and generating traffic.

If you don’t have a lot of experience with website creation and traffic generation, I recommend that you use the platforms of third-party for when I decided to host and deliver your course.

The platform that I’ve used and recommend is the Hotmart.

She charges a small fee of your sales. Which makes them a very good option for those who do not have an initial capital and want to earn money on the internet with online courses.

The Hotmart so you combra rates if you make sales. So you only pay when you win money.

In addition, it is a platform that already has good traffic. So if your product stand out they will promote your course to the spectators of them.

How to Earn Money on the Internet of Truth 10 the Best Ways 1

Tip To Earn Extra Income with Online Courses


You can offer products related to your course of study in the lessons of the course and earn affiliate commissions if your students to buy what you are recommending to them.

You also can maximize your winning offering commissions to people sell your course for you.

This way you will use the other side of affiliate marketing to earn money on the internet.

That is, people are going to sell your product to earn a commission for each sale.

Combine your online course with marketing affiliates to earn big money at home using the internet.

The main Advantages of Earn Extra Cash with an Online Course

  • New platforms for the online courses that make setting up and sale of your course easier than ever;
  • Tools and equipment needed to create a course are easier than ever to use. I have seen cases of people who have earned good money by selling a course filmed with a smartphone;
  • As your course is online, you can have students from all over the world, regardless of the time zone;
  • Offers a stream of passive income online. After you create your course, you will be able to sell it multiple times. And you will be able to earn money all the time without much effort;
  • Combine your online course with the affiliate marketing and create a sales base VERY STRONG to earn money on the internet real.

3. How to Earn Money on the Internet with a Blog?

To earn money on the internet with a blog, you need to create a blog. Is obvious!

I recommend to create a blog using the it is a platform created for the production of content, free and in my opinion, the best in the market!

To have a blog, you will need to hire a hosting service, choose a domain, and make the design of your blog.

This step-by-step, you can find good tutorials in internet of how to do it. In this article I will focus on how to earn extra income using a blog.

The Process to earn money with blog is very simple… However it is a process relatively long.

It is long because it to earn money with your blog you will need organic traffic. And to get this kind of traffic you need to produce enough high-quality content

Producing quality content, you will begin to rankear on google and other search engines.

Rankeando well in these search engines, you get more traffic Organic.

There are técinicas to expedite the rankings of your blog. For this, you should use SEO techniques. We’ll talk about the major SEO techniques in topic 4.

Strategies to Earn Extra Income with your Blog

Choose a niche for your blog and to start to produce posts with great content about your niche!

With time, your blog posts (they are posts of great quality) will start to rankear higher in the search engines and you will get much organic traffic.

To get more organic traffic, use strategies of inbound marketing.

From the moment that you have enough organic traffic, your blog will become a machine of earning money online. Check out below the most common ways and best to make money with your blog

The main Modes of Earning Money With a Blog

  • Affiliate Marketing

Yes! The affiliate Marketing can and should be used here also! You can offer products related to the niche of your blog and earn commissions on each sale that you make.

The best of all these sales is that they happen all the time, every day!

You can also build an email list to sell these products and earn affiliate commissions.

  • Become a partner Adsense

You can also earn money using Google Adsense.

Adsense is the program of ads offered by Google. Then Google will pay you when you click the ad of your website

  • Create your own product

In this case, you can create physical products or digital products, as an online course.

We recommend to create an online course. Because this way, the sales will occur passively, and you’ll be able to money using your blog passively. As well as the affiliate marketing.

4. How to Earn Money on the Internet Using SEO Techniques?

First I will explain what is SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization (Optimization for search engines).

So, the SEO techniques help search engines “understand” about what it is your content.

When the mototores search understand about what it is about your content, they put your content to appear in search results related to your content.

The first results of Google searches, are the results more relevant to the keyword used in the search.

How to maximize the chances of your content appearing at the top of the surveys?

SEO is an area of marketing very complex and there are SEVERAL factors that should be considered. Let’s talk in a simplistic way about the most important factors to improve your SEO.

First of all we should understand some terms of SEO.

Primary Keyword: The key word (I will call keyword as of this moment) a primary the main topic of your content. In the case of a blog post, for example. The keyword primary will be the main theme of every one of your posts.

So if you are going to write a post about how to ride a bike, your primary keyword will be “how to ride a bike” because your goal is that when someone search for “how to ride a bike” your post to appear in the first positions of google.

Search Intent: the Intent of the search” is what people are looking for when they search for certain terms (keywords). That is, if I do a google search for bicycles, that post about how to ride bicycles, will not appear at the top of the ranking.

The post will not appear in the top ranking because what people are looking for when searching on the keyword “bikes” are sites of sale of bikes and not how to use or ride your bike.

Google shows that users are looking for in the results. Imagine if google didn’t deliver the results relevant to the research? No one would use google. Would use some other search engine alternative.

When the user searches for something, he wants the answer quickly and easily! Then Google positions the best content that suits the needs of users at the top.

So, to position your content at the top, search for the key words that you want to rankear and see if the content that you will create is the same type of content shown in the first positions of Google

Monthly Search Volume: The volume of monthly searches a particular keyword is CRUCIAL for those who want to achieve much organic traffic online.

Some keywords are pequisadas million times every month. Already other keywords are searched 1 to 10 times per month.

So rankear for a keyword with lots of searches means more possibility of organic traffic to your site!

As said before, SEO is very complex and will require time and practice to begin to really understand.

But there is a free tool for SEO that you can use to find out which keywords are more easy and more diífces of rankear!

Check out below the tutorial of how to use the Ubersuggest! If you are a beginner, this tool from Neil Patel (One of the biggest names in the world of SEO) will help a lot.

The best of all! It is in Portuguese!

How to find the best keywords for SEO and make money on the internet

Sign in to Ubersuggest! And choose the keyword you want to search.

For this example I will use the keyword “lose weight” to demonstrate the tool

The uberrsugest shows that the volume of searches the average of the keyword and how difficult of rankear for this keyword is.

In this example, “lose weight,” the difficulty is average. It has a 56% chance of getting rankear in the first 20 results.

To see the difficulty of SEO See in the quadrant where it says “SEO DIFICULTY”

The Ubersuggest also shows you suggestions of keywords related to your search.

This is a gold mine for finding keywords easy to rankear with search volume monthly high

In this example the keywords “how to lose weight” and “lose weight fast” has a difficulty of SEO, than the keyword “lose weight” and a search volume considerable.

Perhaps it is more worthwhile to focus on the keyword “how to lose weight” and not the keyword “lose weight”.

This free tool does the same as other software that cost hundreds of dollars monthly. Then USE THE UBERSUGGEST!

5. How to Earn Money on the Internet with a YouTube channel

Of the last 5 or so years, Youtube became a powerful tool to earn money working from home.

To earn money on Youtube you will use the strategies that we have discussed here in this article and other strategies that we will still be talking about here. So here we go!

Selling Products as an affiliate to earn money on Youtube

Yes, once again the affiliate marketing appearing in this article. The affiliate marketing appears so often precisely because it is one of the strategies to earn money online the most versatile of all!

That is, if you want to earn money working at home, you NEED to learn how to use affiliate marketing

Youtube has an advantage that as you will crianto your fan base, you will become an authority to your subscribers.

And when you are an authority and recommend a product or service, people will try to believe in you and end up buying more easily.

So invest in Youtube and start creating your fan base!

Use Adsense to make money online on Youtube

You can earn a good money in youtube with adsense. You will receive according to their visializações and the niche of your videos.

So the more graphical your videos have, the more money you can earnby adsense from youtube.

Some niches are not going to be able to graphical enough to get a good money on youtube.

Already the viral videos you can earn enough money through adsense.

Make Partnerships with Companies to earn extra income with Youtube

A final way to earn money on Youtube that we will discuss in this article are partnerships with companies.

If you become a big youtuber and tennha an audience well-engaged, companies will pay for you to make a advertising products in your videos.

If your channel is a channel with a few subscribers, but with a public as well nichado, you can also achieve partnerships with companies. Because showing the right product to the right audience is the secret to sell more.

6. How to Earn Money on the Internet by Writing Ebooks?

As well as in the creation of online courses, has how to earn money online by writing ebooks.

In the same way that some people seek knowledge in online courses, some people prefer to read.

From humble beginnings, the e-books now sell million a year, representing about 20% of the publishing market in the United States.

Industry experts say that the revenue of ebooks has reached more than 8 billion dollars in 2018.

What Are Ebooks?

Well, ebooks are books. But in a format where they can be delivered or downloaded on the internet. You can even write one, employ writers, using content from the public domain and create their e-books from several sources.

And you can approach almost any subject, Because you can adapt your ebooks to specific niches of the market.

Where and How to Sell Ebooks on the Internet?

You can offer your ebooks in your website, your blog, on social media, to sell on a third party site, and even sells them by mail using a form of payment like Paypal or PagSeguro

If your blog already has a good organic traffic and you start offering an ebook of quality, chances are that your audience will buy a few units of your ebook.

Has many followers Intagram? Has many followers on twitter, facebook or Youtube? Offer your ebooks to your followers.

Surely you must have heard of the The Amazon is one of the biggest sellers of ebooks in the world.

And best of all is that you can publish your ebook to be sold there. He must go through an evaluation process before, obviously.

Amazon sells and distributes his ebooks and you pass your money from royalties. This is a great way to how to earn money online passively!

Another way to sell their ebooks would be through e-mail marketing, or even for marketing of Whatsapp.

You can send the link of your payment system, such as Pagseguro or PayPal, for the buyer and after the buyer effect the payment you send the file of your ebook to it(the).

Do not like to write but likes to earn money by selling simple things such as ebooks? Hire a “Ghost Writer”!

The ghost writers are people who write books or articles in exchange for a payment to be combined.

It would be like to hire a writer to write your book. But it does not have authorship on the book. It is a tip for those who do not like to write as well as I do.

The best format to use in your electronic books is the PDF format. It is easily shared, and most of the electronics can read the PDF format.

One last tip worth sharing is that the ebooks do not need to be very long and extensive.

The best e-books are simple, and promise to solve a specific problem of the reader.

Keep this in mind to create his best-selling book and earn a lot of money on the internet.

How to Earn Money on the Internet of Truth 10 the Best Ways 2

7. How to Earn Money on the Internet with Consulting Online?

You have already worked in some area or specific niche for a long time and has already achieved significant results in these areas?

Companies are hiring consultants to solve specific problems.

Consultants are very well paid precisely to resolve the problems of companies and help them gain more money.

And with the expansion of the internet and globalization, you can virtually give consultancy to companies all over the world.

You can work as a consultant to companies in other countries using only a laptop and the internet!

The world is in your hands! And with means of payment online as Paypal and See companies can easily pay you from anywhere in the world.

You will work at home and earn good money as generates good results.

Best of all when you do a good job, is that these companies recommend their services to other companies and you had to earn more money online with the passing of time.

Then when you start to become an expert in any specific area of digital marketing, consider working as a consultant to companies.

8.       How to Earn Money on the Internet by using Ads in the Facebook?

The jungle of marketing in social networks has become the method more mainstream to reach your target audience.

Today, to increase sales by using ads on facebook is one of the ways faster to earn money on the internet.

No matter the type of product, service, or information you are selling. The quickest way to achieve success online is to use a good ad on Facebook focused on the right audience, which leads traffic to your sales funnel. Easy right?


The Facebook ads can be a great way to earn money online, but if you don’t have experience with ads and with social media, the ads on Facebook can be the best way for you to burn your money and gain nothing in return.

If you have had any experience with ads on Facebook, you’ll know that it takes a lot of skill to master this area of marketing and actually generate income online

Not only do your ads need to be bright, but also your entire sales funnel online.

The good side is that after you create your winning bid, all you need to do is to optimize the conversions of your sales funnel and take advantage of the money that you will earn online.

Before I show you some tips to create ads on Facebook that will increase your bank account, remember one thing:

People are not on Facebook or Instagram to make decisions, they are on Facebook and on Instagram to distance himself from decisions.

The ads of Facebook or Instagram are not like Google AdWords where people are actively searching for your product/ service. People are in social mode… not in mood of purchase.

This makes it very difficult to make someone click on an ad of Facebook or Instagram that leads directly to a sales page, to grab the credit card and buy something from someone who has never heard of.

Earn money with ads on Facebook is usually a process more than a step.

The following are my tips that I have learned with much time, effort and dedication using the Facebook ads.

Step 1: Search for your target audience

You need to know what your avatar or ideal client, makes! What he likes in facebook? What he does in his spare time? What are your dreams and fears?

Step 2: Create a Lead Magnet or Ísca Digital

Now that you already know what your avatar is, and what their fears and dreams. You need to create a ísca digital.

This ísca digital can be an ebook, a mini course online, a checklist, a summary, etc. Your ísca digital must be something of value that solves a specific problem of your avatar.

Step 3: Time to convert your propecto

In exchange for the ísca digital, you will receive information on the avatar, and will begin to build a relationship with this potential client.

You will use the techniques of copywriting (definitely one of the skills most valuable digital marketing) to write e-mail to be persuasive to carry his prospectus for where you make your final offer.

I’ll talk more about the techniques of copywriting later in this article.

The great advantage of this strategy of Facebook ads is that you can make to this process is to create a relationship and make offers to your prospects forever.

Why a good email list is worth a LOT of MONEY!

9. How to Earn Money on the Internet with the Instagram?

Depending on your content from Instagram, your audience and their level of commitment, you can make money on Instagram of the following ways:

Selling Sponsored Posts For Companies

Ever heard of the term Influencer digital? I believe that everyone who has ever used Instagram you already heard this term.

Anyway, an influencer is essentially anyone who has built a reputation online to make and share awesome things online.

To the public, the influential digital opinion leaders and trusted experts, whose opinions on certain issues are respected by your audience.

So, companies are willing to pay good money for influencers to recommend the company’s products.

For these companies, the number of its followers is not the only factor that is taken into consideration.

If you have a hearing of medium-sized but super engaged, you have good chances of make money with sponsored posts on Instagram.

In a survey of 5,000 influencers, about 42 percent said that collected from 200 to 400 dollars per post – just to give you an idea of what some brands are willing to pay influencers.

Find companies willing to hire their sponsored posts on sites such as

  • Shoutcart
  • Fohr card
  • Grapevine
  • Crowd Tap
  • indaHash

Selling Products To Your Followers on the Instagram As an Affiliate to Earn Money Online

Once again, the affiliate marketing appears! Already convinced of your impôntacia in the digital world?

Well, you already must be wondering how this process will work on Instagram.

Exactly! do you offer products or services that you have your affiliate link for your audience on Instagram. This is probably the simplest way to make money on Instagram.

To know more about how fuciona the affiliate marketing, check out the item number 1 of this article. Where I talk more specifically about the affiliate marketing.

I recommend becoming an affiliate of online courses of the same niche of your profile in Instagram.

The following are some website that I recommend to search courses to become an affiliate:

  • Hotmart
  • Eduzz

Create an Online Store and Sell Your Physical Products To Your Followers

You have a dream of creating his own brand of clothes and accessories?

This is a mode that to be effective to earn extra income on the internet.

Just having a profile on Instagram is followers quite engaged. Check out how to earn followers on Instagram.

With the followers engaged, and providing quality products in its e-commerce. You can monetize your profile in Instagram and on top of that build your brand.

According to his profile on Instagram is growing more and more, you had an extra income largest selling things simple, crafts, food, products in general and even infoprodutos.

In addition to earning money online, your personal brand will become increasingly valuable.

We recommend everyone to use this technique to get money on Instagram. Especially if you have a profile of Instagram as well nichado.

10. How to Earn Money on the Internet Using Advanced Techniques of Copywriting?

Has a special reason I have left the copywriting finally. The copywriting is the most importânte of digital marketing.

Without the copywriting all the techniques listed above will not achieve the maximum potential!

I left to talk about copywritingg at the end of the article to reward those who read until the end! So if you is here, congratulations! You will get a much higher income than the other!

Copywriting is critical for success online in the current digital age.

Design, content marketing, SEO and growth hacking are parts of a marketing plan, full digital, but copywriting is the glue that binds everything and makes the process profitable!

Copywriting gives meaning to their designs, laying the foundation for your content marketing and SEO.

What is Copywriting? To write a good copy allows you to convert more readers into customers.

Copywriting is the art and science of writing (words used on web pages, ads, promotional materials, etc.) that sells your product or service and convince potential customers to act.

In a sense, is how to hire a salesperson to meet all of their customers.

A sales team gets in touch with customers, one at a time!

A copywriter (who is a specialist in writing the copy) comes into contact with all the customers at once through ads, sales letters, blog posts and much more.

Without a good Copy, there’s no way to get money working with the internet.

To become a good copywriter, you must establish a solid foundation, noting all the benefits and features of the product, and defining who are your target clients, their avatars!

You need to write “Headlines” flashy specifically for your avatar!

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4 Secrets for Writing Copywriting and Earn Dinnheiro on the Internet

As mentioned previously, there is both an art and a science to writing good copy!

The 4 secrets are simple but make a HUGE DIFFERENCE when it comes to making money at home using the internet.

#1 The benefits of your product are more important than the qualities of it

What is the result of your product? The client does not connect what are the qualities, he wants to know what problems your product will solve for it!

#2 Is the most specific as possible

Tell your client exactly what he wants to know! Details make all the difference!

#3 Who makes the decisions are the emotions

Your client will not want to buy because of the streamlining. Your job is to convince him emotionally and then show reasons to justify the emotional decision for him.

#4 Use testimonials from other clients to maximize their copy

Old clients talking about how YOUR product has changed the life of THEM, it is much more appealing emotionally than you talking about how YOUR product changed the lives of THEIR CLIENTS.

Last, but not least, to write a copy persuasive, you need to learn to test, test and test some more.

The tests are the basis of digital marketing and reveals which headlines or copy is more effective and which versions convince more prospects to sign up or buy.

As I Started to Earn Money on the Internet?

Each day that passed I was more upset with my routine while I was in college.

Every day I woke up early, was going to go to college, where I was working and was attending some classes for part of the morning, trained by the part of the afternoon I played tennis for the college to win a scholarship), and the night still had to go to more classes in the evening.

At the end of the day, I usually was already exhausted and often still had to study for exams.

Every night, when he lay down to sleep, I wondered: is life so this? Will be that my life will be something like this for always?

And to make matters worse I was listening to older people telling me things like: ADVANTAGE THAT THIS IS THE BEST PART OF YOUR LIFE!

So I joined 2+2 and realized that if I was not already so happy with life at the moment (which was to be the best part), IMAGINE AFTER a FEW YEARS?

At that time, there was a video commercial of a venturer digital american named Tai Lopez. The commercial appeared on virtually all of the Youtube videos that I watched.

The video in question turned up even a meme in the United States because he ended up viralizando. Many Youtubers have made parodies of the video of Tai Lopez. The video was known as “Here in my garage video” (Here in my garage).

This version this including translated. Just click on the button pointed to add captions.

I showed the video to some of my friends and they just said that it was probably a “Scam” (a scam).

For more my friends they said that it was a scam, I decided to give a chance to the Tai Lopez the product it called the “67 Steps” (67 Steps) for $67 dollars. $1 Dollar for each one of the steps lol.

In the worst case I would prove my intuition… these digital entrepreneurs were even misleading.

At best, I would really earn money at home using the internet.

That’s good that my intuitions were wrong… The $67 Dollars which I invested in the program of the 67 steps Tai Lopez should have been the $67 dollars more well spent in my life lol.

This program showed that it is possible to earn money on the Internet and that the most valuable asset that a person can acquire is the KNOWLEDGE.

Once you adiquire a knowledge or skill, nobody can take away from you.

YOUR KNOWLEDGE IS REALLY YOURS! So the reading is very importânte!

But as I don’t like to read, I prefer online courses rather than books.

Another important thing that the program of Tai Lopez taught me was that having access to a mentor can make you avoid certain mistakes of the beginner, and consequently, grow faster.

With the Passing of time, I started to work on the internet and my favorite method and what I think is the best for beginners is the marketing and affiliate online.


There are several other ways to get money on the internet. However I believe that these 10 that we have listed and explained in this article are the best

Mainly because methods of making money on the internet that are not here in this article, or are extremely complex to explain on the surface (how to do day trade us dollars, or bitcoins, for example), or does not have scalability fast (as mineirar bitcoin).